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Cinderella Party 5yr - Cinderella Craft Packs



May 2004


fleur in Jhb, South Africa

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Cinderella Party

For my daughter Victoria (aged 5) I organized a Cinderella party, which was her choice.  We invited 8 little girls (between 4 - 6) and 4 older girls (9 10).  We invited the older girls to come as fairy godmothers, and the younger ones to come as Cinderellas and we made their scroll invitations slightly different for godmother or Cinderella categories. 

The invitations for the cinderellas went like this:  By order of the King and Queen: Princess (name of Cinderella)  is cordially invited to the (your surname) Castle for a Royal Ball.  The royal celebration will begin at 2:00 in the afternoon on the 3 April 2004. Please have your carriage sent for by 4:30 in the afternoon when the celebration ends, lest you turn back into rags and your Queen mother's carriage turns into a pumpkin.  Please RSVP to the (your surname) Queen Mother at (phone no) if you plan to attend this royal gala…The castle needs to plan for your arrival.  Please come dressed in rags, but bring along a pretty skirt or dress whereupon you will be transformed  into a princess befitting of this royal event.

For Godmothers the invitation read the same with the exception of  the following note as follows: Note To Fairy Godmothers:  Fairy Godmother (name of child) will be in charge of two Cinderellas, Cinderella (name of child) and Cinderella (name of child) and is kindly requested to assist them with crafts,make up, hair,  nails and games.  The older girls (godmothers) loved their role, they all came dressed up beautifully and all the cinderellas looked their part in rags. 

I started with a Cinderella colouring in activity until everyone got there. The godmothers had to help their cinderellas find the craft packs while they were dusting the house (crowns, with stickers, glitter glue, crayons) and they all decorated their crowns, then the godmothers had to get them ready for the ball and paint their nails, do make up hair and help them get dressed.  The older girls loved this and the cinderellas loved being fussed over. 

Once they had their make up and crowns on, they all changed into their Cinderella dresses, they then had photos taken in the garden, and then they danced at the ball, with prizes for each dancer.  They then got escorted to the royal dining room, where I had decorated three tables with four chairs each with tablecloths, bows, princess plates, real champagne glasses, hearts and confetti, princesss plates and straws.  Plus lots of  helium balloons, streamers etc. in pink, white and silver.

For food I made marshmallow and jelly candies on a stick, strawberries, meringue nests with strawberries and cream, princess champagne (red soda), bite sized sandwiches and pink waffles and a gorgeous cake with a prince (Barbie size) and horse pulling a coach of pink and white cupcakes. 

There was a tiny Barbie sized pair of slippers on each cupcake .My husband dressed up in a wonderful king outfit that we hired and sat in his throne (high backed chair) and each girl was announced (Your majesty, may I present Princess…), she had to curtsey before the king and then he asked her which part of the kingdom she was from, then directed her to her seat. 

After they had eaten, I divided them into teams again and they played match the slipper they had to find the matching glass slipper hidden in the garden, (not difficult to find different types at any toy store) find the treasure (gold coin hidden in a big pot of uncooked macaroni), pin the heart on the princess, and a tea tray race. 

A small prize was given after each game.  I then sat down to a well deserved cup of coffee, while I put on Cinderella 2 video for them to finish off with.  They each received a princess favor bag, with candy, pencils, stickers and a princess comic magazine. The whole party took up about 3 hours, we enjoyed it as much as they did and they're talking about it still.

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