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Scooby Doo Birthday - Hunt Scooby



April 2001


Janet in Lafayette, CA 94549


Scooby Doo Party

Invitations:  Made on a postcard size 70's print paper.  Then I cut a "bubble type" shape and glued it one top.  I wrote:  Jinkies It's a Scooby Doo Birthday.  Tyler is turning five and wants his friends to come and help solve the mystery.  Please come for Scooby snacks and a hunt to unmask the villain!  I also used a few Soocy Doo stickers on the card and envelope. 

The party  When the guests arrive they place their gifts in two large wrapped boxes.  (this will be easier for us to steal them)  While we are waiting for guests to arrive, we will help friends apply a Scooby Doo Tattoo.   Everyone will get to choose one.  As guests arrive we place their gifts on the patio.  Need:  Tattoo's and water   Start of the party:  (Paul will hide presents in his closet.)  Janet's says, "Scooby Doo and the gang need our help to solve the mystery!!  OH NO!  Who took all of Tyler's birthday presents? 

To start our hunt Scooby wants us play pin the tail on Scooby Doo.  While we play, Scooby says we will find our first clue!"  Play:  Scooby Doo Pin-the-tail-on-Scooby-Doo on the garage door out front  Need:  The Scooby Poster I drew and 14 cut out dog tags with each guests initials on them and an extra with "SD" for Scooby Doo.  The "SD" will have the next clue on the back.  When the pin-the tail game is over tell the children that there is an extra tag with SD.  What do the letters "SD" stand for?  Answer:  Scooby Doo.  These must be our instructions to find our clue!!  Instructions from pin-the-tail Clue to find footprint clue :   Go to the front door, then act real small.  Get on your knees and crawl down the hall.  Look in the bedrooms to find a clue, then bring it me, to help Scooby Doo.  There is one clue for each person to find and one of the clues will tell us what to do next.  Are you ready to hunt?  Let's go! (Foot prints will be placed on the ground in the bedrooms.  One for each child so no one feels left out..only one has the clue….keep list of main plan with you at all times…just in case!) 

Footprint Clue:  To find the presents,  you must all search high and low.  You must to go through the obstacle course to find which way to go!  I'll show you the course and while you go through it, you will each find a clue, so let's get right to it.  There is a clue for each person and when you find a clue, finish the course and bring it to me!  Play:  Obstacle Course in the front yard on the lawn  Need:  The two fold up cubes(Play-Hut) to go through, fold up tunnel to crawl through, a rope to balance on, some cones to zig zag through, 3 rings to hop through, Grandpa's bouncer to jump on, run around the tree, blue raft to somersault on.  During the course they reach will find sticky bow clues.  (Stick the bows in the last fold up cube the kids go through for them to find.) 

Sticky bow  clue:   Scooby says another clue is somewhere to be through the backyard and look on the ground.  When everyone has found a clue (wrapping paper scrapes were spread ahead of time all over the back yard.)bring them to me and we will see what we should do! 

Wrapping paper Clue:   Scooby says he is hungry from all that running around.  He says, in his Scooby snack is where the next clue will be found.  Let's all make a Scooby snack and see if we can find the next clue!(Use the backyard white table and have it set up to make a Scooby snack.)  Play:  Make a Scooby snack to take home.  Need:  Snack bags with "___________'s Scooby Snack on them, Cheerio's, colored mini marshmallows, raisins, peanuts.  The children will take turns making their Scooby Snack.  In the bowls will be hidden pieces of paper(gift tags) and one will have the next clue!  When everyone is done making their snack we will read the instructions to find the next clue.  (Hide the gift tag clues in the bowls.) 

Gift tag Clue:  Scooby Says its not time to stop, go find some balloons and hop, hop, hop until they pop!  You will find the balloons are hiding in the sand.  Find them if you can.(balloons are pre-blown with clues inside.  Roll up paper and stuff inside and blow-up balloon.  Kids bounce on them to look for the clue.  Really fun!!  

Popped Balloon Clue:  Now that Scooby has had a snack, he says that he feels like he wants to take a WACK and make the baseball bat CRACK! Does anyone know what Scooby wants us to do to find the next clue?  Answer:  the Piñata.  Let's go out front and play.  When the piñata breaks you can fill your bag with candy and see if you can each spy a clue. (curling ribbon)  Play:  The number 5 Piñata  Need:  Rope, candy, Piñata, bat, chalk circle on the ground,  Bags for candy. 

Curling ribbon Clue:  Scooby says, "You haven't seen anything yet, you'll find the next clue when you get wet.  First you will have to run a balloon race and see which team comes in first place.  Then you will toss lots of balloons and get wet and while playing toss you'll find a clue I bet.(Clue in box under all the water balloons)  Play:  Water Balloon Toss at Scooby Friends  Need:  Pictures of Scooby friends mounted on stakes, water balloons, pail, clue in the bottom of the pail 

Box Clue:  Turn around 5 times and walk backwards if you are able, then take a seat around the kitchen table.  Light candles and serve the cake.    Put next clue under the cake and read as children start to finish the treat. 

Cake Clue:  To find the villain you might need a flash light, so come to the front yard and make one that is "out of sight.  Event:  Decorate a Flashlight with perm marker have their names on them and use Scooby stickers and 70's type flower stickers  Need:  Flashlight, batteries, perm marker and stickers, use a flat sheet for a blanket out on the grass.  Have the clue at Bottom of the supplies for craft. (Last clue) 

Our last clue:  Bring your flash light and hold it tight, and don't forget to turn on it's light. Be real quiet  and let's all tip toe, to a place where cars might go!  Do you know where we will find the Villain?  Answer:  The garage!  Go in the garage and find the villain (Dad).  He will have a paper bag over his head.  Open the garage door and take the villain out front and make him sit in a chair and have the children tie him up (wrap him up) with rolls of toilet paper.  Then unmask the villain (Dad).  (Dad has clue where the presents are) 

Take clue from Villain:    You will find the presents in a room that is small, they are in a place down the hall.  Another clue is that you might use it to scrub or even to rub-a-dub-dub.  Answer: the bathtub!  (My husband had moved the stolen presents from his closet to the bathtub during cake time!!  Children each go and get their gift for Tyler and we open them out front.  If we have extra time.children can take turns "wrapping up" their friends with toilet paper or playing in the obstacle course. 1Tattoos and welcome15 minutes

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