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August 2006


Party by Ashley in St. Charles, MO, United States

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Sleepover Party

CELEBRITY SUPRISE SLEEPOVER 12 YRS: For her 12th birthday party, my friend thought of a celebrity suprise sleepover. My friend's mom is a great party planner and her parties always run late, so if you want everyone to be asleep by 11, you'll probably have to take out some activites.

INVITATIONS: To make the invitations, first cut out a rectangle with a little tab on the top left corner and then cut out a long, slim rectangle and attach it to the tab. In easier words, this cut out is meant to look like a director's board, like where it says Take 1, Scene 2, or something like that. It's the thing that director's slam when they say, "Action,". On the invitation, make little boxes to write in. Some good things to say would be "production", where you would put your name and how old your turning, then "scene", where you would write your address, and valuable party info like that. Make sure you include a section devoted to the game, because the guests will need to figure out their character and what they're wearing before the party (all of that will be explained later).

DECORATIONS: My friend went overboard with the decorations, but it looked really cool once evryone was in character. On the path to the front door, she wrote on a piece of skinny vertical paper, "You're a star" and drew stars everywhere. On the front door she had a sign that said, "Welcome to Hollywood". When you entered her house, you were told to put your stuff downstairs. On the entranceway to the basement, she hung up streamers for you to walk through. Then there was the red carpet! She put a red carpet down by the entrance to the basement and lined it with flowers and streamers to seperate the carpet from the crowd. There were also streamers hung from the ceiling with little posters of popcorn and cameras at the end, stuff like that. There was also a big photo of the paparazzi on each wall. Then on top of their sump pump there was a big covered box with "Hollywood" decorations on top. The dining room table was set with tiny cups of mints, plates, and napkins. Placecards would've been good, also.

THE ARRVIAL: When the guests walked through the streamers to the red carpet, they were introduced by my friend's mom and were asked questions on the spot. It was really funny because this part of the party was completely unexpected, and most people that would usually be very poised and answer like an adult responded with "I don't knows" and "Maybes". It was a really fun way to start off the party!

DINNER & BREAKFAST: For dinner we had a lot of appetizers. There was mini pizzas, mini quesidillas, chocolate covered strawberries, and nachos and cheese dip, it was all really yummy. We also had Strawberry Spritzer to drink, and that was delicious! Everyone kept asking for refills. For dessert we had ice cream cake. Breakfast was also a hit with chocolate chip pancakes, more chocolate covered strawberries, and bacon. Everyone left really full!

CRAFTS: My friend's family is really big on crafts, so of course we did 2 really cool ones at the party. We made 1 that didn't go with the theme and 1 that did. Bed Bugs was the craft that didn't fit the theme. For those you need little pebbles (at least 3 per person), googly eyes(2 for each Bed Bug), and little rhinestones. Everyone used rhinestones for noses to tell their Bed Bugs apart. You will also need a small box for each person to put their Bed Bugs in. First, everyone can decorate their box and make it comfortable for their Bed Bugs. A lot of people decided to stick with the theme and put little stars all over their box. Then you put 2 googly eyes on each bug and also a rhinestone for the nose. It's also a good idea to have feathers and flowers to decorate the box with. The 2nd craft that went with the theme was decorating sunglasses. Big sunglasses are really in right now, so they thought that would be a good craft. First you need sunglasses for each person. You also need a special kind of glue and more rhinestones to decorate with. Most people kept it simple, but some went with more elaborate designs. Make sure that you have a plate ready for everyone to let their crafts dry on.

MINI GAMES: Some games that we played to build up to the big game included hot music and freeze dance. There was a cool prize for each person in both games. Hot music is similar to hot potato. You write down lyrics to a song (ranging from 1 line to 4 lines) on a slip of paper and put it in some kind of jar (it would be best to have a jar that's not see through). You should have from 10-20 slips in the jar. You play a song while the guests and the birthday girl pass around the jar. When the music stops, the person with the jar in their their hands pulls out a slip of paper. They read the lyrics out loud to everyone, then have 10 seconds to guess the singer or the song. If they get it right, they get to keep the slip of paper. If they get it wrong, they pass the paper to the person on their right. Then that person gets a chance to guess. If no one gets the singer or the song title right, it goes back to the person who drew it, no one gets the card and the music turns on again.

Make sure that the person who reads the card doesn't sing it. That could give away the tune and makes it a lot easier for the next person to get it. The person who has the most cards at the end of the game gets to be the first to have their pick of necklaces. Then whoever has the second most picks, and so on. Jewelry can easily be substituted with a different prize. The second mini game is freeze dance. In case you don't know how to play that, here are the rules. There will be one person to start and stop the music. Once the music starts, everyone starts dancing. Once the music stops, everyone has to freeze. Whoever is caught moving after the music stops gets out. The winner gets to have their pick of a sequined belt (there were 3 color choices, pink, blue, and green). Once again, another prize can be substituted. Then, we played again until everyone won a belt.

THE BIG GAME: For the game, everyone will need to make up their own celebrity. Don't be a real one, because if you show up to the party as your favorite singer, everyone will be able to guess which one is you. Keep in mind what kind of style your celebrity has, their personality, their occupation, and someone they look up to (a mentor). Make sure you dress like your celebrity would dress. It was really funny when 2 of the guests came dressed like guys with their hair tucked into a hat and baggy clothes on! Throughout the party, they tried to "get the girls", and that was especially funny considering that one of the guy characters was a total dumbo! When everyone arrives at the party, they fill out a "questionaire" asking them what their celebrity name is, what their personalty is, what kind of style they have, what their occupation (job) is, and a person they look up to (mentor). Then my friend's mom copied all of the descriptions onto stars so that no one could recognize people's handwriting.

We didn't play the game until bedtime, so the stars were set up when we came down from crafts to play the game. Everyone would take turns walking down the red carpet and answering questions from the studio audience and the emcee(my friend's mom). Everyone has to answer the questions like their surprise celebrity would. Oh, and make sure no one talks about who they're going to be before the party. All of the guests (including the birthday girl) get a sheet of paper with each guests name on it. Then, across from each name, they can write who they think that person's surprise clebrity is. After everyone's gone down the red carpet and everyone has made their guesses on their sheet, everyone will reveal who they are and count up how many they got right. The winner received a nail kit to paint their nails! It was a super fun game and I wish I could do it all over again!

THE SLEEPOVER: After the game, everyone got ready for bed and set up their sleeping bags. We watched the movie Aquamarine, but another movie could be substituted to fit the theme better. Everyone had popcorn while watching the movie, and when it was over everyone was so tired and plopped into their sleeping bags (it was 2 in the morning)! It was a very well planned party and everyone is still in awe over how creative it was!

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