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Scooby Doo Party -7yr- Wrap a Mummy Game



April 2005


Ashley in Selmer, Tennessee, USA


Scooby Doo Party

My son will be turning seven at the end of the month and he wanted a Scooby Doo party this year. Our home is rather small. He is in first grade, he wanted to invite alot of friends and kids from his baseball team, so we decided to have the party at our church inside the fellowship hall. This way we would have plenty of room to do alot. 

I bought the invitations and party supplies at Wal-Mart. I didn't want to have to buy invitations for so many kids, so I used the bought ones for family and friends and I made invitations for the kids at school and on the baseball team. To make them I went to, and on their site they had pictures of all the Scooby characters that were from the shoulder up. I right clicked on them and saved them to My Pictures on the computer. (Velma, Daphne, Fred, Shaggy, Scooby)Then I went to Ebay and typed in "mystery machine iron on" and it pulled up a picture of the mystery machine van. I right clicked on it and saved it to the computer as well. 

Then I made a Word doc. and put Velma, Daphne, and Fred's pictures at the top. Then I typed using a 20 pt. bold black Andy font: Calling all meddling kids...Scooby & the gang need your help looking for clues to solve a mystery at (Name of your child)'s party! When: Where: RSVP:Then under that I inserted Shaggy and Scooby's picture side by side. Underneath I typed: ZOINKS!!! Lots of games and excitement! Jeepers!! Mystery Inc. may need your help finding a Creeper! Like, WOW! You don't want to miss all the fun, food, and fellowship!We're going to have a Scooby-Dooby Doo of a time! Then underneath that I inserted the picture of the Mystery Machine van and then printed them off. When I had printed them on white paper on a color printer, I flipped them over and ran them back through the printer and typed the names on each child in the center, so I could fold them like a letter and their name be on it in bold,black,Snap ITC font in 46 or 72 pt. font. They turned out sooo cute! And talk about cheap. The pics are small and don't use much color ink. 

We always have games each year, so I got some neat ideas off the internet to help me out. I decided to play "Melt the Witch" first. The kids go outside and throw wet sponges at a chalkboard drawing of a witch. While they are outside, we hid the gifts that were brought to the party in a Mystery machine van we made. To make the van, I used the above mentioned website and clicked on the coloring book link they had. It had a picture of the mystery machine. You use colored bulletin board paper and tape it to a wall. After you print the coloring page, trace it out onto a transparency, then project it out pretty big and trace onto paper. Cut the window part out and cut around the outside of the drawing. Then take 2 refridgerator boxes and lay them down on their sides on top of one another. Tape the van to them. Use a chalr to tape the front part of the van to, so that kids can stand in it and peep out through the window to make it look like they are in the van.

This is great to use to take pictures at the party for all the kids.Use a yard stick taped to the top fridge box to tape the top of the front of the van to give it support. I know it sounds confusing!  If you have time, you can also project the characters from the coloring pages and have them taped to walls too, for decor and color them in ahead of time, or let the kids color them during the party!  While the kids are outside, we hide the gifts in the boxes the van is taped to, where the ends are and tape them closed, or you can cut the bottoms out and then cover the opening with a long piece of colored paper to make it look like the back of the van. When you are done, the kids come in and you act like you noticed the gifts are all gone! This starts the mystery! 

Where the gifts were, I used a piece of colored paper. I typed in black ink using a 20 pt. Ransom font the following: The gifts have been hid by the Birthday Phantom, not by a kid. All that you will have to do is follow the directions for each clue. If you can solve this mystery, the presents you will find before the end of the party. You better get started so here's your first clue, read the riddle to know what to do. Scooby needs to find his tag. Find your initials in the bag.On the outside of the letter, I centered and typed in Ransom font" To: All meddling kids!!!!"  I had a paper sack with some diamond shape dog tags cut out for each child, using yellow construction paper.

I then told the kids we would play "Pin the Tag on Scooby's Collar" With a blue marker, I wrote each child's initials, so when they stuck them to the poster, we would know which one was which. I drew the Scooby head on a poster board or butcher paper and colored it in, using the coloring pages off the website I used for the other stuff. I made sure the dog tags matched the one in the drawing. The winner received a clue. You can use prizes if you like. Some suggestions I had are: Scooby mac and cheese, scooby poster, scooby color it in poster, box of scooby bandaids, Box of Scooby fruit chews, Scooby puzzle (found at dollar stores) or scooby notebbok, etc. Anything small and inexpensive to go with the theme.  The winner would get two clues and/or a prize.

The first clue: a riddle clue given to the winner was on colored paper like all the rest. I used a yellow-orange color. I used Ransom font and black ink for all of these. The outside said: Clue #1. On the inside it read: I'm the Birthday Phantom, I love to steal toys, Especially from the Birthday boys! Are you ready for your next clue? I doubt you'll know what you should do. Find an adult to wrap as a mummy, get one that is smart and not a dummy! The second clue was a picture clue. All the picture clues were on white paper. It was labeled as: Clue#1 in Ransom font on the back of the paper. The inside was a picture of traffic signs with the words TRAFFIC SIGNS in all caps, bold, black, Snap ITC font. I got the pics off of clip art using Microsoft Word. All the pictures I used looked like real photographs of the items. I then let the kids tape the picture clue to a wall.  I then divided the kids into two teams and told them we were going to play "Mummy Relay" I had two designated adults and gave each team toilet paper. The kids had to wrap their adult from head to toe in toilet paper like a mummy and then race to the end of the room to get the clues on a table. 

Along with the picture clue they found another rhyming clue on yellow-orange paper labeled Clue#2. It read on the inside: My favorite song is the Monster Mash. I always play it at my birthday bash. So, dance and find a place for you. The last one standing might get the third clue. The picture clue on white paper on the back was labeled: Clue #2 in Ransom font. It had a picture of a gas can with the word GAS in all caps in black, bold, Snap ITC. Font. The kids taped the second clue to the wall. 

I then had the kids play "Musical Chairs" using the scooby doo song off one of the movie soundtrack CDs. The person that loses gets the picture clue labeled: Clue#3.It has a picture of tires with the word TIRES in all caps, bold, black, Snap ITC. Font. The kids add it to the clue wall and then the winner reads the riddle clue #3:Have you spied me yet? Chances are you're hungry I bet! Scooby snacks are a dog's favorite treat, but cake and ice cream is what the gang likes to eat! Go to the place where you will dine, look under the table for another sign. The sign will tell you what you must do in order to get the next to last clue.   The kids would look under the tables that were set for eating and find a cut out dog bone that read: Play "Doggy Doggy Where's Your Bone?" underneath one of them. I drew a bone on white construction paper or you can use brown for a bone dog biscuit. The birthday person gets to be the dog. They sit in a chair with the cut out on the floor underneath the chair. Choose a person to come take the bone and then sit back down. The children chant, "Doggy Doggy Who Has your Bone?" the birthday person has to guess who took it. If they guess right, they continue being the dog, if wrong the person that took the bone is the new dog.

Play as many times as you want.The final winner gets the Riddle clue #4 and the picture clue #4. The picture clue had a picture of a license plate with the words LICENSE PLATE in all caps, bold, black, Sanp ITC. Font. It gets added to the clue wall with the other clues.  Riddle Clue #4 reads:You've played many games and had lots of fun but as for clues, you are still lacking one.

The last final game is one you will guess, when the candy drops it's always a mess! The kids knew this meant they would hit the pinata. I purchased a Scooby Doo one at Wal-Mart and filed it with candy along with the last riddle and picture clues labeled as Clue#5. I had to fold them up small, but by now the kids knew the white and colored paper were clues. 

I had Scooby Doo plastic treat bags made up for each child, that I also purchased at Wal-Mart, filled with Scooby stickers, Scooby pencils, mini-bubbles,Scooby fruit chews (found in the snack section at Wal-Mart),and ghost lollipops and coloring books that I made. To make the coloring book, I went to the website mentioned for the other items, and clicked on the coloring book link. Then I clicked on each picture. When the picture came up, I right clicked on it and saved it to My Pictures on the computer. When I saved all the pages, I went back to a Word doc and inserted each picture one at a time. Then I increased each picture, so it would fill up the whole page and then I would print one copy of each. When I had each page printed, I took the sheets and photocopied them.  

For the cover I used the bright colored card stock. I made a Word doc and inserted the coloring page of the Mystery machine van again. I made it fit the bottom of the page and increased the size to where I wanted it. Then I typed using 72 pt. black, bold, Snap ITC. Font: Mystery Inc. Coloring Book (centered at the top)I stapled them on the sides when I made each one , then rolled them up and tied them using curly ribbon and out into treat bags. The kids love them and they are inexpensive to make. I did this for the first time last year for my son's Batman party and it was a hit! For any type of coloring pages type the word "coloring pages into your homepage search for links to go to. Ex) batman coloring pages. This way you can save to your computer the pages from different websites that you like best, rather than just one, making it unique!! 

For the ghost lollipops, I purchased some Blow-Pops and covered them with Kleenex tissues, tied some black yarn to it, and colored in eyes and mouth with a Sharpie. Attached to the bags, I hole punched strips of paper secured with curly ribbon that said: Jinkies! Thanks for coming to (Your child's name)'s party! We couldn't have solved the mystery without your help! We hope you had a Scooby Dooby Doo of a time! I used a pic of Velma and the Andy font. Then I typed: Your friends, (your child's name or family's last name)and the Mystery Inc. Gang. (I used the same pictures that were used on the invitations for this too)  I handed out the treat bags to each child before they hit the pinata, so they could put their candy in the bags. When the pinata was busted open the clues fell out. The kids will be excited to find the final clues! The picture clue is a picture of a key with the word KEY in all caps, black, bold, Snap ITC. Font. It is added to the wall of clues.

Then the final riddle clue is read: The Birthday Phantom is not a scary or mean one, I just wanted to have some fun! You now have all five of the clues. Use them to solve this mystery or lose! Yo meddling kids think you are slick! But finding (your child's name)'s presents will be the trick! The thing you are looking for is not outside, however you're right if you guessed it's a ride. I wanted to blame the Mystery Inc. Crew, so I made it look like they stole them from you.   If you want the kids to unmask someone, you can have the Phantom appear when they find the presents, but you don't have to. We used a friend's Scream mask and had an adult wear it with a hooded jacket and jeans, so the kids could really have fun unmasking the villain! Make sure your villain says: I could've gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!  The kids will see all the clues on the wall (traffic signs, gas can, tires, license plate, key) and should be able to guess from this that they are in the Mystery Machine van. This is a great way to bring the party to a close, and trust me it goes by fast!

Get the presents out and put on table. We then brought the cakes out and sang Happy Birthday so everyone could start eating, while presents were being opened.  We always make hotdogs, because they are cheap and easy to make. We have a rotisserie and it will hold a lot of hotdogs and cook in 15 mins. They taste sooo good! We also have chips and dip and sodas to go with the cake and ice cream.  We do 2 cakes each year, cause we always have a lot of people. I got a Wilton van cake pan off E-bay and used the picture of the Mystery Machine van to make a cake like it.

Then I made a large sheet cake and put chocolate icing on it. I bought a Mystery Machine van at Toys R Us along with a box of all 5 of the scooby characters. I stuck them and the van on the sheet cake and made tombstones using construction paper and markers. I drew them, cut them out, and then traced them onto a cereal box. I cut what I traced on the cereal box and glued them to the back of the tombstone to give it support and stuck in cake. I took crushed oreo cookies and made a mound by each tombstone to make a grave. Use icing tips to make grass where ever on the cake using green icing. Use cool whip to make ghosts and mini chocolate chips for eyes.  

The stuff I bought to go on the cake was part of my son's b-day gifts! We wrote on the cake using a bright colored icing: Like, WOW Scoob (YOUR CHILD'S NAME)'s 7 today! Or use anything that sounds Scooby! If you can't find toys to use, you can print off the characters from the coloring pages and color them in w/ Markers then back them with cereal box, cut out in their shape for support and stick in cake. You can make the mystery machine this way too! Quick, easy, and inexpensive for any cake theme you need! Not to mention it will be one of a kind!  If you have a miniature haunted house, you can put it out beside the cake for presentation. We printed off a silhouette of a haunted house, using clip art off Microsoft Word and glued it to a cereal box laid on its side behind the cake for a backdrop. All this takes planning, but it look great and is sooo inexpensive, but people think you spend a lot of money cause it looks so great and different from anything anyone else has! 

The colors of the plates had yellow, orange, royal blue and teal, so I used yellow and orange streamers. The colors will depend on what color your Scooby partyware is that you find.I took 4 black balloons and purchased 1 white plastic tablecloth. Cut it in 4 sections. Each section goes over the balloon. Cut out eyes and a slit in middle to go over each balloon to make a ghost. Hang with curly ribbon. I had made some bats last year for the Batman party and saved them to use for this party. I cut them out of black construction paper and hot glued googly eyes on them and hung from the ceiling. You can use clip art to find a bat to use to trace or use the internet search to find a bat template or coloring page.  Hope this gives you great, easy, inexpensive, & fun ways to celebrate any type of party! Use some or part of these ideas and your party will be a hit!

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