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Scooby Doo Party -9yr- Family of Actors



Jan. 2004


Mindy in Sugarcreek, Ohio USA

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Scooby Doo Party

Scooby-Doo and the Mystery of the Unbirthday Ghost Party! Kids of all ages. I did this party for both my 9yr old daughter and 7yr old son and all their friends. We decorated the large room Scooby style. When everyone had arrived, we had an actual Scooby type mystery that we (friends and family)acted out. I was Velma, my brother was Shaggy, three family members played the possible suspects, and my husband was the police officer.

This is the script we used: Scooby-Doo and the Mystery of the Unbirthday Ghost Cast: Mindy: Velma (will carry stuffed Scooby) Mark: Shaggy Dad: Sam the Gardener (will carry gardening tools) Mom: Milly the Maid (will have carrot her in shirt pocket and feather duster) Eddie: Chef Pierre (French Accent, will be chopping carrots) Jeff: Officer Jones (will have badge and hat)  Velma: Hello everyone! I'm Velma and this is Shaggy.  Shaggy: Like Wow! Hi everybody! Scooby-Doo! Where are you?  Velma: Um Shaggy, he's right here. (show Shaggy that I am holding Scooby)  Shaggy: Oh, hey buddy (pets Scooby on the head)   Velma: Welcome to the Mystery of the Unbirthday Ghost.

This ghost has mysteriously taken Kolby and Braylee's birthday cake and it's up to us to catch the ghost and save the party! Will you guys help us? (kids respond) Great! Now, the birthday cake was over there on that table. So let's go over there and look for some clues!  (We will walk over to the table with the kids)  Shaggy: Hey man, what's that? (points to muddy footprints)  Velma: Jinkies! It's our first clue! Hmmm, muddy footprints. That's interesting.  (Door opens, Sam the Gardener enters, whistling)  Velma: It's Sam the Gardener. Lets go say Hi.  (Walk over to Sam)  Velma, Shaggy, and kids: Hi Sam!  Sam: Well, Hello there kids. What are you doing in here?  Shaggy: Like, the Unbirthday Ghost has stolen the birthday cake and we're trying to find it. I hope we find it soon man, cause I'm hungry.  Sam: Aaah, that's a shame. I hope you find it soon.

Sorry, I can't stay and help. I'm done gardening for the day and off to see my favorite movie. So long.  Velma, Shaggy, and kids: Bye Sam.  (Sam exits and puts ghost costume on)  Velma: Okay gang, lets find more clues!  (Walk towards other side of room, where the presents are)  Velma: Jinkies!   (Velma finds a carrot by the presents and picks it up)  Shaggy: A Carrot? Like, who brought that lousy present?  Velma: No Shaggy, it's a clue. Now I wonder who could have dropped this?  (Milly the Maid enters humming and dusting the furniture)  Velma: It's Milly the Maid. Lets go say Hi.  Velma, Shaggy, and kids: Hi Milly!  Milly: Hi kids, Sam told me about your Unbirthday Ghost. I think that's terrible.  Shaggy: What's that in your pocket, Milly? (points to carrot)  Milly: Oh, that's my favorite snack. (pulls out carrot, takes a bite) I just love carrots! Well, I better get back to work. Goodbye!  Velma: Hmmm, very interesting!  (Unbirthday Ghost enters from behind, howling)  Shaggy: Zoiks! It's the Unbirthday Ghost!  (We all run. Ghost exits out the door. Velma drops glasses)  Velma: My glasses, my glasses, I've dropped my glasses!  (Shaggy picks them up for her, if kids don't first)  Shaggy: Um Velma, you aughta get those fixed.  (Chef Pierre starts loudly chopping carrots in the kitchen)  Shaggy: I know what that sound means.

FOOD!  (We all follow Shaggy to the kitchen counter)  Velma: Hi Chef Pierre!  Chef Pierre: Aaah Velma, Shaggy, Scooby and friends, how are you?  Shaggy: Hungry  Velma: We're trying to solve a mystery.  Chef Pierre: Wee wee, Milly told me about your birthday cake. If you do not find it you can always have some of my delicious carrot cake, but I must get more carrots. Au Revoir!  Shaggy: Au Re-who?  Velma: It's French Shaggy. It means goodbye. Hey, look at this neat piano.  (Walk to piano)  Shaggy: Neato! 

Velma: Jinkies, what's this?  (Velma picks up a movie ticket from under the piano)  Shaggy: Like, it's a movie ticket, man.  Velma: Hmmm, I think it's time we set a trap!  Shaggy: Nuh-uh! Like, Nuh-uuuh! No way, man!  Velma: Would you do it for a Scooby snack?  Shaggy: Whatta ya think, Scoob?  (Velma nods Scooby's head and gives Scooby and Shaggy snacks)  Shaggy: Okay, let's get that creepster!  Velma: Okay, Shaggy and Scooby are going to go outside and let the ghost chase them back into here. Kids, you stand over here (Velma moves kids to there spot) and when you see the ghost, yell BOO! As loud as you can. This will surprise the ghost and make him slip and fall. Then, I'll throw this hula-hoop around him and we'll catch the Unbirthday Ghost! Are you with me?  (kids respond)  Shaggy: Okay Scoob, lets go. (takes Scooby from Velma and exits room)  (From outside we can here Shaggy talking)  (Shaggy stands right outside by the door) 

Shaggy: I don't know Scoob. Zoiks! There's the ghost! Hey you! NAH-NAH-NA-NAH-NA! Run Scooby!  (Shaggy and Scooby run in and ghost follows)  Kids: BOO!  (Ghost falls to sitting position and Velma throws hula-hoop around him)  Velma and Shaggy: We did it! (give kids high-fives)  (Officer Jones enters)  Officer Jones: What's going on here?  Velma: Hello Officer Jones, we just caught the Unbirthday Ghost!  Shaggy: I wonder who it could be?  Velma: Well Shaggy, lets go over all of our clues and suspects. 

First, we found muddy footprints and a carrot. Those clues could fit any of our suspects. Sam the Gardener could have muddy shoes from his garden, where there are carrots and he was working today. Milly the Maid could have muddy shoes from getting her favorite snack, carrots. Chef Pierre could have muddy shoes from getting carrots for his carrot cake. But, only one person could fit the last clue, the movie ticket! Do you guys know who that is? (If No, I'll give them another hint. Who was off to see his favorite movie?) (kids respond with Velma) Sam the Gardener!  (Velma pulls the mask off and reveals Sam)  Sam: And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!  Shaggy: Take him away Officer Jones.  (Officer Jones leaves with Sam)  Velma: Great Job, gang!   Shaggy: Yeah, now lets party!  (Play Scooby-Doo Theme Song and dance with kids) 

THE END As you can see it was pretty elaborate, but it was well worth it! Of course, you might have to change a few things to make it work for you and the room you are using. The kids loved it! After the mystery, we played Pin the Cheeseburger on Scooby's mouth. I used a Scooby poster and had 1 cheeseburger, after the kids placed it on the poster I just put their initials on the spot (this helped with cheating, because they like to feel where the other kids put theirs). We also played a game where the kids danced howling like ghosts to Scooby-Doo Movie CD, I would stop the music and call out a number and as fast as you could you had to get into groups of that number. Those who didn't make it into a group were out and we kept going until 2 were left and they won prizes. We had a graveyard cake with Scooby figures. It took some planning but was a blast!

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