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Star Wars Party 6yr - The Adventure



February 2007


Rebecca in Charlotte N.C.,USA

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Star Wars Party

Star Wars Party- The Lost Episode  For my son's 6th year birthday, he just had to have a Star Wars themed party.  My husband was estatic as that is just his thing.  We believe birthdays should be special, and our known for our elaborate parties that we give our children starting at age three.  The challenge is always one upping the previous year.  This party came together seemlessly.  

To start we designed the invites.  My husband printed a picture of Obi, Darth Maul, and Qui-Goon fighting with saber in the forefront with  and their faces shaded in green (Qui), red (Darth), and blue (Obi) in the background on the front side of white cardstock. It was rolled into a scroll.   On the inside printed on a background of space in star wars, my husband wrote the beginning of The Lost Episode in a scroll type font like in the beginning of the movies.   It said Star Wars, The Lost Episode. It was a time of turmoil in the galaxy. Six years ago a baby boy was born.  His name was Andrew, and he was strong with the force.  Hidden away on a remote planet called Earth, Andrew's Jedi training has been progressing well.  But now the Sith have learned of the boy, and seek him diligently. To overcome this threat, Andrew will need the help of others- so a call is sent out for other brave younglings to come and learn the ways of the Jedi.  Onl with their strengh and courage can the Sith be defeated and the Jedi order preserved.  Then he left the bottom half white and in green Ariel font he wrote. Child's name, you have been chosen to join forces with Andrew and the Jedi order to stop the evil of the Sith!  This Jedi training will be disguised as a birthday party, so the Sith will hopefully not learn of our plans.  If you are up to the challenge, make your way to the  (subdivision name) secter of the (community name) star system. 

The party" will take place at landing platform (house number) of (street name)space port.  From 5:30 to 8:30 on January 30 2007 standard earth time.  You will not need to eat before arriving since you will be served special force-fortified food to prepare you for your training.  Also the Sith will be surely watching anyone who is traveling in this sector while armed so leave you weapons at home- all you need will be provided.  Finally we know that the force is strong in the (last name of child) family so feel free to bring along any family member who desires to accept. They too will be tested. As you know these are desperate times so please let the Jedi Councel know if you and any family members will be attending the "party" by calling our representative on Earth at (phone number).  May the Force be with you! These were sent in white envelopes on which Top Secret and Confidental had been printed in red.  The return address was headed by the the title of Rebel Alliance.  The kids went wild over these and were talking about receiving Jedi training constantly in the weeks leading up to the party.  We only sent invites to six of his closest friends and cousins knowing that they would all show up along with siblings and parents.  From previous experience we have learned to limit it to those friends my children are truly closest too as everyone shows up.

The front door was covered with a Stars Wars poster.  The kids and parents were let in instructed not to look around and led straight to the dining room.  My son was dressed as a Padawan my husband as Obi I was Princess Leia and my 19 month old daughter as Padame.  We left our 5 month old in regular baby clothes.  We thought she might be more content.  I made the Obi costume using Simplicity pattern 5840 for robe outer tunic etc.  I had to do some adjusting to make it accurate.  For that I received a lot of help for the online site " The Padawan's Guide"  I sewed my outfit from a pattern I got off ebay. It is no longer offered by Simplicity.  The only thing that needed adjusting for accuracy was the hood and belt.  My son wore a store bought costume we got a the local costume store.  And my daughter was simplicity at is best with a white onsie white tights and a black sash for a belt.  She was prancing let me tell you.  I rented white gogo boots and my husband and son wore their brown Uggs. We wanted it dark by the time we started the games so we decided to eat first.  The dining room chandler was given a black light and we covered the ceiling with white balloons with flashing balloon lights inside. We also had a large C3PO balloon overlooking the table. It made for a fantastic starry night effect. 

The tables were covered in black tablecloths. To take advantage of the black light I used white plates. We had clear plastic serving dishes glasses and utensels. I got the idea to use red and green for the light and dark side from this site (thanks) I made edible sabers- large pretzel sticks in which I dipped in red and green chocolate (again thanks guys) Wookie cookies ( otherwise known as no- bake cookies) Light sauce (guacomole) with white tortilla chips Dark sauce (salsa) with purple tortilla chips and Padawan pizza ordered from Pizza the Hut. We also special ordered M&Ms from their site.  We had green ones printed with 'Jedi fuel" and red ones printed with "Sith snacks". Then of course my favorite jello jiggler half domes in which we placed three flashing balloon lights.  We placed it on a clear plate which was placed on a clear plastic bowl which was placed face down.  We called these the planets Dagobah (green lime) and Mustafar (red cherry).  These were a huge hit.  I think even bigger than the cake. The kids went bonkers over them.  They were really cool looking and a piece of cake to make.  You just followed the jiggler recipe on the box.  I doubled it.  Then spray the right size bowl with cooking spray pour in the jelloand set in the fridge for 4-6 hrs.  Then dip the bowl in hot water for 20 sec.(being careful to keep the jello from getting wet) insert the lights bulb down and place plate over top and turn over.

Finally for drinks we had the Yoda soda and Darth malt following the recipes we found on this site.  The only difference was instead of ice cream for the Yoda soda we used dry ice for a fog effect. The kids love this.  Just be sure to get the right kind of dry ice and follow all the safety rules. We also had various 2 liters for the adults.  We served the punch in clear plastic glasses with red and green glow straws.  Again the kids went wild.  The straws were special ordered online to get only those colors.  While the kids ate we talked about what it took to get admitted into the Jedi academy and how we were watching them carefully for signs of the dark.  It was hilarious to them look guiltingly at any "dark" food they had put on their plates. Next we started the Jedi academy. 

The kids were taken into the foyer. It was decorated with a collectable Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.  We had a table set up and covered with black plastic. As they entered they were greeted by a one foot tall pez Chewie. They were offered special force fortifing tablets (pez candy).  I got him and a Vader C3PO and R2D2 just like him off ebay. They all played the Star Wars theme song when the kids got candy. From there they presented their invitation to R2D2. He was my sons early b-day present and the single biggest hit with every girl at the party.  He is amazing. I got him from The Sharper Image.  He goes everywhere I will allow him with my son.I sat behind it and registered them. I had R2D2 welcome them with a little dance. And had him introduce them to Chewie by command.  I gave them glow in the dark necklaces on which I strung a tag with the rebel alliance logo in red with Padawan (child's name) printed on it and their checklist.  Both were printed on glow in the dark paper.  I wish I remembered what sites I got all my glow in the dark stuff.  However if you do a google search several will come up.  Obi explained that anyone found without their official pass would be sent to the brig until they were identified.  He then explained that each task on the card must be completed to become a Jedi knight.  On the pass next to the task was a diamond within a diamond.  The outside diamond was filled in with a black marker when they passed the beginner qualification for that task.  The inner diamond then received a glow in the dark diamond sticker when it was completed in the advanced training. 

From there they were sent to wardrobe.  Another area in the foyer with a black plastic covered table with different sized tunics dresses and belts.  I made the tunics out of natural colored cotton.  I cut it 22in. Wide and length as 21in. 23in. And 25ins.  I made v necks using one of my son's shirts as a guide.  I used brown cording for the belts.  For the girls I used white satin polyester cut 22ins. Wide and 34 ins. Long.  I made the necks round and used white cording. They were space princesses. The only sewing was in hemming the fabric. Technically you do not even need to do that. I did just to prevent fraying.  While they were getting into their wardrobe Princess Leia explained what it meant to wear these uniforms and what it meant to people in all the galaxies.  Then they were taken to the armory.  For the armory we used a bin stand from my children's playroom.  We took out all the bins except for two.  We covered each bar shelf with black plastic to hide its contents.  We explained that you needed a special passcode to access each part of the armory and as each student advanced they would learn them.  Obi gave them the first password "Of the Light" and Princess Leia with much ado whipped of the plastic from the top shelf. 

There were the light sabers we had made.  You should have heard the gasps.  My husband made them by cutting PVC pipe to the length of 20inches.  We cut in half pool noodles in the colors of blue red orange and green. And we bought different styles of bike handles.  My husband using soap and water inserted the pvc pipe into the bike handles and the noodles over the pipe.  They looked fantastic especially under the black light.  My son and friends own every type of light saber made fancy to cheap and I have not seen them pick up anything other to play with since the party.  My son will brandish his light up one for effect sometimes and to hear the noises. But to fight with his friends he grabs the one we made.  My husband also made a special double one for him as a birthday gift using one bike handle with the end cut off two pvc pipes and a yellow pool noodle.  You should see him move with that saber.  He has the moves down pat. Next we started training. 

We moved to the rec room where we had removed all furniture except the tv armoir and the seating which was all pushed against the wall.  We had replaced all the light bulbs with green bulbs and had a Star Wars movie soundtrack playing.  I draped green balloons with flashing balloon lights over the tv armoir and the fireplace mantle. My husband printed the picture that was on the front of the invitation onto a transparancy.  He then cut it to fit the projector and projected it onto the back wall of the rec room.  It was about 5x8 feet. It was great.  First was reflex training. Here we got out a toy we bought which was called the Metallic Fx Phlat ball Jr. Basically it is a ball that you smash into a disk and pass around quickly.  Whoever was holding it when it popped back into a ball had completed beginner training the first time around and advanced the second time.  At which time they would leave the circle to have Princess Leia place their advanced training diamond on their skills list.  They all enjoyed this and the birthday boy actually managed to be the last one out. 

Then we moved on to teamwork and attention.  Obi explained that Jedi's often worked in teams of Padawan and Jedi Master so teamwork was essential.  He also explained how important attention was with the danger that constantly surrounded Jedi's.  To teach this we played a variant of red saber/green saber.  We divided the group into teams of two for the rest of the party. The team then had their ankles and knees tied with strips I cut from leftover tunic scraps for this game.  They then headed toward the base wall when the green saber was turned on and stopped when the red saber was turned on. Princess Leia manned the sabers while Obi observed for teamwork and attention.  Those who did not work as a team or freeze when the red saber was lifted was sent back to the beginning.  Of course we went easier on the littlest team. They did this twice for beginner and advanced training. Each team was checked off in the order they finished. Next we headed back to the armory.  There they met "Dan" Solo a friend of the family.  He was dressed in a good likeness of Hans Solo.  He told them that training was about to take a more dangerous turn. He explained that every once in a while Jedi had to use weapons other than their primary ones.  So they were to return their sabers until a later time when they had earned the right to be trained in the Jedi skill of saber fighting.  He told them to go to Princess Leia and give her the password "Millennium". I then whipped off half of the second plastic layer to reveal two small handheld blasters (nerf guns) I gave them to Dan who brought them to the practice range- the living room.  Again all furniture had been removed except for my sectional couch.  This was not much as this is mostly used for unplanned for guests and is kept simple.  I draped red balloons with flashing lights all along the two wall on the back of the sectional.  And replaced the lightbulbs with red lights. 

Hans then gave them instruction in handling handguns.  He acutally infused real gun safety in this which I appreciated.  We do not personally own guns but I am sure at some point in time my son will have friends whose dads do.  I would rather him be warned of the dangers and taught proper handling then have an accident.  They then to pass beginner training  had to hit 20 points on the target vests that came with the nerf guns.  This took a little time especially as I believe some of the guys were deliberatly missing to have more shooting time.  From there we headed back to the rec room where Obi had set up for thermal detonator training.  My son had asked specifically if we were going to have them.  He knows them from the Star Wars video games he plays.  So we scratched are heads looked at each other and said of course.  This is what we came up with. We headed back to armory where they gave Leia the password "We are having a blast". I whipped of secton three to reveal a bin filled with knobbly wobbly balls.  We made a line on the rec room floor with tape and explained this is the closest you can get to the target you are aiming for when using TDs.  Any farther and you risk injuring yourself. I had taken a big furniture box my nanny whose parents own a furniture store had got for me.  I stood it upright and cut five squares out of it in varing heights. I then spray painted it silver.  We taped at the top of the square on the back a picture of a storm trooper a tie fighter a sand person Darth Vader and the Imperial logo that my husband had printed out off a star wars coloring page site.   

For beginner training Obi would call out a picture and the whole group would toss their "detonater" at the pictures after a count of three. He did this three times then they lined up for an individual toss for advanced training.  They had to hit two pictures he called out.  They loved this.  I think they would have done it 20 more times.  After each one finished they were checked off. We then divided the groups in half. Four teams went with Solo to advanced blaster training and three teams went with Obi for saber training.  First the groups retrieved their sabers from the armory and used the password "Falcon" to open the the second part of the second shelf.  It revealed two nerf strikefires.  Which my son went crazy upon seeing along with his best friend (as he knew he would be using them just as much they live right next door to each other). These were almost impossible to find as they are off the shelf as soon as anyone gets them in- even online. Solo then demonstrated the use of automatic weapons and magazines.  The Jedi's in training were then required to hit 100 points which to the kids disappointment was nigh on impossible not to do on the first attempt.  The funny thing was seeing the parents use the "excuse" of helping their kids in order to try them out.  When those teams finished they checked off and switched off to saber training.  Obi conducted  light saber training.  In beginner training they lined up and were taught basic strikes and blocks.  My husband is a second degree black belt with extensive sword and arnis stick training so these were accurate.  The kids ate it up. 

Then they squared off with their partner and dueled under my husband's supervision.  He used to teach karate so this was familiar territory. The parents found the extra light sabers and jumped right into training with the kids. :) When everyone had finished  blaster training Obi called out Jedi mock war and the kids went wild fighting all over the rec room.  The parents were going at it just as much.  While Obi supervised I got everything ready for the graduation. We called the students to Jedi attention which took some doing and marched them back to the living room which became the throne room.  Then Obi gave a speech over being proud of what they accomplished and how they were shining examples of Jedis anywhere. I them in proper royal voice asked "Have you completed ……the different tasks training?'" They shouted "We have".  I asked "Have you behaved in proper Jedi fashion". Again they shouted we have. Obi was cueing them.  I then stated (using the royal we of course) We will lead you in reciting the Jr. Jedi oath. Repeat after us. A Junior Jedi must always help others use wisdom in the choices he makes never use his power for evil and defend justice though out the galaxy. The kids shouted this enthusiastically.

Then starting with my son we called out their names.  They came forward. Princess Leia presented them with a certificate my husband had made.  It had the red rebel logo and was bordered with a green border. It said. This document certifies that (name in big font) has been thoroughly tested by qualified representatives of the Jedi Order& has show full mastery in completing requirements for the rank of (big blue font) Junior Jedi. Having taken the Junior Jedi oath he is hereby granted said rank with all of its accompanying rights privileges and responsibilities on the 30th day of January 2007 At the bottom using different signatures was signed Obi-Won Konobi and Yoda. After presenting the certificate I stated "We declare thee Junior Jedi. Obi-Won please see he is outfited properly.  Upon saying this Obi presented them with their saber a thermal detonator and then turning to Solo stated the password is "Master". The final plastic was pulled off to reveal authentic toy Star Wars blasters.  You should have seen the kids eyes.  The child then got to choose his blaster to take home.  The princess were presented with option of some beautiful bracelets and necklaces I had made using silver beads for every task they had completed mixed with red glass beads and green glow in the dark glass beads I got from ebay. Most chose the jewelry.

Then as far as the kids knew the games were officially over. But little did they know that the fun had just begun.  We turned to the dining room where the cake had been set up along with Hoth chocolate.  It was a Star Wars ice cream cake we got from my sons favorite place Cold Stone creamery.  We sang and he blew out the glow in the dark candles. While they ate their cake Obi Dan Solo and another one of the dads disappeared unnoticed by the kids.  I quietly came up to my son and his teammate his best friend.  I told them to act normal and listen quietly. I said that I had received an urgent message from the Jedi Council.  That I knew that they were new to the force but that their particular skills were needed on a dangerous but vital mission. Would they accept.  Of course they said yes. I said that transport would be here shortly to be ready for Obi-Wons signal. As each team finished their mission they were sworn to secrecy. And I would prepare another team as Obi and team reset up.  Every team reacted the same throughout the night as I told them- eyes getting bigger mouth dropping open looking fervently around. It was so cute.

Eventually the kids caught on that something was going on as teams disappeared for 5-8 minutes but I kept them mostly preoccupied. And not a one finished team would breathe a word of what they had been doing or where they had gone.  I did leave the youngest team for last because of that.  While each team did the mission I had in an excellent overview music DVD of all 6 episodes.  It was called Star Wars The Musical Journey. Parents and kids alike were enthralled.  It was very well done.  In case that did not keep the kids occupied. I moved into the rec room a previously set up table. It was covered in black plastic with styrofoam blocks on it. Over this I put snow made from snow powder. I did not get mine there but I know a friend got some from Oriental Trading.  On that I put all my son's non collection Star War action figures. It looked like the fight seen during evacuation from the planet Hoth. I also had on it my son's Millennium Falcona and some fighters.  The kids who had never seen snow powder before were fascinated. It feels like the real thing. Now for the mission.  It took a ton of work.  We took the cars out of the garage and my husband removed all his woodworking stuff. 

Then we got tons of furniture boxes from our friend lots of black plastic rolls and black lights.  We covered all the walls with black plastic replaced the light bulbs but one with black light added black florescent plug in lights we got for $10 each from Walmart and made a box maze with little rooms in between. The rooms were made by hanging four sides with black plastic only leaving room for an entrance and exit from each.  The boxes were spray painted silver.  We did all the preparation in the two days before the party but I stay at home and my husband was off. Now for the actual mission part.  I led the kids to the door to the garage where Obi met them for transport. The mission he explained was to destroy an Imperial Battleship by destroying the power cores after recovering focusing crystals stolen from the Rebel Alliance. However Darth Vader was on the ship as was a whole bunch of stormtroopers so stealth was essential. The garage was dark except for the black lights so their name tags glowed.  They followed the path to the first room where we had painted geodes with glow in the dark paint.  They had found the focusing crystals. Using a hammer and pouch they each broke one open. Now they were prepared for removing the power cores. As they preceded quietly sabers and blasters ready Solo comes running toward them. He was waiting around the corner.

He breathless exclaims in a hushed voice "Stormtroopers ahead through the left corridor.  We have to go to the right (which of course is the way the path went). We had planned to have a friend dress up as a stormtrooper at this point. But nowhere could we get a costume.  So instead he was behind a box stopping shaking it and saying enemies have boarded inform Darth Vader.  The kids were very jumpy by this time but having a blast.  They met up with an obstical I forget what my husband called it but it was white streamers taped across the path which they had to clear using their light sabers. Then they reached the second room. In it I had blown up tons of white balloons which glowed in the black light. In half of them I had placed green glow in the dark bouncy balls I had got from OT.  These were the power core. Obi told them hurry. You each much put one out of commission.  You can only damage the ones with the core loose inside them.  The rest are decoys.  The young Jedi's then used whatever means they desired to remove the power core. It looked so realistic in the light.  In fact the next day my son exclaimed in amazementyou mean those were just bouncy balls. You sure tricked me. LOL. 

They then pocketed the power core which on that cue the overhead light turned on and an alarm went off.  Alarm turned on by friend in boxes. Light via garage door opener in Obi's pocket. Obi then yelled run.  They then ran thru the path firing their blasters wildly for no reason other than pure adrenalin. They came to another room- the last one. It ended at the garage door not covered in plastic.  My husband had mounted pie plates with tape next the door. Obi yelled for them to blast the doors to the landing bay. The Jedis did with much abandon in which Obi hit the garage door opener.  And the Jedis escaped as the ship blew up. With as Obi carefully put hopefully Darth was still on as it exploded.  Every team was estatic.  And wanted to do it again and again. Unfortunetly there was not enough time. The girls were very timid during the mission and two of the smallest boys got scared. We did have the parents go thru with those who seemed intimidated by the dark. After everyone went Obi disappeared again.  I had everyone gather in the rec room for present opening. We were running a little late by this time as it was 8:30.  I had everyone get in a circle with their weapons lined up on the back wall.  I had one of the princesses go get R2D2.  I brought the presents but before setting them down I quietly gave the coomand that causes R2D2 to cower. It is asking him if he remembers Vader. When he did this I acted surprised. Dropped the rest of the presents in a corner and ran over to him.  My husband had set up his laptop on top of the speaker. 

As I kneeled down in front of R2D2 I casually rested my hand on the keyboard to wake it up. Then I asked R2 what was happening. He responded with a bunch of beeps.  I exclaimed. Jedis R2 has been monitoring the Sith communications network.  He has recovered an important message. We must listen.  I then carefully pushed a button preparing a recording care had put on a disk. It used terms he got from audio files from movie lines.  I do not remember the the total actual content but it went like this. " Vader! Yes my Emporer. I sense a disturbence in the force. A rebel force has been discovered on the planet (my husband substituted Earth using my sons Vader mask). I jump and yell "we must evacuate immediately. Grab you gear. Princesses to the transport ship. You are in command. Bodyguard Jedi attend them. Fighter pilots to your fighters.  About that time we heard the Vader breathing. Everyone looked up. There comes my husband down the stairs in a extremely accurate costume we had rented. I even screamed. I had not seen him in it before. It made him seem two feet taller and the mask was huge.

Everything broke loose after that. Half the kids took off at a dead run for the door. One of the dads had to stop them from running outside. They were truly evacuating.   The other half brave souls that they were grapped their light sabers including my son I am proud to say who had no clue that it was his dad.  The kids quickly took the cue from the brave souls and started attacking Darth Vader. My husband was quickly subdued by 12 kids giving everything they had.  They were going to get Vader. After hitting the floor with kids still hitting him with their saber some giving a few kicks and two boys jumping on him my husband pulled off his mask to much laughter.  It was worth every penny we spent.  The kids could not stop talking about it. After that we pulled out the pinata.  We wanted a Death Star which was not to be found. So we bought a soccer ball pulled off the black spots spraypainted it gray used black paint markers to decorate it. We glued on a black cardstock circle and used irridescent pipe cleaners for the light beams.  It turned out great. They used their light sabers to hit it. Then it was time for presents. Finally we got a group picture with Darth Vader to give out with the thank you notes.  It was a fantastic party.  My son said it was his best party ever. One of the guests told me he had been to many galaxies in his travels and to many parties in those galaxies. And this was the best one he had ever seen.  It got me tickled. Now we just have to top it next year. And I am off to start planning my daughters 2 y.o. Minnie Mouse Party. I have three months to go."

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