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Craft/Game Sleepover - Truth or Dare



February 2006


Maria in East Northport, NY USA

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Sleepover Party

Jump Rope & other Craft & Games sleep over for Girls Any invitation you like, I use the computer to put all necessary information on and include some  clip art. We start at 6pm on a Friday or Saturday. As the girl arrive they are directed to the craft  table in the family room where we had precut pvc piping into 6 inch pieces and cut rope into  approximately 8 foot lengths. Rope and pipe from home depot and we got a pretty blue and yellow  but they had puple, green and other colors. You want a jump rope type weight and feel and the  pipe to be about 3/4 inch. Each girl gets 2 pieces of pipe and puts stickers all over it. I tied a knot  about 12 inches from each end of the rope. When they were done placing the stickers the pipe was  threaded over the rope and a second knot was tied at the end so there was a handle that allowed  the rope to spin. Then they went outside and jumped!

This was CRAFT # 1 and GAME #1. Now that  everyone was here we had pizza. I figured with all the games and crafts the house would be busy  enough so we went to the local pizza palor and ordered the pizza, while it was cooking we went to  the video store and picked out a video for later, returning to the restaurant in time to eat. 

We returned home for CRAFT #2 which was make your own goodie bag. If you can sew a straight  line it is very cheap to get some fabric and cut a 12x24 rectangle, fold the short sides in 2 inches  and sew so a string could fit through each tube like end, then fold the whole thing in half and sew  up the sides, turn inside out and voila- a draw string bag and have the girls thread the strings thru  themselves so they can say they made their own bag. I taped the yarn to a stick and let each girl  thread the stick thru one side and then the other and tie in a knot. If you do not like to sew then  just get bags from the store- fabric ones and fabric paint so they can decorate or more  inexpensively paper ones and stickers or markers.

GAME #2 is the cootie candy game. Put a try of  all different types of candy out on the center of the table (hold some back for refilling) send one girl  out of the room and the others agree on one particular piece of candy to have "the cooties". The girl  returns to the room now and can pick pieces of candy off the tray until she chooses the  contaminated piece then her turn is over. We placed lollipops, tootsie rolls, smarties, different  suckers and small bags of m&m's. It is only 1 particular piece that ends the game not all the  lollipops just the red one on the center or whichever the girls choose. If one girl clears the tray she  gets it all if she only gets one piece then we let her go again after the everyone else had a turn.  They said this game was the best. 

CRAFT #3 was tissue paper flowers. Precut squares of tissue paper and stack 5 or 6 together and  fan fold, wrap a green pipe cleaner in the center and then gently pull up and separate the layers of  tissue paper making flowers.

GAME #3 was pop the baloon. Off the internet find and print out jump  rope songs on a piece of paper. Cut the songs out onto small strips, fold them up and put them  inside baloons. Blow up the baloons. Each girl pops the baloon, retrieves the song and goes and  jumps it! They ended up learning new songs and then taught them to the other kids at school. Cake  and candles fit in nicely here.

CRAFT #4 from the craft store what ever is on sale, we've done this party for 3 years- it is such a hit  they keep requesting it. Either paint a 99cent box, place foam stickers on a door hanger, decorate a  visor, flip flops.

Next it is GAME #4 where I tie a donut to a string for each girl and they have to eat  it with their hands behind their backs.

CRAFT #5 is stuff a pillow. I get a bag of pillow stuffing and fabric from the store- we have used  fabric with little sheep on it for counting sheep when they sleep, hearts are always popular, and  teddy bears. I am not much of a sewer but with the right sides together sew a 9x12 rectangle  leaving 3 or 4 inches open but make sure you sew the part right by the opening back and forth so it  doesn't split. Right side out it and then let the girls stuff their own pillows as full or soft as they  like. Then just sew them closed. Now have them brush their teeth and get ready for bed. Lay out  their sleeping bags and have the movie ready.

GAME #5 is truth or dare. I take a piece of cardboard  8 x11 and cut off a 1x8 inch piece making one end pointy like an arrow. Punch a hole in the center  and a hole in the center of the big piece. Put one of those brass tabs thru both leaving spinning  room. You may need to tape the underside of the bent tabs to bottom of the cardboard from  underneath to make sure the thing sticks up enough so the arrow can spin. Then divide the top into  Truth, Dare and Spin Again. Then I made up two bags of questions- this ensures the  appropriateness of any questions. You can use dares such as "Charades; you cannot speak until you  can get someone to guess who you are pretending to be" and it could be Britany Spears to their  classroom teacher. Or pretend to eat an ice cream cone. Or run to the bathroom and wash your  hands while singing twinkle twinkle little star. For the Truths I put things like would you rather be  the oldest or youngest in your family and why? Or would you like brothers or sisters better or what  flavor is the best jelly bean, what's your favorite color, is it the same for hair as for a dress. The  main point is no question should embarrass anyone.  By this time they should be exhausted and you put in the movie and they will fall asleep. In the  morning pancakes or cereal and they can go out and jump again or make up their own questions to  truth or dare until parents come. Their goody bags are all the crafts they made all night and the  cootie candy collection. 

Other Games include;  tying rubber bands together for chinese jump ropes and then the girls are  either enders where the rubber bands are placed on their ankles and the jumper stretches the  rubber and jumps or we placed them on the legs of chairs and 4 chairs could end for 4 jump ropes  if the circles of rubber are placed on 2 legs of two chairs and the chairs are placed at the corners.  Once we got two long bamboo or pvc pipes and did tinikling (Filipino or Hawiian jump rope games-  check them out on the web to customize it to your child).

Scavenger hunts can be included in,  I  would like to do something different but my daughter and her friends absolutely love this party  where every 20 minutes there is another craft or game and they are so tired that although they plan  to stay up all night they all are asleep by 11 or 12. It has proven to be economical as pizza and cake  is pretty standard but the crafts and games cheap.

Other crafts have included making potpourri:  squares of netting, get dried leaves (can be gathered from yard hydrangea bush leaves are great or  purchased) place the dried leaves in a plastic bag and spray some perfume (I usually have some  sample laying around) and leave overnight. Then have the girls place a handful of leaves in the  center of the netting and wrap it up and tie with ribbon and you have a potpourri. Ivory snow flakes and a hand mixer makes playdough like soap they can shape and then let dry for their own personal soaps.

Stained glass hangings were made by shaving crayons over waxed paper with a  pencil sharpener, then placing another piece of wax paper over it and ironing the two on low  setting then they cut into a shape, punch a hole and tie a ribbon. I plan 5 games and 5 crafts.

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