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Titanic Party -16yr- Titanic Photo Backdrop



March 2007


Nese in Opelika,Alabama USA


Titanic Party

I am throwing a Titanic party for a friends daughter (who will be 16) and I wanted to share so far what we have planned: First we are decorating by making port holes, white twinkle lights, tulle and ribbon bows, hanging stars and star garland on the gift table, dress up occasion, round tablesand formal dinnerware. Centerpieces are going to be either a mirror with glass bowls and floating candles or just flowers, cameras on every table. 

We are trying to find mini Titanic ships to sit on the tables, my husband is making a backdrop of a ocean (romantic) scene with a bow of a ship  in front of it (out of wood), so they can take pictures in front of it. I made Titanic (ship) picture frames for them to take their Polaroid pictures home, We will have a red carpet and each guest will be announced when they walk in, Waiter (adult friends) will be serving food and hor de hourves throughout the party, different cheese, crackers, salmon spread, fruit, veggies and dip, buffalo wings, etc..

Dinner: we decided on roasted chicken, rice, salad, etc. They are under age so we will be serving grape juice in wine glasses and cider in champagne glasses, each girl will get a jewel necklace (lake) and they boys probably a money clip or something like that (undecided), Activities: We are going to have a DJ so there will a costume contest, line dancing, ballroom dancing, limbo, conga line, etc..

There will also be a balloon drop with pieces of paper in them, describing what they have won and where to claim their prize, we will be giving a way raffle tickets and drawing them for prizes and maybe having an auction for prizes using their raffle tickets.  I am trying to find directions to make a ship cake, so that would be for the cake and we also will be having chocolate covered cherries and strawberries. Of course we will be playing the Titanic sound track. Well I think that's about all so far. I hope this helps someone else.  Stacey

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