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Arctic Explorers Party (6-10yr) Ice Fishing



August 2007


Angela in Lascassas TN USA

Honorable Mention

Winter Party

Since my daughter has a friends that are both male and female, she wanted a party that all of her friends would enjoy and not find too boyish or girlish.  Her birthday is in January and so we decided on an ARCTIC EXPLORERS party. 

The invitations resembled an formal invitation for all scientific explorers interested in discovering the Arctic Region to attend.  We used an Old World map design with a compass stamp. 

On the day of the party, we decorated our foyer with bare branches full of paper snowflakes.  The paper snowflakes were continued throughout the party areas.  In our living room, which happened to be painted an icy blue color with light carpeting, we covered EVERYTHING not related to the party with white sheets and white tablecloths.  This helped give the illusion of snowy areas.  We pulled out all of the stuffed animals relating to the Arctic Region and placed them around the living room.  I made several signs throughout using black foam core board and writing with white chalk.  Signs like, NORTH POLE  Elevation 3 ft. , Explorers Quarters (and an arrow pointing), Explorers Mess Hall (which was the kitchen). 

For games, we played ICE FISHING.  Place a mirror on the floor, covering the edges with pillow stuffing to resemble snow.  On the mirror, place prepared slips of fish shaped paper with questions about the Arctic and place a paper clip to the slip of paper.  Questions are placed face down on the mirror.  The explorers were given a fishing pole (simple dowel or branch with string and small magnet).  Once the fish was caught, the explorer would answer their question for a small prize (small token from a dollar store.) 

We also made a craft during the party.  These were called Treasures in the Snow".  I purchased small (about 6") rectangular clear acrylic boxes for each child.  The explorers filled their box about 1/2 full with dried white beans (white pellets used in pillows would work really well but I was unable to find them).  The explorers then chose 6 tiny items to place in their boxes.  The items can be anything small such as a paper clip a rubber band a small plastic animal a medium size bead or charm etc.  Once the items were placed in the box they were filled as full as possible with more beans.  We secured our lids with tape.  Tags were made listing the items hidden in the "snow" and the challenge is to turn the box around until all the items have been spied.  (Sort of like I SPY in a container!) 

Next presents were opened and food was served.  The menu was written on black foam core board as "EXPLORERS' MESS HALL" and the list of food being served Snow on Branches (pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate) Snowball Cake (cupcakes on a cake tray and ALL of them iced together in a mound with white icing) Snow (popcorn) and to drink Melted Icicles (ice water or blue-colored drink) Liquid Snow (milk) and hot chocolate. 

To burn off some of the party excitement before going home the kids had a snowball fight using crumpled up white paper (each team starts with equal amounts) and hiding behind white exhibit boards (like the ones used for science fairs) that resembled ice blocks and placed on opposite ends of the living room.  The game went on until time is called and the team with the least amount of snowballs WINS! 

All explorers went home with their craft project and Snowman Soup (a baggie with a packet of hot chocolate mix mini marshmallows and a peppermint stick). 

This was one of the BEST boy/girl themed parties my kids have had.  "

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