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Jedi Training Camp Party -5yr- Padawan Knights



July 2010


Janki in Austin, TX, USA

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Star Wars Party

My son wanted a star wars themed party for his 5th birthday. 

INVITATION: As his birthday is in Februrary, we needed it to be indoors and wanted something that kept all the kids active together.  I chose a star background theme and had the wording In a galaxy far far away on the morning of Feburary 4th a baby was born. The Jedi Council named him Gabriel and they knew he was the chosen one. In the 5 years that followed his birth young Gabriel has been learning the powers of the force.  Young Padawan Gabriel has been called by the Jedi Council to seek out future Jedi. Master Yoda is urging the younglings to complete their training and take part in the upcoming trials. 

Additionally his Padawan friend are invited to partake in the ordeal of knighthood. Your presence is requested to complete his Jedi Training and prepare for the trials on Feburary 6th. The Trials will be held at the Name of our Street System Docking Bay XXXX.    Adults may feel free to attend or may drop off their young padawans for training.  Party will end approximately at 3:30.  The Jedi council will provide robes light sabers and a series of tasks that will prepare the padawans to become Jedi Knights.  May the force be with you."  I needed to invite his entire preschool class (11 others) plus hubby had accidentally invited a few more so we had a total of 15 invited guests (more to come later).

DECORATIONS:  The living/dining room was turned into a central eating/entry area with the dining room table and a long table and several chairs.  When the kids entered they were given a Jedi robe.  To make the robe I used brown felt which I folded in half used about 2 yards/per child.  I then cut a V neck so it looked like a poncho.  It came with a satin belt of a light tan color.  We had grey and black balloons all around the house and several star shaped mylar balloons at the entry.  The foyer had a small table with the words "TRAINING CHECK-IN" 

GAMES:  After getting their robes the kids came to the dining room table and started the first project which was a "Make your own R2d2".  I had cut out these packman shaped pieces of out cream colored paper and then made a variety of dots and small rectangle out of scrap paper.  The kids glued the dots and colored their R2s.  This kept them busy until everyone arrived. 

As they colored they picked a colored chip from a bag that would separate the group into two teams: Green or Blue.  The blue team went upstairs for the obstacle course while the green team stayed downstairs for their jedi light saber training.   

For the obstacle course the kids all stayed at the top of the stairs and would cheer the person who was running the course.  The course entailed starting down stairs and stepping on the "bad guys" which were taped pictures of star war villians.  When they came upstairs they had to jump the river of lava (a yoga mat) by hopping on several stepping stones (pillows).  Then they crawled through the "ring of fire" which was one of those collapsable play tubes and then they rolled over the waterfall (which was an old inflatable mattress with a slow leak) and finally made it to safety at the Millenial Falcon (our upstairs sofa).  All the while the kids are all cheering and hooting it up.  Even the shy kids got into this especially when everyone is shouting their names.  It also kept the spectators busy. 

Downstairs the kids were practicing their light saber fighting skills using swords that I made with balloons (those tall skinny ones for balloon animals.  They practiced different moves with my husband and then on each other.  The kids each switched sides.  When they were done each group went to the "sanitation station" (bathroom) to wash up.  After snack we played a game called "4 corners of the universe".  The each corner of the family room was labled a different planet (ie naboo alderon tatooine etc).  When I counted to 5 the kids each hid in a corner.  Blindfolded I would point to one corner and name it and the kids in that corner were out and had to sit on the couch.  It was hilarious and the kiddos crouched and hid finally a small group remained and they were declared the winners. 

At that moment a friend of my husband's had come out in a rented Darth Vader outfit.  He asked to see the birthday boy and this was a complete surprise to my son.  My husband said that part of the Jedi training was to help Vadar see that he needed to turn from the "dark side" and "be nice".  So the kids all used their light saber balloons to fight with Vadar until he surrendered.  We then took individual pictures with Vadar (including many adults who stayed).   The final game was a Jedi mind trick.  I had a sheet of paper with several rows printed on it of 5 objects (a fork orange paper clip spoon and ball).  I would place all objects in front of me and then hid one.  The kids would need to circle on their paper which one I hid.  It was a memory game that they liked a lot. 

SNACKS: The kids came back to the table for snacks.  We had light sabers which were pretzle rods dipped in white chocolate and rolled in star shaped sprinkles crackers fruit and yoda soda (lime sherbert with 7up soda).  One tip we did was pre scoop all the sherbert into the cups and freeze them.  It made it easier.   

CAKE: Instead of a traditional cake we made "Ice Cream Cone Cakes" which was really cake baked into ice cream cones and frosted.  My son loved these since we played it up that Jedi needed to learn that what we see isn't always what really is.  They all sang happy birthday and my son blue out the candles. 

FAVOR: It was now time to leave so we gave each of them a Jedi certificate saying they now were offical Jedi Knights with the date.  They kept the robes too.  I hate goody bags with a passion.  So instead I made Darth Vadar cookie pops.  Final tips: We had a few crashers to the party which I find in extremely bad taste.  Two decided to bring their older children (who were about 7 or 10).  I didn't always have enough treats for them and it put us in a weird place . Be aware that you may need to supply extra for cases like these including certificates robes food etc.  The kids were not afraid of Darth Vadar at all and really enjoyed him.   

Many kids liked it and they all talked about it on Monday.  A few even said that they continued to do the training camp at home.  My son really had a blast and felt that he really played with all his friends at his party.  Mom naturally had to take a 2 hour nap afterwards."

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