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Sesame Street -1yr- Big Bird Shake Your Feathers



April 2005


Alexandra in san antonio,tx,usa

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Sesame St. & Elmo Party

It was my son 1st birthday and I wanted to do something really fun and different from the usual cake and ice cream parties so I decided to give him a sesame street party!

I wanted everything to be unique and different so I made his invitations. They were in the shape of little TV's! When you first took them out of their envelope which was either blue,red,green,yellow, or orange that had ss stickers on them, you you'd see a "TV" and on the "screen" it had the faces of elmo, cookie,oscar,big bird,& ernie, which I got off of the ss website, and had "Sunny day sweepin' the clouds away on my way to where the air is sweet please say you'll come and play at my birthday party". I even put little dots of fabric paint for the power,channel,volume,menu, and power light on the "TV".

When you opened it I had the following: Please tune in to "channel 1234 yourstreet"(your address or where ever the party will be at) at 4:00 pm. we will be celebrating ANTHONY'S 1st BIRTHDAY for information on this special broadcasting please contact Anthony's mommy ###-####.And at the bottom I put this invitation has been brought to you by the letter A and the number 1. They turned out so cute!!! Not to mention the compliments I received on them and shock when I said I made them all thanks to computers!

For decorations, instead of buying the ss characters that you can find at the party supply store(especialy if you want to save a couple of bucks),I bought red table cloths, yellow plates for the food, small blue plates for the cakes,orange forks, and napkins that were blue,red,yellow,orange,and green.I had streamers and balloons of the same colors.

On the tables I had little Oscar the grouch center pieces that was made out of baby formula(powder) cans,ball shaped styrofoam, brown pipe cleaner, green felt,and "trash"(i.e.shreded newspaper). If you take the labels off the cans the y will already be gray so all you would need to paint gray is the lid.Then glue the trash around the opening of the can and out of the felt cut out li' monster shape hands and glue,paint his head green(styrofoam),add googly eyes make a grumpy mouth w/black perm.marker,and glue an pipe cleaner for his bushy eyebrows then glue then head onto the can,and finally glue the lid on his head.

Around oscar I put little pouches of gummy worms in green saranwrap(for his pet slimy), cookie crisp cereal in blue saranwrap(cookie's cookie's),& goldfish crackers in clear saranwrap(for dorothy). As the kids arrived I had them color pages that I got out of a ss coloring book (found at Target). For the games I had a friend who is a teacher and she transferred the faces of the characters I would be using on poster boards with her overhead(it saves money and you'll need to do it for one of the games)

We played: Oscar's Dunk that Junk- any trashcan will do but try to find an aluminum one and make it look "beat up"  like oscar's, and get 3 balls any kind will do.

Cookie loves cookies- similar to pin the tail on the donkey instead you try get the cookie in cookies mouth.

Big bird's shake your tail feather- played like musical chairs but instead of just walking around you had to be dancing.for the prizes they one the doll if the character which can be found at Toys'R"Us or Walmart.We also played Journey to ernie but instead of just looking for the ernie they would be looking for the other characters as well.

Before we ate in Elmo's World they had to guess how many family members does Dorothy have-I put goldfish crackers in a small fish bowl and the winner not only got to keep  crackers they also received the real Dorothy(goldfish). Then we all ate Elmo's favorite food ...PIZZA, to drink the kids had fruit punch pouches that you can find at any grocery store but for the adults they got to drink oscar,elmo,big bird,or ernie soda(most grocery stores have generic soda and I just matched up the colors with the characters…it was cheaper too).

Not only did we have a cake that was ss I also had a cookie cake w/cookie monster that I ordered at the Cookie Factory, I also served cookies n cream ice cream. After cake and  ice scream we hit the Elmo pinata. During the whole party I had ss music plying in the background.

The party finally came to an end and as the kids left instead of giving them goodie bags they got Oscar the grouch goodie cups(found at Party City) and I filled them with candy. For the adults I wanted to give them something special so I filled some plastic clear bags with Hershey's Kisses and a picture of my son and wrote the following: I'm no longer a baby now that I'm one, glad you came to my party hope you had fun,Now that it's over, I'll be waiving bye-bye and sending you kisses from me to you and put his name and date on it as well. Every thing turned out GREAT every one had fun! I found the internet very helpful and useful as well! Hope you party is a wonderful success!

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