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1 full sheet cake w/ Carly's Invite picture on it surrounded with butterflies & flowers from hawaii(plumerias & hibiscus), Haupia(coconut) & Kona Coffee ice cream.

Dessert table: Rice Pudding(like tapioca), Kulolo(taro dessert), Haupia(creamy coconut jello), Pineapple upside down cake & Dump Cake(choco.

Cake layered with choco pudding, toffee bars & lots of coolwhip).

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Dessert:  We brought out the cake, which was a flat Lemon Mousse cake purchased at a local bakery. 

The cake was topped with a bright yellow lemon glaze and the writing was in a thin light blue large-size icing.  The writing said, "Happy 2nd Birthday Makaio"  The top 1/3 of the cake was left empty for me to decorate with my dashboard dancing hula doll I purchased from Hawaii on Ebay. 

She was an adorable hula girl with a green grass skirt, a magenta waistband, and pom-poms, bright yellow flower headband and lei, and swinging black hair.  She was on a small stand that said, "Hawaii."  I surrounded her with silk flowers. 

We sang Happy Birthday to my son, and then he blew out his candles.  We then cut and served the cake.

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Buy a sheet cake with a fruit filling (mango is good).  Ask the baker to use white whipped frosting and write on one side of the cake, "Happy 5th Birthday Alexis".  Buy an orchid lei (or fresh flowers) and green leaves. 

Cut the lei and secure it at both ends (like a garland).  Lay it on top of the cake, draping over the sides. OR you can just lay the lay on top (uncut) with message inside the circle.

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Make a sheet cake.  Decorate the cake blue like the ocean.  Next make a small thin oval shaped cake and put on top left side of sheet cake.  Decorate the oval cake as an island (complete with mini dolls wearing grass skirts, mini umbrellas, striped gum as beach towels and mini palm trees)with crumpled graham crackers as sand. 

I added a Volcano to the center of the island.  I found a recipe on-line and after the candles were blown out, the Volcano actually erupted.  AMAZING!!!  The entire cake (except the beach accessories) was edible and delicious.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageHula Girl Cake

I made the cake.  My daughter wanted a hula girl cake.  I had to get creative.  We had 24 guests coming(family and friends).  I made a large sheet cake.  I frosted it green by adding green food coloring to vanilla icing.  To make the frosting look like grass, I used a fork and made light upward marks on the frosting with the prongs of the fork.

For the hula girl, I baked a cake using a large bowl. I took the cake out of the bowl and cut the top of the cake enough to make it level so that when it was inverted, it would look straight.  I spread a THIN layer of green frosting on the cake. 

I then placed the bowl cake on the center of the frosted sheet cake.  I inserted a doll pick in the top center of the bowl cake. I filled a piping bag with green frosting and put a large round tip on the end of the piping bag. 

I began frosting at the top of the bowl cake where the doll pick and cake met.  I made a long and continuous thick line from the top of the bowl cake to the bottom of the bowl cake.  I then started at the top again right next to the line I just made and made another line.  I kept doing that all around the bowl cake.  That made the hula skirt.

The reason I put a thin layer of frosting on the bowl cake before piping the skirt design to it was because if there are any gaps between the piping lines, the baked cake color won't show and sometimes it's hard to continue the piping lines all the way to the bottom of the bowl cake and that way, it won't show the cake as not being completely frosted.  

I then piped little flowers on the doll to resemble a flower bikini top.  I did that by coloring small batches of frosting different colors and using small piping bags with the small rosette piping tip on them.  I also piped small little flowers on the top of the doll pick's hair.  Everyone commented on how the cake looked great.  My daughter loved it and that was the remark I cared most about. T

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageThe Doll Cake

I had made the cake using the Wilton Wonder Mold (the doll cake).  I made the pound cake version of the Duncan Hines cake mix (on the side panel) and then crumb-coated the dress (a thin layer of frosting covering the whole base but not a thick coating). 

Then I frosted the cake using the Wilton "grass tip" (#233).  I piped on a green grass skirt all around the dress part. 

Next I tinted some of the buttercream brown (by adding sifted unsweetened cocoa powder and a little water) and piped on a shell halter bra. 

Next I tinted small amounts of frosting violet, pink and yellow and piped on a lei and a ring of flowers around the doll's waist and around the bottom of the skirt (the colors were in an alternating pattern).


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