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Royal Celebration -6yr- Royal Goblets



January 2006


Tammy in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

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Royal Princess Party

Last Spring, my daughter requested a Princess Party to celebrate her 6th Birthday.   She is quite shy and didn't want to have her party away from home, seeing as she would be wearing a princess gown.  We decided to host the Royal celebration at our home.  We planned it together doing little activities to get ready about 2 months before the event.

INVITATIONS Firstly, we sent out the Royal Inivitations...they were printed on Princess castle paper and done on our computer.  The verse went a little something like this..."Hear Ye, Hear Ye..One and All, You are invited to Princess Vanessa's Royal Ball.....Please RSVP to the King or Queen ...Royal attire required.  These were rolled into little scrolls and tied with ribbon.  We hand delivered them to her friends at school and in our neighbourhood. 

DECORATIONS We were able to find lots of neat things to help our home look a little like a castle.  At a local party store we purchased a long red runner, to roll out of the front door upon the guests arrival.  We also found a castle mural made of plastic, with adhesive on the back.  We stuck this to our dining room wall, and decorated the dining room as our Royal Feasting Room.  We were also able to buy removable wall art. 

The wall art featured all of the Disney Princesses and we stuck these all over our walls in the dining room. (they were great to come off too, no paint came with it.)  We had pink and white streamers hanging from the chandelier and also glittery star garland was wrapped around the lights to make our chandelier even more glamourous.  The table was covered with a disposable pink tablecloth and we made Royal Goblets for all of our guests that they could take home.  We bought the goblets at a dollar store.  We decorated them with plastic gemstones and hot glued them on.  Each goblet had the guests names on the stems written on by permanent colour marker. 

COSTUMES My husband and I got into the whole theme by renting capes and crowns to wear for the day.(Seeing as the party was in April (not close to Halloween)the costumes were very reasonable.)  We greeted each guest at the door and welcomed them to the Royal Celebration.  Our two daughters dressed up as their favorite princesses and some of their guests made their own costumes and were princesses from different cultures.  It was really neat.  We had one boy that came and he wanted to be a Knight.  He looked great and pretended to be the protector of the princesses.

Our daughter, being shy, didn't wish to have her picture taken.  We came up with the idea of allowing her to be the photographer. We gave her a disposabale camera and she took pictures of all of her royal guests standing in front of the Castle Mural.  We later sent these with thank you cards to all of our friends.  Having her as the photographer, really helped her to enjoy herself and by the end of the party she was getting her friends to snap pictures of her. 

CRAFTS When the guests arrived we had a craft already set up in the kitchen.  We made tiaras and crowns. The crowns were from Michaels and were made of foam.  They glued gems, glitter beads and feathers to them.  It was fun to see all of the creativity.  (TIP: Someone on this website mentioned layering plastic tablecloths on the craft table for easy clean up…that was a great idea and worked out really well.) After the games and food, we then made castles out of cookies and candies.  Each child had a plastic plate where they would stack wafer cookies pasted with icing into a little castle.  We used mini ice cream cones for the turrets and jujubes and candies.  They also got to take this home.  GAMES Before we had our Royal Feast we played a few games.

PASS THE POISON APPLE…this was just like hot potato.  We played princess music and passed around an apple, when the music stopped the person holding the apple was out.  (TIP- Sometimes the kids would get upset if they were taken out of the game…to avoid this, we made the person who was out be the controller of the music. The kids enjoyed being in charge and getting the next person out.)

ROYAL FREEZE DANCE……This was just dancing again to Princess Music while in their costumes until the music stopped.  When the music stopped they would have to freeze, the person who was caught moving was then in charge of the music.  There was a prize for the winner.  The kids really liked this game and we have some great pictures of them all dancing in their costumes. 

FOOD At our Royal Feast, we asked everyone to sit in the dining room.  We had only 8 kids so it was perfect.  They all had Royal Fruit Punch and the Queen passed around a Royal Fruit and Veggie Platter.  Then we totally freaked the kids out when we brought in the main course…it was one of those huge 6 foot long submarine sandwiches from Subway.  The King and Queen carried the sandwich in slowly from the doorway.  We slowly passed the sandwich through the opening and the kids just started laughing as it kept coming and coming and they couldn't see the end of it.  It was so funny watching their faces.  They all had some and it was great and healthy too. For dessert we had a simple princess cake done from a local bakery.  The kids then all toasted Princess Vanessa with their goblets and it was a great day. 

TREAT BAGS Our treat bags were just simple white paper lunch sacks that we had written all of their names on.."Knight Nicholas….Princess Arianna…etc..then we put glue and glitter all over it to make it extra special.  We filled the bags with side walk chalk, princess glitter lip gloss, wands, stickers and princess gummies.  

The party went by really fast (it was just 2 hours) but it was honestly a lot of fun.  We received many calls the next day saying the kids thought it was the funnest party ever.  We really enjoyed ourselves because our daughter had fun.  The best part was planning it together with her and all of the time we got to spend together. Thank you to this great website for all of the amazing ideas and inspiration.

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