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Star Wars Trainng Party -6yr- Star Wars Bingo



December 2008


Larry in Hillsboro, Oregon USA

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Star Wars Party

I just finished my 6 yr old son's awesome party- it beat my expectations and the kids loved it- so I need to give extra thanks to the Birthday party ideas web site.  I read every star wars party here and planned for about a month.  I've written below what happened at my son's party so that it can be of use to someone else. 

Background: My now 6yr old son is a Star Wars freak, somehow he can read +300 page books. He read every Star Wars encyclopedia book at library and worked on extra chores for a month to get Star Wars Legos computer games. He even talks about Stars Wars to random strangers, you know the type, he loves Star Wars.  I try to budget my parties under $50. He was allowed 6 friends, and his brother and sister were there. The party lasted about 1:45 hours at the house. 

1. DECORATIONS:  1.Table decorations: black plastic tablecloth, black cups, forks, and napkins, with gold star glitter scattered around, and Darth Vader plates. Down the length of table, in the middle, were my son's favorite star wars toys. (about $8)  2.Kitchen had black streamers, black balloons, and a 6 pack of Star Wars balloons. ($8) Total $16 so far 3.Rest of house: I bought off ebay a 2006 Star Wars calendar($9,so $25 so far ) Each page is a star wars poster for the movie and were placed throughout the house. Also, my dad having a soft heart, traded electrical work for a Jar-Jar 7 foot statue 6 months back to surprise my son.  He usually keeps it at his house but brought it over for the occasion. More Stars Wars toys were in the entry way. 4.Bday boy was dressed as Luke (last years Halloween costume) and I was Darth Vader (using an inside out black shirt, cape for hair cutting supplies, black slacks and shoes, with a mangled Darth Vader mask my dad found a few years back). Many kids came in costume. 

2.INVITATION: I borrowed ideas from the website, so I made a quarter fold card with Jedi insignia and Yoda.  On the front is said Star Wars Training (couldn't be Jedi training since my son says Jedi's don't use blasters).  Inside I had a picture of my son in Darth Vader gear and said the following Attention padawans! Young Jedi Derek has reached the age of six and can now complete his training and participate in the Jedi trials. He has requested your presence at the Jedi Training address, to participate in these activities with him on Dec 6 at 2:30pm. Please advise the Jedi Council at 615-*** as to whether you accept this challenge. If you have star wars attire please wear it to the event. We also made a note that no weapons were needed since they would be provided. 2.As kids arrived, I had star wars music going in the background and they played with his toys until we had enough. (Got all the music for the party from the Library) 3.They each received their star wars training card that was kind of  a checklist on thick blue paper and cool star wars pictures with the following:  Jedi Level 1 Light saber training /Jedi Level 2 Light saber training /Jedi Balance skills training/Jedi team work training/Blaster training /Laser training/Y-wing bombing skills/Star wars Bingo test/Cave of fear  test.  Through each event I had different music playing from Star wars, trying to match the event. All events except the last was borrowed and modified from this website.  


a.Jedi Level 1 Light saber training: we went in to the garage where I had made light sabers for each kid, using the water noodles we had, with duct tape on the handles and black tape for buttons (free: since we had them sitting around), though my son said red buttons turns them on.  I downloaded Light saber training information from the internet, to give stances, foot work, use of the light sabers, and when they should be used as a Jedi. Once that was done the 1st task was using some extra black balloons from the d├ęcor.  They were to keep the balloons in the air with light saber.  GRADE: B+, Fun and Kids took it seriously.   Time:12 minutes 

b.Jedi Level 2 Light saber training: I had some bubbles blown from some bubble shooters and had them hit the bubbles with light sabers, teaching that many Je's can fight at same time without hitting each other.  My son reminds me 200 did in attack of the clones. GRADE: B, Fun, time:5 minutes

c.Balance skills training: I had a wood beam that the kids walked across outside.  After that they each completed that, they did it again with a spoon with an egg.  It was fun to see how each approached it, many said it was tough but all did it fine. GRADE: B+, kids took this real seriously.  Time:7 minutes, Yoda music in the background of course

d.Jedi team work training:  I told them about how my son pointed out the other day that no Sith Lord ever  went down without the team work of 2 Jedis and how we need to practice team work. I have a large back yard, about 30 yards across, in this event the grass became lava, and they need to cross the yard. So they found scraps of lumber, beams, siding, and plastic from a small scrap pile. They placed one board at time across the yard. This was so awesome to watch as the kids worked as a team lifting heavy posts and walking inch by inch across previously placed beams, place them and wait for the next group. I am so glad I added this event, there was no joking around, and they took this task very seriously. Once they made it across the yard to the swing set they played for about 5 minutes until I mentioned the next event. GRADE: A, Kids took this seriously, time:18 minutes 

e.Blaster training: My grandparents for another sons birthday bought 4 Nerf guns ( 8 shot shooters), and with this game we finally found their purpose. I blew up a 9 page size poster off the internet of a few battle droids and placed it high in the garage.  The kids each took turns in groups shooting them. They loved this, they could have done this for an hour . GRADE: A-, Kids had  fun, time:10 minutes

f.Laser Training: In the earl90's I used to play laser tag and a few of the guns still functioned. Each party member took turns using the scopes to hit the targets, the guns were fragile so they had to take  turns but each loved a chance to shoot one. The laser rifle would not work but the pistols did.  GRADE: B, Kids excited to fire the guns, time:7 minutes

g.Y-wing bombing skills: I started by explaining the important role of y-wing bombers, then my wife opened the garage door and on the driveway I had drawn a huge death star, tie-fighters, and star Destroyer out of chalk.  The cost was free since we use sidewalk chalk. I also pre made 50 black water balloons, that were placed in a cooler. Cost was $3, Total $28 so far. This went great except for some reason half the time the balloons did not break mostly because the kids did not throw them high enough.  Once they figured out to throw them up higher it went better. Sometimes their aim was really bad and my son got hit, but after a couple minutes of crying and change of clothes all had fun. Many of neighbors came out to watch, and they were getting a kick out of it. GRADE: B, Kids thought it was fun, time:10 minutes

h.Star wars Bingo test: I found this on the yahoo website, just type star wars bingo and it should show up, it's free, it really did not provide much value but did get the kids to calm down for 5 minutes before the big event. I thought of doing an event where Darth Vader shows up and attacks, but my son has seen a few, and did Disney world Jedi training and fought Darth Vader, so I knew I could not match that, but I had another idea. GRADE: D+ time: 5 minutes

i.Cave of Fear: If you seen Empire Strikes Back when Luke faced his fear, I found a way to do it, and it turned out to be the best activity I have pulled off in my birthdays ever.  (At least today it feels that way ,especially with minimal price and effort). So I had a 42 TV Box that was about 6 ft across, 2 ft wide, I cut flaps on each end, put Darth Vader pictures inside from the internet, and placed this  in our daughters room which gets pitch black. I then pulled all the good Darth Vader sound clips on to a CD such as him breathing and his scary quotes which was playing in the room.  They were told they did not need to complete this to pass star wars training, and Bday boy got to go first with a tiny flashlight I sent him in the room all by himself. He had to go under a box and through a flap into the long box.  At the end of the cave, out of the back flap, was a prize box of paper Darth Vader masks ($8 so total  $36 so far) they could take(also some Lea printed masks for girls).

Each kid took this so seriously, several backed out until later, my son was in there for 3-4 minutes, while everyone was waiting in the hallway not sure what to expect. He finally came out with the mask on. I was impressed he found the masks, each kid waited in hallway for their turn, all scared and excited. 2 kids came back after cake and ice cream who were too scared to try earlier and I said I would be in the room for them; even then they barely could survive that. So simple but turned out so awesome. GRADE: A+ time: 20 minutes Kids keep asking if they could do it again, I asked several what was the favorite event, all said the cave.

4. CAKECake/ ice-cream: everyone was in good mood, my wife made 2 medium 2inch high cakes and 1 small one, put them together and with gray frosting, and black for details to make a death Star cake, the rounding took some work, but my son loved it, I remember, before he blew out the candles he actually turned the cake and was amazed staring at it. We had trick candles that don't blow out ( found free at party store) which was funny and everyone was laughing, none of them had seen them before other than my wife. So cake cost something but she hand makes its, so cheap, lets add $10 for cake & Ice Cream ($46 total)

5.Took pictures with Jar-Jar and opened presents and people went home. I did this party to give my son and his friends a fun memory and I think I achieved it. Party just turned out great; it well worth the effort of planning.  The activities worked great with 6yr olds, these kids they loved it, I had no parents to impress, and my wife thinks I am crazy anyways.  My son still remembers the Scooby Bday Phantom Mystery party of  two years ago, so I know it's worth the effort.  And it did not cost me much, so in my opinion it's worth planning.   None are that impressive, but it's all good for ideas and may save you some time. I really did read every post on the site on Star wars, and figured out what was best for my son, his friends and my kids.  Thanks again for posting.

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