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Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageButterfly Town and Butterfly Games

We made a Butterfly Town (the idea i got right here) this was a seperate tent from the party area. I put a rectangle tent(20x10) w/ white screens that tie back, w/ flower laterns (i had from my 25th bday this year) that lined the opening from each screen, set up booths w/ signs that read: "Carly's Butterfly Town", Butterfly Salon, Caterpillar Cafe, Butterfly bank, Butterfly boutique,& Butterfly bakery each booth had activities & prizes placed on each table that coordinated w/ the sign & paper BF's printed on paper(part of the games) & feather BF's to add a touch of loveliness.

I made Butterfly bucks that i printed & made on the PC w/ more clipart that the kids earned from playing on the games.  Butterfly Salon: face painting & tattoos. Butterfly Bakery & Cafe: cookie decorating w/ gel frosting & sugar all in assorted colors. Butterfly Bank: I play'd banker & they recieve BF buck$ when they turned in their game sheets from the games. Butterfly Boutique: shopping bag decorating(brown paper bags decorated w/ many stickers, stamps, glitter glue, buttons & funky scissors: from my kraft collections).

The Kids had a blast participating in these activities because wanted to earn lots of bucks to shop afterwards. The kids could buy lots of surPRIZES that we bought at Pricebusters & at We BF stamps, bubbles, stickers, pens, pencils, note books, balls & stationary, and lots of non-BF stuff like mini deodorants for the older ones, nail polish, mini water games & basket games, keychains, more tattoos, stickers, pens&pencils, lip gloss, chips, juices, candy, water guns, play dough & ooooohhhh gosh too much stuff too remember.

Butterfly Toss: recycled milk cans (powder milk for baby) w/ printed butterflies on it glue to each can & handmade bean bags.  Penny Drop: baby food jars that they dropped pennies in it. Butterfly Reading: We borrowed the "HUNGRY CATERPILLAR" & 5 other books which my gramma read to the kids & the were VERY well-behaved & they all asked questions & said their opinions about each book.

Cocoon Race: extra-large pillowcases that the kids got into and had to race & hop'd to the finish line 1st one there won.  Cocoon Scoop: cotton balls that were scoop using the powdered milk "scooper" the kids had to fill a plastic cup to the top 1st to the top won. Butterfly Hunt: we taped & hung BF's that i printed from the PC again all over the game tent & walls around the area for them to find & turn in for points(this was part of the decor too). Go Butterfly!: its like fishing, but we used Scoop nets and they got paper BF's that they earned points or points & a Candy. Butterfly Ring Dance: basic muscial chairs & mats for the babies to crawls on & around.

Butterfly Bowling:  Plastic water bottle for pins & soft balls from(25th bday again). Each kid play'd the games and was given a bag(leftover fabric from a friend sew'd w/ a drawstring) to hold their bucks & paper BF's to turn to the BF bank. It started to rain so the games were stopped and the kids patiently waited while BF town employees put up the set up each station w/ the surPRIZES mentioned above in "BF TOWN", I think this was the most FUN time & event of the party the kids were smiling from ear to ear. They enjoyed every minute of browsing, counting & paying each person for the items. They used their counting skills & bodies (to play each games)to have GREAT FUN.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageLimbo & Pineapple Bowling

One couple was assigned to be the Limbo King and Queen and their two year old girl was the Limbo Keiki "baby."  They held the limbo stick in place and lowered it as we played "Limbo Rock" and everyone tried to go under the Limbo stick.  Both adults and kids participated well with this game.  We named two winners, one over and one less than four feet tall.  The Limbo kit can be purchased, but I just used three pieces of large bamboo from a neighbor's bamboo forest.  

The next game was Pineapple Bowling.  We used .5 liter water bottles filled with just a dash of water (for stabilization).  The bottles were covered with tissue pineapples.  We used a purchased coconut for the bowling ball.  The patio had taped markings to identify where to place the pineapples and where the bowler had to stand.  Mostly the kids played this game.  The coconuts were "scored" by the grocery store, which meant after some use they started to leak coconut milk, but they lasted long enough for a winner to be declared.  Un-scored coconuts will last much longer. 

The final game was "Tidal Wave" where we took a very large blanket and placed it on the ground.  Everyone now received their previously named mini beach ball and placed it in the center of the blanket.  Then everyone grabbed part of the blanket and we called "tidal wave" we tossed the blanket until there was just one ball left and that was our winner.  Everyone was able to participate with this game, even our one guest in a wheel chair.  This game almost went to fast, but the big participation was great. 

During the dessert time, most people were seated, so we handed out pencils and paper and did our quiz on Makaio.  We had seven questions and they were all multiple choice so most kids could write A,B,C or D.  However the 2 and 3 year olds were busy swinging in the hammock and did not participate.  After a winner was found for this game, we counted who had the most pins and had a winner for our Hawaiian name game. 

Lastly everyone voted on the best dressed Hawaiian on the back of their cards.  The winner of this contest got a Boogie board.  The rest of the winners got door prizes from a basket.  These door prizes included, shell candles, shell sandals, bamboo rain sticks, a coconut bra, a tribal mask, sand toys, a Frisbee, a beach ball, a Scooby rubber ball, a baton, a parrot hand puppet, and a flamingo hand puppet.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PagePin Coconut on Palmtree

We played paste the coconut on the palm tree.  I purchased a 6' palm tree decoration and used brown construction paper to cut out coconuts and wrote each boys name (in Hawaiian) on the coconuts with white chalk, to keep track of whose landed where.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageTug of Water

Tug of Water Set up like tug of war, with a long rope.  Divide children into two groups.  On the word Go have each team try and pull the opponents into the sprinkler. (Repeat three times) 

Pop the Piranha Inflate balloons and tie them off.  Using a black felt tip permanent marker, draw fish faces on the balloons.  Toss balloons into pool, one for each child.  On the word GO have kids get into pool and grab a slippery fish.  (Idea: Write a # on each fish and put in Limbo line according to # caught.) 

Limbo Play fun music while waiting in line to bend backwards under limbo stick.  To win, the limbo master cannot touch stick or fall on floor. 

Balloon Drop Before inflating balloons, add prizes  inside each balloon.  Have children stand under balloon drop and watch as they race to catch and pop a balloon. (Idea: Put Thank You Notes inside.)

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageEasy Limbo Stick

I decorated a poster tube with tropical gift wrap (fish), attached different color hanging ribbon, and used that as our limbo stick as one of the last activities.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageIce Breaker Activity

Start off with an icebreaker activity. Sit around in a circle and introduce yourself. Also confess to the other guests your favorite joke, why you would love to go to Hawaii, and something you admire in the birthday girl. By the time the last person has confessed, the guests should be all smiles and anticipation. 

Try an easy craft to start them off. Supply fresh, silk or cloth flowers, a variety of colorful beads and charms, glitter, sequins, glue, fishing line, and pipe cleaners. Each guest can make a Hawaiian headband or necklace, it's their call. It might be a quickie activity or a prolonged one depending on how much the crafters talk and joke in-between. It really doesn't matter. They might need some help, but it's not likely they'll need supervision, which leaves guardians free to check on the food and take a break. 

Rent an instruction video on the Hula. Play it over and over so everyone gets a chance to learn some basic moves. It's really a story to be told, so each girl can sculpt their own dance. It's an enlightening activity into another culture of music, dance, rhythm, and laughter in the tropics. 

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageFunny Dress-up Relay

The first game we played was one of the funniest things I have every seen. It was called "dress up relay". We went to goodwill and found a male outfit, which included: a hat, a shirt, pants, shoes, and a tie. 

The female outfit included: a hat, dress, shoes, purse, and a necklace. We split the 4 girls from each team on different sides of the yard, and they had to put on the outfit, run to the other end of the yard, take it off and hand it to their partner, who did the same thing. The team that finished first won.  We did this twice so that both teams could experience both outfits. IT WAS HILARIOUS.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageObstacle Course

First the girl had to throw a softball into a basket about 10 feet away; then they had to throw bean bags into a tic-tac-toe set and get a tic-tac-toe. They then had to spin around a softball bat 5 times by placing their head on the end of it. They then had to search through a sandbox and find a quarter among about 5 other fake coins. You can add more to this, but the girls thought this was just as fun.

Finally, we did a scavenger hunt. Basically, the riddles were: Question- I separate you from your neighbor. Answer- fence. Simple, but we put them in difficult positions. After you found the next clue, there was a puzzle piece attached. After you found all the clues, you had to put the puzzle pieces together and tell what it was. I just drew a surfboard on there to go with the theme. The puzzle was made out of cardboard. We then had a water balloon fight.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PagePack the Suitcase Relay

I pretended that I had not packed yet packed for the trip and we went out to our side yard where there was a big pile of "stuff" to take on the trip and a hugh suitcase. 

They had to race, putting whatever the item was on and running and putting it on the suitcase.  We had recorded "Vacation" from the RugRats vacation episode and played that as the kids raced!!!  They got a flower lei when they finished.

Back to the Main Tropical Luau PageBubbles & Tiki Tatoos

Activities:  We had two bubble machines – one by the welcome table and the other by our bubble station. 

Aloha Bubble station – set up table with a mermaid bubble machine on it and also another bubble machine that puts out tons of bubbles (can buy this bubble machine at Wal-Mart for $15.00 – find by party supplies and plates).  I then had about 14 bubble wands for the kids to play with the bubbles.    

Tiki Tattoo station- table set up with removable tattoos.  Found on Oriental trading website Hawaiian themed tattoos.  This table was a big hit, as the kids loved having the tattoos put on their arms and also on their face.  The kids all looked so cute running around with their tattoos.  A dear friend was in charge of our tattoo station and did a great job with putting the tattoos on the kids.    

Limbo – we had a limbo kit so of course we played the Limbo song several times as the kids took turns with the limbo.  We had a total of 54 children so they all lined up and took turn going through.  This was so much fun for them. 

We had the bubble machine going in the background so it was neat to see the tiny bubbles as well as they did this activity.    The kid equipment and swings close by was also well received.  We had children from the ages of newborn up to age 11. 

While some jumped on the spacewalk, the other ones played on the equipment and swings, others with the hula skirts, bubbles and tattoo stations.   All age groups really enjoyed themselves!


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