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Food Scavenger Hunt - Food For Church



Oct 2002


Rebecca in Crossett, AR   USA

Honorable Mention

Scavenger Hunt Party

We decided to have a scavenger hunt because we thought the kids would enjoy it, but we also wanted to do something that would help someone; so we decided to have a scavenger hunt to help fill our church pantry.   We divided the kids up into teams of 2 and sent them out with an adult driver (we didn't want the responsibility if a teen had an accident).  

We gave the kids boxes and the driver took them anywhere they wanted to go as long as it was the house of a church member, a friend, or a member of their family (no strangers, in other words).   We allowed an hour for the hunt, but depending on where you live you could have one that doesn't last as long.  

In our case we had 5 teams and some of them went to the same houses which ended up with some teams not getting anything from the homes that had run out of items.   (We did not tell anyone what we were doing ahead of time so that no one could prepare).   The drivers left a box of food on their carport and the teams could come choose 3 items from it (No team could take more than 3 items from any house).  

After the hunt, while the kids ate (We had barbecue pork sandwiches, coleslaw, chips, and dip), the adults added up each team's points according to the chart below:  

PTS--CANNED MEAT:                                        
10      Tuna fish                                         
20      Chicken                                      
30      Salmon                                     
40      Canned ham                                          
30      Spam                                            
10      Vienna Sausages                                         
05       Potted meat                                  
50       Other canned meat                                                                                                                     
PTS--CANNED VEGETABLES:                                            
10       Whole kernel corn
20       Cream style corn  
05       Green beans (any)       
50       Other canned beans    
20       Peas
50       Carrots
30       Sweet potatoes
40       Other vegetables                                                                                                                                                  
PTS--CANNED  FRUITS:                                                                          
40       Pears:
30       Peaches:                                        
05       Applesauce:                                         
50       Other fruits:                                                                                                                                        
10       Macaroni and cheese
20       Dried pasta (spaghetti, etc.)  
30       Spaghetti sauce
40       Peanut butter 
10       Jelly 
10       Oatmeal 
20       Ravioli, Spaghettios, etc.
05       Beanie Weenies
50       Soup/Chili         
10       Kool Aid mix:
50       Fruit Juice: 
40       Tea:                                                        

I just wrote things down that I thought might be contributed and randomly assigned points.   Even so I left out a lot of things and the kids got lots of "100's" with items such as napkins, paper towels, cereal, crackers, etc.   Because of this, the team that won was not the team with the most items.   We awarded prizes only for the most points, but should we do it again, I think I will award prizes for both.

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