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Scavenger Hunt Party - Sand in a Bottle Invite



July 2010


Annette in West Carrollton Ohio United States

Honorable Mention

Scavenger Hunt Party

We had an ultimate Scavenger Hunt party! I took ideas from each of the other entries and tied them all together.  

INVITATIONS: were the crinkled, burnt edge type in a bottle with sand, small shells and gold flecks (bottles at Michaels for .99) stating Patrick was looking for a few good scavengers, if you are up for the challenge come to Patrick's house at time/date.  When kids arrived, they put on the shirts we had made, lime green with THE BIG HUNT on them and their backpacks which held supplies they would need and to hold all the stuff they got during the hunt (small water bottle, a small canvas bag which we painted my treasures" and a treasure chest on a sock to bust open geodes $1 for "yellow" purchase)(shirts on sale at Michaels for 1.99 or 2/$5 backpacks for under $20 Oriental Express).  

FOOD: First was pizza treasure goldfish crackers grapes.   

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: The hunt begins the first clue was hidden in the sand filled bottle on the table which gave them hints to go to the freezer and get the ice packs out to bust open which held the clue cut into pieces that they had to put together (pieces in small jewelry bags inside ice pack) which when put together had Star Spangled Banner and clue to the neighbor's house) at the neighbors house they had to sing the Star Spangled Banner for a necklace and gum gold coin bags the neighbor gave them a clue to the creek to hunt for secret stones (the secret stone recipe is on line which was filled with turtles special marbles and one had a ladybug the one who found the ladybug got the next clue

Everyone got ladybug bubbles that clue led them to a small store they had to buy something yellow and then the clue asked who was a funny fellow who was yellow and has a best friend named Patrick? (Spongebob) they had to sing the theme song to the cashier for the next clue the next clue led them to the park to find something slimy and slithers around (plastic snakes hidden by the trees) the one who found the most got a stuffed snake ($1 at dollar tree) that clue led them to find geodes to crack open (oriental express)

While the kids where cracking geodes my older son and friend were hiding the 500 Easter eggs behind the school one held a "treasure chest" (a mini treasure chest charm from Hobby Lobby for $1 on a ribbon to make a necklace) the winner got to be the leader to the real "treasure chest" which was a pool full of sand and treasures (Sacagawea coins fifty-cent coins "gold chunks (rocks spray painted metallic gold) special crystal rocks from our museum special Spanish coins from museum gold coins (Oriental Express)

After that was a balloon release (each balloon had a note with the child's name and my email to let me know where the balloons were found) they got glow necklaces and bracelets and then it was movie popcorn and snack bar time the movie was on our patio using an Eyeclops Projector (bought on clearance off line for $45) and a big white board bough for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby hung from the porch and the kids laid out on blankets and had PARTY SNACKS which consisted of popcorn and a candy bar and watched Night of the Museum. 

FAVORS: The kids got the shirts backpacks all the treats along the hunt and from the treasure pool.  

DECARATIONS: consisted of balloons light up palm trees signs with maps SCAVENGERS WELCOME sign etc.  

COSTUMES: No costumes other than their shirts  

CAKE: We left out the cake withplacing it with a candy bar with the movie.  The kids had a ball and still talk about it. The thank you notes were attached to a bag of "gold gem" bubble gum and a note for parents' emails to email them a great slide show we made. All the clues were really cute and rhymed. It seems I am missing some things but got the majority of it down please email me at any time if you want more details or to get the slide show emailed to you. And I know this sounds like a lot but it really wasn't. It just took some planning to get things on clearance and use multiple coupons and help from family and friends.

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