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Star Wars Party -8yr- Jedi Master Speech



September 2005


Beth in Stroudsburg, PA  USA

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Star Wars Party

Star Wars Party!  This year my 8 yr. old son was interested in a Star Wars party.  We took this party all the way to the Jedi Council. 

The invitations were printed to look like the beginning of the movies...smaller font to large font.  They invited the "Padawans" to Jedi training due to the Republics attack.  We specified on the invites that weapons were not needed, the Council would have all they needed at "Training". 

When the kids arrived we had a registration table set up for them to check in- 6 & under ->, 7 & older <-all kids had been divided into groups for training. Although he was turning 8, his friends had siblings who could not be excluded.  Our age range was 4-11.  Three groups: Group Yoda, Windu and Qui-Gon-Jin. They then choose a lightsaber, we had made our own- swimming noodles over PVC pipe with bike handles. Very cool, smaller sizes for the younger guests, can be a bit heavy otherwise.  They had their photo taken with Darth Vader (Stand-up we bought on ebay.) They had to relinquish their lightsabers then until training began. 

Once everyone had arrived we had our Jedi Master make a welcome speech, thanking them for coming and explaining exactly what was expected of them.  He touched briefly on honor and respect and following the good side of the Force.  They then were prepared to begin training.  The kids were given their lightsabers back and we dumped balloons over the deck(for effect) and they worked on keeping them off the ground. They were taught basic offensive and defensive movements. Then each "padawan" had to come up with their own lightsaber sound and turn them on and off.

While this was going on we set up the food and then invited them up for refreshments before more intense training would begin.  We served "Vader Veggies" with "Darth Maul Dip", "Naboo Nachos" and  "Sith Salsa", "Make your own fruit sabers", "Padawan Pizza" (Bagel Bites), "Tatooine's Toasted Ravioli's", "Jedi in Robes"(pigs in blanket)and "Coruscant Quiche"(mini quiches).  They enjoyed "Wookiee Water" and "Jabba Juice" as well. ("Bantha Beer" and "Yoda's Sodas" for adults)   After eating, training begins. 

The 3 groups go to 3 different stations for their assignment.  

Station #1: Lightsaber Scrimmage: 3 per team- 3 defenders, 3 attackers and 2 refs The attackers try to get to a lifesize blowup and knock it over.  (We used a tiki pole) The defenders try to stop them…if you are hit on arm, switch hand you're holding lightsaber with. Hit on leg- hop on one foot. Both legs hit, sit down and spell Y-o-d-a 3 times! Make adjustments as needed. Unneccessary roughness is an automatic ejection from the game. Three attempts and then attckers and defenders switch sides.  (We did switch game for younger group to "Red light, Green Light" using "Yoda, Vader" instead) 

Station #2: Protect the Ambassador We painted a 15 ft. diameter circle in our front yard with line paint, used another life size blow-up in middle. 1,2 or 3 kids could play at a time.  The kids went into the circle and 1,2 or 3 parents stood outside the circle with nerf guns and attempted to hit the Tiki pole, the kids had to block the shots. 

Station #3: Force Ball We constructed a box out of wood and cut 4 holes out of it and put a circle around the last hole.  Put it up on sawhorses and the kids tried to use the "Force" to get the ball into the last circled hole.  The one who won got a prize. (We gave out prizes to any who got it in circled hole) The younger ones could get it in any hole and all got prizes. Each group then moved from station to station until they had done all three!  When they finished we assembled them and explained that the Jedi Council had delivered a message to us via Asteroids. Each kid was to go and get one asteroid that was in the front yard(Put there during training).  They were only to get one and the older ones had to make sure all the young ones had one as well. (Asteroids were tin foil balls)  They were then to return back to base, open all the balls and put together the message.  There were words in 7 asteroids "Time for cake, come to back deck"

This gave me time to get the cake, plates, forks, candles, etc…ready.  Sing Happy Birthday, have cake (I made an R2-D2) and then onto the final exam.  (We also supplied Star wars fruit snacks and chocolate covered lightsabers in case cake wasn't an option.) 

Final exam: 2 Teams played in relay fashion to use all the skills they have been taught. \* "Slash" through crepe paper with lightsaber.(2 parents holding an end in   front of each team, 4 parents total) \* Deflect practice balls (plastic golf or ping-pong) with lightsaber. (1 parent per row) \* Drop lightsaber \* Shoot at Darth Vader with nerf blaster (2 needed) \* pick up lightsaber and balloon from box and hit balloon back to start. (don't bother if it's windy) \* next child goes 

We then had a "graduation" in which the "padawans" received a certificate granting them full Jedi status. They were called up to a "podium" and given their certificate and goody bag and everyone cheered.  Anyone who still wanted to stay watched present opening and then "battled" awhile!  This party was a huge success and a great time was had by all! We started the party at 11:00 am and said good-bye to our last "Jedi" at 3:30pm. We will be using the photos with Vader as our Thank You's.  This did take a lot of planning and attention to detail, but if you just want to take a few ideas…cool!   Quick note, the lightsabers had 6 inches of noodle without the pvc pipe for safety reasons. Also, the goody bags were "Star Wars" cups filled with Star Wars M&M's, yo-yo's, tatoos and thumbwrestlers.                           May The Force Be With You!

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