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Cinderella 4yr - Strawberry Cream Stars



May 2001


Crystal in Sullivan, MO Untied States

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Cinderella Party

For Daughter's 4th birthday we had a Cinderella princess party.

I printed invitations using Cinderella clipart from the Disney site. It was a tri-fold invitation with a picture of Cinderella scrubbing the floor and dreaming with the words Dreaming of going to the ball?  then on the middle fold was the fairy god mother saying Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo and when you opened it there was Cinderella and prince charming announcing that all the princess in the land were invited to Cinderella's castle for a Birthday Ball.  I used glitter and edged the dream bubble, fairy god mother's wand and Cinderella's dress. The girls loved the glitter. 

We held the party out in the yard. We draped everything in pink, white and blue streamers. Each table was covered with a Cinderella table cloth with glittery confetti and rose petals from our yard scattered all over. We also made balloon bouquets with pink, blue, purple and white metallic balloons on bamboo sticks with blue and pink metallic curling ribbon hanging down. These were then put into glass vases and set on the tables.

The first things the girls seen as they arrived was a giant castle made from appliance boxes and painted in shades of purple and pink bricks. It was complete with drawbridge opening and towers. The towers had doors and windows cut in them that they could walk into and step up on a step and look out. Some of the windows had shutters that the girls enjoyed opening and closing.  A path was made leading up to the castle opening with an old red velvet curtain that I cut. All around the castle was tissue paper flowers and butterflies attached to bamboo sticks and stuck in the ground.

They entered the party area through the castle and was then greeted by prince charming whose was my teen brother in law dressed up and wearing a crown and Cinderella's fair god mother; myself. The fairy god mother granted each girl a gown for the ball. These were skirts that I had made from gathering tulle and sewing on some ribbon. The party hats were painted and sprinkled with glitter and more tulle attached.  The birthday girl was of course dressed like Cinderella. 

The girls then made necklace and bracelets using sparkly pipe cleaners and beads. They were awarded rings for various prizes such as the prettiest necklace, the quickest one done, most unusual design; everyone won a category.  Then once  each girl was all dressed up she stood in front of the castle and had her picture taken. I rushed the film off to the one hour photo.  We have a trampoline enclosure so we decorated it with streamers and filled it with balloons and the girls jumped among the balloons.

Then they sat down to a royal feast of strawberry cream cheese star and heart shaped finger sandwiches, fruit salad and punch served in Cinderella plastic cups with each girl's name printed on them with a glitter marker that they got to keep.

Then the cake was served. It was cherry and so when it was cut it was a pretty pink and white. 

Then we had the girls decorate magnetic pictures frames. Before the party I took picture frame mats and glued on the cardboard that comes with them to the back so that the photos would slide in from one end. Then I cut pieces of self sticking magnet strip and put on the back. I put each girl's name on with glitter pen. At the party they decorated them with stickers of roses, hearts and Cinderella. We then inserted the picture that we took of them in front of the castle.

As the parents picked them up they were given a goody bag filled with small bottles of bubbles, princess suckers and an assortment of candy, a balloon stick from the balloon bouquets, a giant tissue paper flower from in front of the castle and a cookie wand. The cookie wands were star shaped cookies baked on sticks.

Then the cookie was dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with edible glitter and with their names printed on them. The sticks were wrapped with pink ribbon and then adorned with more curling ribbon hanging down.  They also took home their skirts, cups and picture frames. 

We then sent out thank you notes that had Cinderella and the mice printed on the front and my daughter signed her own name and we  closed them with a rose hair band. We glued ribbon rose to a small felt pony tail holder that we slipped through two punched holes and looped around the rose.

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