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Solar Eclipse Party - Solor Eclipse Viewer



May 2012


Lorri in Escondido, CA,  USA


Solar System Party

A partial solar eclipse will take place on May 20th. Our daughter's birthday is mid-summer and we wanted to have her party before school let out, so we planned a Solar Eclipse party for May 19th. She also loves Transformers and space travel, so we are planning a Solar Eclipse - space party!  

INVITATION:  We designed our own using images of a solar eclipse. 

DECORATIONS:  We have an above ground pool in which we will float planets" (plastic balls) and "laser guns" (water pistols) for the guests to keep.  The party is taking place in the daytime so we won't use anything glowing but if it were at night we could do a lot with "stars" and glowy things. 

ACTIVITIES: Each guest will make their own Solar Eclipse viewer (instructions on line at  I have a computer generated image of what the eclipse will look like saved on my computer (also from the observatory website)for the kids to view. We made a soda bottle rocket from a kit and everyone will get a turn to launch it during the party.  It is powered by vinegar and baking soda.

GAMES: One child will be chosen to start as the "Interplanetary Leader".  Each of the remaining children will take one ball from the pool and call out their "planet's" name at random.  It will be the IPL's job to put the "planets" in their proper "orbit". If the first try is not correct the planets that are in the incorrect order will step forward and say their name one more time for a second chance.  Then the IPL chooses a new leader until everyone has had a turn. SNACKS AND

FOOD: We have a local pizza shop called "Killer Pizza from Mars" their pizza is delicious but expensive so it is my only real splurge for the party. I will also have chips and veggies and dip. I am making a Solar Punch with Sunny Delight and seven-up then cranberry juice can be splashed on top for a special effect.

CAKE: The cake will be round homemade and will frosted to look like an eclipse.(Brightly colored orange and black specialty frosting can be ordered at the bakery section in the supermarket for much less than an entire cake.)

FAVORS: Will be solar eclipse glasses ($2) "Moon Rocks" candy ($0.50) and some space and planet themed balls pencils and keychains ($2) in white lunch bags with a solar eclipse image glued on it.  I will have pens available for the kids to decorate their bags if they want to. The cost will be less than $60 for 10 kids plus the pizza for another $60 about $120 for the whole thing."

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