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I made the invites on my computer, I took a picture of her that she took at PhotoExpessions and using my photo program added words that said "Flutter on over to... Carly's 1st birthday butterfly luau".

All the info read: that also said "the Butterfly Princess we'll be waiting for you to fly in her garden at Place:(rented hall) date: time: and rsvp to the Queen of the garden me. I got the butterfly clipart from, they have many different ones.

The invites were baby blue and dark blue to contrast her pink princess dress. Return address labels were printed out w/ her home info and more clipart I found on my PC, and so was the name of each person we invited w/ a different clipart.

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Invitation:  I used pink card stock and small print floral origami paper to create handmade Hawaiian shirt invitations.  I drew on the origami paper the collar, front shirt opening, and buttons. 

The inside of the card said, "Aloha (name of guest), You are cordially invited to Makaio's 2nd Birthday Luau at the Royal Kaika Resort.  When:  Saturday, September 20, 2003 at 3:30 pm  Where: 1234 Windsor Beach Dr on the Island of Carmichael  What to wear:  Dress in your Wildest Hawaiian Gear.  Best dressed Hawaiian wins a prize.  Leis are provided." 

Each was signed Mahalo with a tropical shell, or floral sticker.  We invited about 35 people and had around 25 come.  Guests indicated the invitation was inspirational for the Luau theme.

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For invitations, decorate red or orange pieces of paper to look like airplane tickets. Put a well-known airline logo and mascot in the corner of the "ticket". Then use stamps or stencils to make the lettering look professional, and write this down.  

"Good for one round trip to Hawaii's famous (your name) Island. Good for 8 hour stay at Birthday Express Resort at (your address). Bring towel and swimsuit. Sunscreen will be provided. Thank you for choosing (your last name) Airways. Fly us again!".

Inside the card, write down the party date and time. Send invitations out two weeks in advance.  Keep party planning stress-free by being organized.

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Use empty water bottles with cap or cork for the top. Make an invitation using your computer with all relevant information.  Such as: "Come on over to (name)'s Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party!"./Date/Time/Island Location/Dress appropriately for some Wet & Wild Fun!/etc...  Roll it up invitation and secure with a raffia bow.  Put "message" in bottle. 

Add sand in the bottom with shells and glitter. You can mail the bottles with a label on the outside.  Depending on the weight of the bottle, postage will vary.  Our invitations cost $1.26 each using standard mail.

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I made the postcard-size invitations on the computer and added clipart in each corner (of hula girls, a palm tree/sunset, a hibiscus flower and a conch shell).

I then had the invitations laminated, placed each one in a sandwich-size ziploc bag (I double-bagged for protection) and added a small amount of water colored with blue food coloring, and three or four shells. (For those invitations sent through the mail, I included only the card without the water or shells.)

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Be simple and cute with these, and don't forget to island-theme them! Print some up, buy a pack from a dollar store, hand-make them, or try the classic pillow invitation. You could also, since this is a luau, send a passport to your guests!

On a bright index card, print this phrase; "One ticket to Hawaii on (child's name) Airlines. Ticket valid Friday at -:-- to Saturday at -:--. Meet at ______. Bring a sleeping bag and pillow and some old makeup."

Tie this ticket to an inexpensive, travel-size toothbrush and mail to your guests.

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I got on Microsoft publisher and used the blank publications feature; I got a Hawaiian border off of and also a Hawaiian dancer from there too.  I then included all of the important stuff like date, place, time, rsvp, etc.

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They enjoyed surfing the web for images (pictures) and ideas that were appropriate to use in order for them to create their own "unique" invitation which included a very colorful "ALOHA" with flowers (Hybiscus). 

Within the invitation, they included the traditional, who, what, when, where, and why with a R.S.V.P. and  "No presents necessary" note at the end of the invitation. In the invitation, they also wrote that Hawaiian type colors and prints would be fun to wear.


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