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Glamour Spa Sleepover -11yr- Pedicures & Manicures



November 2005


Sandy in Wood River Nebraska USA

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Sleepover Party

My daughter just turned 11 and we had a wonderful sleep over. It's her last birthday party so we wanted to make it special. We kept it small (total of 6 girls). We had a glamour/spa theme. We made our invitations on the computer and mailed.We told each girl to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, CDs if they wanted, and their slippers. On the back I made a note to the parents of our party intentions in the event that some might have some allergies.

We went to Oriental Trading and got some of the greatest decorations. We bought a helium balloon tank at Walmart for $18.00. Our color scheme was neon green, blue, purple, fuschia, and some silver. We attached spiral streamers to the balloons (everywhere) so we didn't have to attach them to the ceiling. We set up a table in her bedroom with a skirt around it and then placed towels on for a tablecloth. We then provided hand towels, cold cream, etc. We had a basket of fingernail polish, remover, fingernail files, nail decals, hand lotion, etc. Another basket contained makeup, facial mud masks, and perfume. We even provided fresh cucumbers for the eyes.

We provided the girls with their own makeup applicators and cotton balls. (Dollar Tree) We had another station set up for pedicures. We had a Dr. Scholl's foot massager. Hint: Make sure you have a towels nearby so they don't spill water everywhere. We even provided peppermint lotion for their feet afterwards. We had the toe separators to help with the toenail painting. (Dollar Tree). We had scented candles burning in strategic spots along with the lava lamps. We provided each girl with a hand held mirror and head band to hold their hair back. After they were all beautiful we had colored hair spray in another room. You may want to open a window during this. They were able to drink a slush or lemonade from a colored margarita glass the whole time. (also from oriental trading.) During this time some of the girls sang on the Karokee machine and we had the CDs playing loud music.

We then put on our PJs and had a fashion show. We gave the girls feather boas and mardi gra beads to help them complete their ensemble. My mother-in-law made the girls each a sash with Miss Teen USA on them. I found on e-bay a website where we were able to purchase Crown/Headbands with pink boas attached to them. They were great. While the girls were eating fruit with whipped cream and chocolate, olives,fruit snacks, puppy chow, chips, smokies, hot dogs, veggies, etc.

I set up the Craft Station. We then bought spray tie dye kits (oriental trading) and provided each of the girls with a T-Shirt(hobby lobby). I also got some fabric paints and paint sets for them. Wow were the shirts colorful. For their party favor bags we had purchased some white canvas bags with a handle (hobby lobb $2). They then decorated their bags. They were all dry by the next day. I did provide each parent a 3x5 card with washing instructions. We then had a designer competition. I provided each girl with some newspapers, aluminum foil, paper clips, rubber bands, and clothes pins. They had to create their own designer outfit. They were hysterical.

While we were all glamourous in our makeup and new designer duds, we blind folded each girl (one at time) and placed bright red lipstick on them. They then had to kiss a poster of a cute guy. The one who was the closest won the poster. They wanted to do this again and again.

We had cake and ice cream and did presents. Our local grocery store has a wonderful bakery and she decorated a cake in the theme colors and had some plastic picks placed strategically like purses, lip stick, shoes, etc.

It was getting pretty late so I decided to have them sit in a circle and we blind folded each girl and played pass the slipper. Each girl had to try to identify their own slipper by feel or smell. We played a couple of games of Piggly Wiggly. By now I had some starting to droop so we plugged in some movies (Mean Girls and Crossroads)and settled in our sleeping bags. Of course we had Teen Magazines everywhere. Periodically the girls would look at them.

Their party favor bags consisted of toe rings, diary with feather boa pen, a rubber ball with bright streamers attached, jewelery (I went to an outlet Claire's store and purchased 10 items for $5), their T-Shirts, Canvas Bags, Margarita Glass, Nail Decals, Perfume, Lip Gloss, Body Glitter, and Champagne Bubble bath. I had several disposable cameras lying around so the girls could take pictures. I can't wait to get them developed.

We had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, OJ, blueberry muffins, and waffles for breakfast. Of course we drank our OJ from our fancy glasses again. We took each girl home by noon the next day. I had some other ideas up my sleeve but I didn't need them.  Thanks to this website for all the great ideas. It was a very memorable evening for everyone!

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