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Hawaiian Sleepover -12yr- Coconut Race



March 2007


Isabella in Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Sleepover Party

This was the sleepover party I threw last year when I turned 12. I decided on a hawaiian themed party and planned it with some help of ideas on this website.

**INVITATIONS** For Invitations, I decided to stick to the usual computer invites that a lot of people do. Using my special printer I managed to make the invites even more spectacular than normal computer invites. I printed a frangipani onto all of the envelopes first. Then I got some blue paper and found a beautiful image of a palm tree with flamingoes, coconuts and flowers around it. I copied it onto Microsoft powerpoint and designed the invites from there. Next to the image, I wrote the details of the party. (when, where, times, RSVP and what to bring) I then printed these out onto the blue pieces of paper. The looked absolutely gorgeous even though they actually took a fair bit of planning and quite a few hours to do. 

**DECORATIONS** For decorations, I started by blowing up about 20 or so balloons and tied them into groups of 3. I hung these balloon groups around the house on door handles, curtain racks, window sills and outside on our stair railing. The colours I used were - pink, blue, yellow, green and orange. With the help of my Mum, I managed to make a hawaiian frill to hang all the way around the room we were sleeping in. In other words, we got green crepe paper (or you can use construction paper) and we snipped about half way up the bottom of the paper to make a frill around the bottom of it. Then we taped hawaiian type plastic flowers to the top corners of the crepe paper. Once we had made a whole heap of these crepe paper pieces, we stuck the together and hung them around the room. We also brought a heap of tiki torches at K-Mart but they wouldn't light.

**FOOD** For dinner, we got the usual pizza, but we also had other food with it - spring rolls, meat pies, cocktail frankfurts and dips. For dessert we made our own ice-cream sundaes using vanilla and english toffee flavoured ice-cream. For toppings, we put out sprinkles, banana, strawberries and chocolate, caramel and strawberry syrup. For snacks we had chips and fruit punch. For breakfast we served a buffe consisting of fruit, cereal, eggs, bacon, toast and fruit juice.

**PARTY TIME** When the guests arrived, we started off by greating everyone at the door and giving them a hawaiian lei. I bought these at the $2 dollar shop.  Next we opened presents. I got my sister to write up what everyone gave me. After this, we ordered Pizza and put on Lilo and Stitch to watch. Half way through the movie when everyone had finished pizza, we paused the movie to make ice-cream sundaes. Everyone loved getting to pick what they wanted on theirs and once this was done, we resumed the movie. After the movie finished I showed my Mum what we were playing and she went around the house and hid clues for the Treasure Hunt. While she was doing this, me and my friends lounged around and watched TV while we waited (avoid doing this as it was very boring, I wasn't well prepared for this party!!)

Once my Mum had finished, everyone got into pairs and picked a clue colour (the treasure hunt clues were coloured) My Mum gave us our first clue and we went off. At the end of the treasure hunt we had glow sticks. Everyone opened theirs and we made them into bracelets and necklaces. Next we got into some hawaiian games. We playing a relay race where we had a surfboard shaped piece of cardboard. We split into 2 teams and lined up at one end of the room. The first person stepped onto the surfboard(cardboard) and slid on it to the other end of the room and back again and passed the surfboard onto the next person. When everyone in the team had finished we yelled DONE" and my Mum gave the group members a plastic bag with letters in it. Then each group had to solve what the letters spelt. (one of our words was "Volcano" and the other was "Frangipani") The team that finished first won!

Next we played coconut relay. Before the party we had brought 4 coconuts. Each team got 1 coconut (there were still 2 teams we had 2 coconuts left over) each team member had to dribble their coconut to one end of the room and back again without kicking it. If they kicked it they had to go and get it and bring it back to where they were standing when they kicked it. By now everyone was getting kind of tired so we settled down a bit and played "Piggly Wiggly". For those of you who aren't familiar with this game you have one person leave the room and everyone else swapps sleeping bags. (In other words everyone decides where they are going to sleep that night and then once the person leave the room everyone hops into someone elses sleeping bag.) Then the person comes back into the room once they've counted to 40. They chose a sleeping bag and tap the person inside it on the head. The person in that sleeping bag has to say "Piggly Wiggly" in a funny voice. (we changed this slightly by making everyone say "Frangipani" instead. The person who isn't in the sleeping bag has to try and guess who that person is. If they guess it right then the person in the sleeping bag becomes the person who leaves the room to guess. This game can go on for ages!!!

After this we all got into our sleeping bags and watched another movie (mean girls). Half way through my Mum brought in some snacks like mini spring rolls and crackers with cheese and salami etc. At the end of the movie we played some more piggly wiggly and eventually everyone got completely tired out (it was about 1am). We talked for a while (truth or dare is a bad idea so we chose not to play it) We were all asleep by about 2am. Next morning we had the breakfast buffe and after we made bracelets with beads I had brought at the $2 dollar shop (you can also get them cheap at variety stores) When the parents started to arrive we had cake. My Mum had made a beautiful birthday cake with pearly white icing and a marshmellow frangipani in the centre. I had so much fun at this party and I hope I have given you some ideas too! "

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