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Princess & Royal Knight -4yr- Pink Sandwiches



July 2005


Christy in Bunn, NC USA

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Royal Princess Party

For my Daughters 4th Birthday we had a Princess themed party.

I printed out invitations off the computer with Sleeping Beauty on the front, but over Sleeping Beautys', I put my Daughters face, which I had run off very small.  The inside of the invitation was worded like this, Attention all Princesses and Royal Knights you are cordially invited to Princess Briannas' Royal Birthday on The first of July 2005 at 6 in the evening until all the royal carriages leave. The royal gala will be held at the ,yourlast name palace. Please come join in the festivities where we will make royal crowns and shiny armor, dig for gems, and meet a real life princess. 

For decorations we tacked lace curtains on all the walls, hung silver and red christmas bead garland from the doorway, put bows and ribbons all over the place and put all different kinds of shiny confetti on the craft table, on top of the princess tablecloth of course. We also had irridescent spiral hanging decorations, and miniature paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, we also had a bubble machine. I bought a princess tea party cd and had that playing. All of this was for the "craft room". In the kitchen we had the table decorated with fancy paper doilies, the lanterns and spiral decorations, a fancy white tablecloth, confetti, small plastic fancy champagne glasses, and pink and white checked kisses,I believe the flavor is strawberry cream.  

As the children arrived we led them to the craft room where they decorated crowns, which I got 4 for a dollar at the dollar store, with beads and confetti. I used the left over champagne glasses as glue holders, I took Aleens tacky glue squirted some in the glasses and gave the kids q tips to apply the glue where they wanted it, this was a lot cleaner and easier for small ones. 

After the kids made crowns, or cardboard shield covered with aluminum foil, we went and had a snack.  They ate bagel pieces with strawberry pink cream cheese, ham and turkey and cheese sandwhiches cut from a star cookie cutter,  chips, and pink juice. 

When they were done eating they went back to the craft room and made a door hanger, which I cut from foam, they decorated these with beads and princess themed sticky fun  foamies, which I found a big bag of at Wal-Mart for about five bucks. Then they made picture frames with the bead confetti and foamies, we used old cd cases, this saved money and they were cute too.   Then it was on to  bookmarks, I puffy painted Believe\*Imagine on foam bookmark sized strips and they decorated the empty side with the beads, confetti, and foam.  I was going to let them decorate the side of tea lights with the beads but we ran out of time. 

After all our craft making was done we had cake and Ice Cream. The cake was a castle, I made a bundt cake, and made a small heart cake and two miniature bundt cakes.  I took the heart cake and used it as the door with a picture of the Disney princesses on the front of it.  I took the miniature bundt cakes and put them on top of the big cake, I then put waffle cones on top of them to look like towers, I took a princess water globe and put it in the middle of the cake, it was really pretty. The cake was white iced, with the waffle cones being pink. 

After presents the kids dug for gems in a bowl of blue sand, the gems were craft stones in the shape of stars and hearts.  We then had the pinata which was a fairy godmother. My Dad had hooked his little lawn mower trailer up and that was a carriage ride around the yard. I also had one of my friens who is a professional photographer come take pictures with her digital camera.  And one of my babysitters came in her prom dress and a tiara as a real life princess, all the girls had their picture with her to put in their frame. 

This party took a lot of planning but it was so much fun. I would suggest only two crafts because it was hectic with such little ones, with older kids more would be great.  I also put their names on their crafts and printed the pictures after the party and delivered all their goodies later in the week, that was easier than running around looking for all their stuff while the party was still going on, they also have their picture to look forward to seeing in their frame.

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