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January 2006


Paula in Fayetteville, GA, USA

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Sleepover Party

Sleepover Spa Party 8 year old My daughter had a sleepover spa party for her 8th birthday.  We sent out invitations shaped like slippers and decorated the "slipper" with ric-rac across the middle and a little fuzzy pompom.  They were very cute.  We sent them out 1-1/2 weeks before the party.  The drop-off time was at 4 PM and the pickup was 11 AM the next morning.  We also made "brochures" for the parents that I made up to describe what we had planned for the evening.  I named the Brochure Le (our last name) Spajama Full-Day Package. 

This is where i made up some really cute descriptions of the activities.    One example was Le (our name) Famous Signature facials with warm heavenly aromatherapy.  Includes skin-firming banana-honey facial mask, yogurt-oatmeal purifying facial mask, apricot-cornmeal exfoliation mask, and cucumber eye treatment.  Gourmet hors d'oeuvres and drinks provided."  The parents loved this.  They got a kick out of this.  At the end of the brochure I put 11 AM pickup.  Our guests will be provided with luxury transportation to their destinations.  - A subtle way to let the parents know that pickup was at 11 AM.   

We made the spa the dining room.  This would be place where we would do all of our spa activities.  I tried to make the room gold and cream colors.  We decorated the dining room by taking all of the chairs out of the way.  The dining room had stations where the girls would go for their spa treatments.  For the "relaxation station," I got a bench from the garage and placed it caddy-corner in the dining room where we put a pretty fluffy cream-colored comforter on it to look like a couch.  We got very pretty pillows and displayed them on the "couch." 

Next to the couch we put another pretty comforter with oversized pillows where the girls could lounge.  In the middle of these two areas, I put a magazine rack where I put age-appropriate magazines for the girls to browse through while they were waiting their turn for their treatment, such as American Girl magazine, Elle for Girls magazine, etc.    I then made a manicure station in another area with a small round table with a pretty tablecloth over the top. 

On the table, I displayed the assorted nail polishes, polish remover, cotton balls, nail dry spray, nail tickers, and nail glitter in a pretty gold basket.    I also made the Styling Station.  This is where we did our hair and makeovers.  I got an old desk and put a cream-colored table cloth over the top with a fancy gold mirror.  We placed assorted sized curling irons, hair straightening iron, gold basket filled with combs, hair bands, and a variety of makeup on the table along with a lavender-scented candle.    At the entrance to the kitchen, I got a cream curtain and draped it with a gold rope and put up like a window treatment.  I got gold-wired garland and used it at the top for decoration on the curtain. 

On the french doors I placed another drapery so you couldn't see into the room and put the food table in front of this door.  I got some gold wire garland and placed it around the chandelier and on the food table for decoration.  I had a faux tree that I decorated with white Christmas lights and put a gold Christmas tree skirt around the lit tree.  I also got another strand of Christmas lights and put it around the perimeter of the room.  We hid the CD player under the bench and played a relaxation CD that had a combination of light music and white noise.  It was very relaxing with the music and the smell of the lavendar candles.  The room looked very pretty.   

For the food table, I used a plate stand and on the first tier I had regular strawberries and some chocolate covered strawberries.  On the bottom layer, I went to Dunkin Donuts and got munchkins.  I put my daughter's favorite foods on the table on pretty glass and crystal platters.  We had Pringles, cucumbers and carrots with ranch dip.  I had a mini silver tiered candy dish.  On the top I put M&Ms and on the bottom I put hershey kisses.  The birthday cake was also on the table.  I got my punch bowl and filled it with ice.  We found mini bottles of sodas and apple juice which we took the labels off of and put them into the punch bowl to keep cool.  I got plastic champagne flutes and decorated them with the girls names.  They felt so grown up being able to drink out of these "glasses."   

First we did our facials.  Each girl got a plastic shower cap and put their hair up.  We made homemade facials using oatmeal, banana, honey, and cornmeal.  I made sure to find out from the parents that the girls did not have any allergies.  We put these on our face and kept them on for 10 minutes.  I made up some stuff and told the girls that one facial was for exfoliation, one for skin tightening, etc.  The girls loved this.  After the facials, they each got two cucumber slices to put on their eyes.  They went back to the relaxation station and each girl took turns on the "couch" and I took BEFORE pictures of them with the cucumbers on their eyes.  Then They all laid together on the floor with their cucumber eyes and listened to the music for about 10 mins.  Then we lined up at the bathroom and rinsed their faces.   

Next we went for our manicures.  While one girl was getting her manicure, the others were snacking on the "gourmet appetizers" and checked out the cool girl magazines.  They loved this.  We also did a massage line.  I bought the girls little plastic massagers and they each sat in a line and massaged each other's backs.  I set the timer for 3 mins, and then when the timer went off, the girl in the front went to the back - this way everyone had a chance to get a massage.    When the manicures were over, they each picked a hairstyle they wanted, and we put light makeup on their faces.  They looked so beautiful.  I then took an AFTER picture on the "couch."   

We then had a pizza dinner and they watched Drake and Josh Go to Hollywood.  We were going to watch Cinderella Story, but they all wanted to watch that movie on TV.  After the movie we sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream.  We then cleaned up our mess and the girls headed upstairs at about 10:00 and had free time.  They went to bed about midnight.    The next morning, we had a pancake and sausage breakfast.  They loved it.  We made blueberry pancakes, regular pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes along with juice or milk to drink.  We did more hair makeovers in the morning and played a few games. 

For goodie bags, I just got a variety of little girl nailpolishes, lipglosses, their plastic massagers, and a Bratz sticker book wrapped in a pretty bag with a ribbon.    I found the best thing was to have a lot of activities planned and not a lot of free time.  This way there wasn't a lot of time for rambunctiousness.  I would change the pickup time to 10 AM next time, as the girls got up very early even though they went to bed late.  There was too much free time before pickup, and the girls started running throughout the house.  It seemed that when we organized games, they were very calm and well behaved.    My daughter had the greatest time.  I have to say this was very fun for me to plan also.  A few of the girls said this was the best and coolest party they had ever been to.  Thanks for allowing me to share this great experience!

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