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Cinderella Party 4yr - Chair like a Throne



September 2001


Darcel in Prescott, AZ USA

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Cinderella Party

For my daughter's 4th birthday party she wanted a Cinderella party. Since it was her 1st party we went all out.

I purchased printer paper with the scroll on the front. It read, "Here Ye! Here Ye! Her Majesty Princess (daughter's name)from the house of (parents last name) requests your presence at the celebration of the 4th year of her birth. Join her for some magical times and treats fit for a Queen! Then I had the time, date, place etc w/ map to location. Rolled it up like a scroll and put a ribbon around it. I hand delivered most but the ones I didn't fit in a business envelope. 

We bought nice Cinderella tableware and blew up tons of matching helium balloons, streamers on the tables and ceilings and placed small pumpkins all around, (my daughter's birthday is in November). We decorated the birthday girl's chair like a thrown at the head of the table with balloons etc.

I sewed matching favor bags -baby blue fabric with silver - two seams up the sides filled with fairy dust (fairy godmother)necklaces - stars with gold sand (oriental trading company, a ring pop and Cinderella blower. Tied it with a silvery ribbon and topped it with a silver helium Mylar star balloon.  I bought plastic wedding favor slippers and took seran wrap, filled small bags with jelly bellies. Put them in the slippers and tied them down with curly ribbon.

Then we decorated one up with fancy scribble paint. My husband opened the neck of orange balloons wide and I dropped the slippers in. Blew them up and tied them off with green curly ribbon. When turned upside down they looked like pumpkins.

We had all kinds of plastic hammers from my sons tools. We let the kids pop the balloons with hammers and sitting on them etc. Whoever got the one that was all decorated won a prize. I had bought the 3 mice beanies (from the Cinderella movies - Disney's) from the Disney store as prizes.

One of the other mice I used for a pull string Cinderella pinata. I put one glass slipper in it and whoever got it won a beanie. As the guests arrived, tables were ready with crowns (from oriental trading company) ready to decorate with jewels and glitter paint. Gave the kids something to do while other children were arriving. We always have early birds and some guest who are a little late. The one that had a Cinderella sticker on the inside of the crown won a beanie. 

The cake was a Barbie cake but I used a Cinderella doll and had her skirt in Cinderella colors. Also dressed my girl in Cinderella overalls (dressy black velvet ones). I was going to dress her in a Cinderella costume but we rented a jumpy castle and the facilities we rented were right next to a park so I wanted her to be able to play. 

We had Pizza and Chicken Strips and a 7 layers salad, chips, juice boxes and soda. My daughter loves jelly beans so lots of bowls of Jelly bellies set about.  

Everyone ranted and raved about the party. We all had a great time.  Just the look on my girl's face when she saw the room all decorated was worth everything.

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