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Winter Snow Party -10yr- Snowman Cake



March 2004


Frances in Gainesville, Florida

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Winter Party

This January, my 10-year-old son had an evening winter snow party.

The party invitations were printed on the computer. Penguins decorated the card which said "Come to really cool party."

This is not a party which would be exciting in cold climates where snow is all too plentiful. However, living in Florida, snow is difficult to come by in January.

One of the "games" was to play in the "snow". Our snow was really a pile of ice shavings obtained from the local icehouse for free at the end of the day. (the party started at 4:30 on a Friday evening so the ice would be available for the party) My son and husband filled the back of the pickup truck with ice shavings and then dumped this in the front yard to make a huge mound of "snow".  The snow provided entertainment while the guests arrived - snowballs to throw in the street, (they were not allowed to throw at each other since this snow is not powdery and could hurt), snow to stomp in, etc. The kids loved it.

Next we had a "snowball fight". In this case, the snowballs were white plastic baseball from the dollar store (5 for $1). The guests were divided into 2 groups with 25 snowballs each. ( We had girls against the boys) The groups stood about 15 feet apart. The goal was to get as many snowballs into the round white laundry basket in front of the opposite team in 2 minutes. Both teams played at the same time and could use the balls from the other team that missed their laundry basket.

The next game was a pop-the-balloon game. We painted a winter snow scene on a cardboard appliance box cut open but left slightly bent so that it could stand on its own. We blew up white balloons in which a number from 1-12 had been inserted. (One balloon for each guest) and tied the balloons. We then attach the balloons to the cardboard winter scene by punching a hole with a pencil for each balloon and popping the knot through the hole. The balloons were place in such a way that they looked like snow men. We then drew on eyes, noses, buttons, etc. using permanent markers. Each child had a turn trying to throw a dart at the winter scene and pop a balloon. Once they popped a balloon, they collected the number from inside the balloon which matched one of the prizes that we had numbered before the party. (If monitoring dart throwers sounds too risky for you, an alternative is to blind fold a child and give them a bent paperclip or safety pin to pop a balloon.)

Next, we moved inside for dinner. The house was decorated with white balloons, white table cloth, and the plates and cups were reduced price Christmas paper goods - blue with snowmen decorations. For dinner, we had a large fruit and veggie tray made up and had pizza delivered.

Next we had cake and ice cream. The cake was a snowman (flat) with chocolate chunks for the "coal" eyes, mouth and buttons and a baby carrot for a nose. Thin curly candles from the grocery store looked like a scarf around his neck. I bought poppers for everyone to pop after "Happy Birthday" was sung. (Dollar Store left over Christmas goodies) What a mess! But the kids loved them. After cake, we opened gifts.

Then the kids were given glow sticks and they ran around outside and played hide and seek until their parents came. They went home with their glow stick, their prize from the balloon game and a tiny magnetic flashing light that could be attached to clothing, earlobes, whatever. 9Oriental Trading Company) The goody bags were plain brown sandwich bags decorated by my 4 and 6 year old children. They used round pieces of sponge dipped in white paint to make snowmen on the bags.

This was a high energy party, but perfect for 10 year olds.

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