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Justice Leagues Party - Superhero Sandwiches



July 2006


Lebasi in Raleigh, NC


Superhero Party

Party-Justice Leagues friends.  

INVITATION-I purchased superman invites but added news letter that looked like a paper. The Daily planet listed the party details and called all action hereos to help fight crime. Paper even had funny classifieds selling old superman capes, asking for job from laid of super hero.  Place. We rented our local clubhouse and pool.  

Decorations-Each corner had a set of 6 balloons representing a superhero. Black, yellow grey for batman. Red yellow and blue for superman. Green black and purple for hulk and red blue and black for spiderman. I put up posters of each character next to the balloons. Spiderman and superman actually had the party games which I purchased.  I also made a wanted wall. Like the FBI has. I used my guest and gave them funny names and listed their crimes. My husband was on there. 

As guest entered parents were handed itenary and justice league trivia and games for adults only. This way adults could win prizes for their children. This worked but I got so disorganized I never handed out prizes. I plan to mail with thank you for this game.   We had a table full of dress up items. Masks, Capes that I made from fabric. Super hero toys My husband even made a life size super man and batman ball toss game.   All the food and tables had super hero toys on them.

Food was labeled kryptonite salad, superhero sandwichwes. Power food etc 

Games-We played three games. 1.Super hero villian attack. You need a sheet of paper for each child and a few extras to avoid pushing. Choose several heros and color or print their logo a separate sheet. Put these sheets down and the floor and have children dance around to music. When music stops(like musical chairs) every child must stand on a logo. No pushing there should be plenty. Then one person reads out a villian. (cut up pieces of corresponding villians and put in hat to pull out) so as a villian is pulled all the children on that super hero sit down. This worked very well and burned off energy. HINT. You have to tell them who to sit so it said things like. "Holy Melons, The joker is in town if your standing on Batman please sit down" 

2. A race to get the villian. I divided children in 3 teams and made a father stand in front of each line. I gave each line a can of string puddy. They had to shoot the villian and then pass the can. First team to be seated and done won.  Last game was the purchased super hero games.  

After games we warned that pinata was coming and they all needed to eat. This really seemed to work. The children were eager to eat.  After the food was eaten I told the children to line up and handed them their party bags as they went to deck to work on the pinata. Unlike traditional pinata opening the kids had to wear super hero hands and punch the pinata. The pinata refused to break but a villian father came to the rescue. The children loved punching it. 

We reentered club house had cake and ice cream and then the party was moved to the pool so I could clean up the house. 

The cake was a monster 4 level cake with webs on it and small super heros climbing all over it. It had smaller cakes around it with villians. I purchased these small marvel characters and they worked great on cake.   This party went better then I expected but I am so tired I could sleep for a week.

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