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Scooby Doo Party -6yr- Dog Tag Necklaces



February 2006


Olga in Vancouver, WA  USA

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Scooby Doo Party

Scooby Doo Mystery Party for a 6 year old.  Guests: a total of 8, plus two ten year olds has party helpers, my husband and myself. 

Invitations:  Store bought Scooby-doo invitations.  Added the message:  Be prepared because a mystery needs to by solved.    Time:  a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes. 2-4:30 pm. I was able to get away and not serve lunch/dinner.  Many times, little kids are so excited that the food isn't eaten. 

Decorations:  I cut out large white bones and wrote the words:  Welcome to Stephen's 6th Birthday Party.  I placed these on the side of our house where guest would see them from the driveway. Orange and Green streamers on the lightposts.  On the door, bones again, the words said:  Come and have a Scooby Dobby Doo Time! Other decorations throughout the house: streamers, Scooby happy birthday banner, and several Scooby dangling decorations.  Music:  I played "Scooby Snack Tracks" CD throughout the party   Walking into the entryway:  1.  Gifts were placed on our coffee table in our front room.  2.  Kids took an individual photo with the birthday boy with a large drawing of the Mystery Inc. Gang.  (I used a book that showed me how to draw the Scooby Gang and then I enlarged it with an overhead projector -borrowed from his school- and painted the characters).  This photo would be apart of the thank you gift.   After the photos, the guest would go out to the backyard where the craft areas were set-up. 

Two stations:  1.  Dog Bone Photo Frames:  I found simple wooden frames at Michael's Craft Store.  The kids glued on small dog biscuits (milkbone dog biscuits).  It was fun watching them come up with different color biscuit patterns. 

2. Dog Tag Necklaces:  I cut out yellow and blue soft foam sheets into diamonds.  The kids deocrated them with glitter, scooby foam pieces, colored markers.  When finished, a hole punch at the top, and some blue ribbon to finish the necklace. 

As the kids finished, pretty much at the same time, some played our the play structure or in our treehouse.  note, while all of the crafts were taking place, my husband had taken all of the presents and hide them in our minivan, which was decorated like the mystery machine.  I then was ready to start the mystery. I came out and gather the kids together and asked them if we could start the birthday party a little differently, open the presents first.  Everyone was excited.  They ran to the room where they had placed the presents on the coffee table.  All that was left was a blue paper note. The note had a message to the birthday boy and guests to try to find the Mystery Phantom.  The note also said that if we could solve the clues we'd find the presents and the phantom. 

Our first game/clue location was mentioned in the note.  "Find a bag on the patio with instructions".  The kids ran and found the bag.  Inside where contruction paper large sandwiches (4 inches x 3 inches) that I drew.  The kids needed to write their names on the sandwich and also to color the sandwich.  The instructions said that we would play "Pin the Sandwich on Scooby". I had drawn a large drawing of Shaggy and Scooby with their mouths open.  Each kid took a turn.  The kids loved it, because it was so comical to see where the sandwiches would appear- on Shaggy's shirt, hair or Scooby's nose or chest. 

We then looked around for a possible clue.  It was found sticking partly out of the corner of the large drawing.  The guest who had the sandwich nearest to Scooby's mouth was the one to open and read the clue with me.   Next instructions,  The clue told us to find two "tweens" and wrap them up.  The "tweens" were my daughter and her classmate who were then used to be wrapped as mummies.  I divided the group into two teams of 4.  The guests used white crepe paper and wrapped the big kids up.  When the wrapping was finished, I told them that the phantom wanted everyone to play Monster Mash Freeze Tag.  Music played and the two mummies chased and tagged the kids.  The last kid standing turned out to be the birthday boy.  He then won the game, so everyone looked for a clue (blue paper) to find out what we would do next.  It was on the table which had the crepe paper. 

Next instructions,  Musical Chairs.  I was amazed that the kids had no problems with this game.  First, we had a few practice rounds with all of the chairs out.  Then we went over the rules of the game.  Music played and the first kid out was my ten year old daughter.  She set the perfect example, she cheered for herself that she was out and that she got to stand/dance near the music/CD player and cheer everyone on.  This made is so fun.  Everyone was dancing and cheering as we got down to the last two players.  The final winner was going to read the clue with me. 

First, everyone thought that the clue was under one of the chairs, and they were right.  Next instructions, find a clue in the birthday cake room.  I let the birthday boy look under the table while everyone else waited patiently.  The clue asked us to play - Doggy, Doggy, Where's Your Bone.  We had a medium sized plastic bone from a vet. playset that we used.  4 kids played this, while the other 4 played Scooby Doo Where Are You?  It was the same concept, but with a tiny scooby doo figure.  Kids sit in a circle.  One kid turns his back, while one of the others takes the bone or Scooby from the center.  The kid then turns back and asks:  "Doogy, doggy, where's your bone  OR Scooby Doo Where Are You???".  If the kid guesses the right person then they keep doing it again, if they don't guess right, the child with the bone/scooby gets to be the one to ask the question.  After, 10 minutes, we looked for a clue in the room that we played.  Again, blue paper clue.  Next instructions, had us looking for a pinata.  It was hanging from a tree. Inside the pinata, I had used zip-lock bags to place goodies: scooby backpack clip, sponge bob jelly sandwich & small scooby figure.  Each bag had a guest's name on it.  Also, another blue paper clue. 

Next instructions, lead us to the cars in the front yard.  We figured out that it was in the mystery inc. minivan.  We opened the van door and we found the presents and the phantom.  My husband had on friendly mask on.  The birthday boy unmasked him.  The phantom did mention that the "meddling kids helped to solve the mystery.  Everyone picked up the present that they brought and took it into the house.    Next,  Birthday Cake with Scaggy and Scooby figures on it. My daughter had bought a small scooby at walmart that sang "Happy Birthday to You".  First scooby sang, then everyone else.  We opened presents next.  Everyone had their present behind themselves.  The plastic toy bone went around in a circle while we played music.  When the music stopped, the child with the bone would give the present to the birthday boy.  

Finally two games: First, Balloon break.  Two teams again.  Run pick up a balloon. Sit on it. It Breaks, find a colored letter clue.  We had a total of 20 balloons which spelled out:  H A P P Y (in red letters) B I R T H D A Y (in green letters)  S T E P H E N (in blue letters).  The kids figured out that the colors need to be together.  Last game:  Shaggy, Shaggy, Scooby.  The all time favorite or Duck, duck, goose.  We went back into the house and took a photo of all the guests with the large drawing of the Mysteries Inc. Gang.  Above the drawing I had spelled out:  Stephen's 6th Birthday Party!  My two 'tween helpers had pre-made these Scooby doo paper masks (at Party Depot Store).  They passed these masks out to the kids, and we took one last photo of everyone looking as though they were Scooby.  Parents started to arrive during the last game. 

Everyone left with a ScoobyDoo Goody bag:  Birthday Pencil, Scooby Fruit Snacks & Scooby stickers.  I also made coloring sheets for the kids to take home and color.  I found the sheets on the internet. Plus, a note that thanked them for solving the mystery.  One final note:  This party was in the month of February.  In the Northwest, there is always a chance of rain. Luckily, the sun was out and we had the party inside and outside.  If it would have rained, the garage would have been used for some of the games.  

The next day, my son wrote his Thank You cards.  I also developed all the photos.  I put clear spray varnish on the Bone Frames.  Once everything was dry, we placed one photo in the frame (Stephen and Guest), two additional photos ( everyone, and everyone as Scooby), and the thank you card were all placed in a brown lunch bag and hand delivered to each guest.  Everyone had a great time!  No one cry or got frustrated. The kids didn't want to go home. Three of the kids asked if we could do this again at their houses for their birthdays.   So this means to me that we had a Super Scooby Birthday Party!!!!

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