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GUESTBOOK & FAVORS: Lauhala(hawaiian leaf weaving) place mat folded in half w/ paper & printed on yellow paper w/ more clipart in the background or fluttering on random lines on the paper, all bound w/ yellow polkadot ribbon & on the front was a beautiful sunflower ribbon bow w/ mini sunflowers & feathered butterlies.

The pen was made w/ the sunflower ribbon, mini sunflowers & butterfly sticking out from the top(we made 2 of these).

The favors we mini hershey bars wrapped w/ printed butterfly labels w/ yellow butterflies on it that said "MAHALO"(thanks in hawaiian) aloha(love) Carly & the date of the party, they look'd so cute. (you can find these labels on the internet but i made my own) then we place them into a wicker basket decorated w/ more mini sunflowers & a sunflower ribbon bow on the side.

The "Moneybox" was wrapped with flowered wrapping paper and paper butterflies and mini butterflies were glued on top near the opening of the box. The guest table was decorated w/ a nyce white linen table cloth w/ feathered butterflies glued to the front. KEIKI(kids in hawaiian)

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Party favors were handed out to everyone and included, bubbles in fish containers, small tropical painted maracas, candy, stickers, pinball games, and an assortment of other trinkets. 

Presents:  We convinced my son to open his presents at this time.  He really wanted to play with each toy rather than open them, but the guests really wanted him to open the presents so we did. 

Thank you:  We sent each friend a picture of them or their family in front of the mural or the group picture.  The picture included a magnetic Aloha frame and a thank you note.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageReady for the Beach

Our party bags had fish pencils, beach safes, blow up beach balls and suntan lotion, that I got on sale at the end of the season. 

Finally, we printed out thank you notes on the computer that said "Mahalo nui loa" (thank you very much).

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageEasy Hula Skirt

Party Favors: Plastic twist (inexpensive) and Flowered Leis, wrist leis and bracelets leis were given to everyone.  There were many extras so guests were able to take several.

Grass Skirts (Girls and Boys loved these) - were made for all guests.  A very inexpensive way to do this was to use drawstring trash bags in various colors. 

Use the drawstring as the waist band and fringe the bag all the way up to about six inches from the top.  Ends can be cut to accommodate various heights.  (Also skirts are waterproof for the water games…)

Flower hair Combs were given to all Girls. Beachcomber Hats were given to all Boys. 

Note: All party favors were be packaged as a set & labeled with Child's name. (Girls received 1 flowered leis, 1 flowered wrist leis, 1 flowered hair comb, and 1 grass skirt.//Boys received 1 plastic twist leis, 1 plastic twist wrist leis, and a beachcomber hat - grass skirts were optional, but available.)

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageStickers, Jewelry & Gum

Goody bags could include a sheet of acid free luau stickers, some tiger-striped pencils, chintzy but dazzling costume jewelry, a handful of gummy worms or a pack of bubblegum, a bookmark, even a pair of cute ankle socks!

Be original with your prizes as well as your goody bag loot. Accessories, cosmetics, certificates, posters, movie passes, and candy make for great prizes.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageKiwi Green Cellophane Bags

Before the girls went home we handed out goodie bags: I found kiwi green cello bags and filled them with lipstick pens, a matching pair of flip-flop notepads, a mini highlighter, a light-up goldfish keychain, small hibiscus beach ball, a ring pop and a pair of chopsticks (hibiscus pattern). 

All of these were tied up with orange and yellow curling ribbon.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageMaracas & Blowfish

Each child received a pair of hand painted wooden maracas. Each set was tagged with a note saying "thank you for celebrating with me" and I ink stamped a Hawaiian girl on each tag as I had done for the envelopes on the party invitations and also on the menu cards.

For the babies under 3, they each received a bath toy squirt blowfish or rubber duck.

As mentioned above, each child also received Hawaiian lei, flower clip for girls and sunglasses for the boys.


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