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Cinderella Princess 4yr - Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo



September 2004


Janelle in roseville, ca usa

Honorable Mention

Cinderella Party

Cinderella Princess Party (4yr old) My daughter wears here cinderella dress up just about every day so this was the perfect theme for her. 

The invitations were handmade.  I found glitter paper at the scrapbook store.  I printed the invitation on light blue mulberry paper and attached it to the blue glitter paper with a ribbon at the top. The invitation read: Hear ye, hear ye! Princess Ashlynnn of the House of McLeod requests the honor of Princess (name) of the House of (last name) presence at the Royal Celebration of her Royal Highness' fourth birthday.  Date, time, Place: Princess Ashlynn's castle.  RSVP to the queen.  Bibbity, bobbity, boo join us for a royal banquet, cake and princess games, too.  Please come dressed as your favorite princess. We put these in a clear vellum envelope and hand delivered them in princess attire. 

Our home was decorated in blue and white for cinderella.  Cinderella music played in the background. I went to a fabric store and purchased blue satin like fabric to make into drapes and table it for a steal...3 dollars.  I draped white toole around the drapes and bunched it in the center of the table. 

The princess cinderella doll cake was the center piece.  I used inexpensive clear glass dishes with white cups, napkins and forks.  I purchased small glass slippers (craft store in the wedding aisle or on ebay) filled them with princess fruit snacks and wrapped them in blue toole and white ribbon.  These were at each place setting. 

At each place setting was also a crown from Burger King that I spray painted silver.  On each plate was a star cookie wand frosted blue and decorated with edible glitter.  The entry way table had toole, the cinderella book, pumpkin and miniture cinderella.  Another table had more fabric and a large pumpkin as the centerpiece.  I covered my coffee table with a blue table cloth and put cinderella coloring pictures.  the pumpkin centerpiece was filled with crayons.  When the girls first arrived they colored the pictures while we waited for everyone. I told them the pictures were for a game so they were excited. 

Next I had another table set up for our craft.  I made princess hats from white foam, toole came out of the top and glued sequin embelishment around the bottom...They were adorable just like that but the girls decorated them with jewels and miniture pom poms.  They loved this activity. 

Next we left them to dry and had shaped sandwichs, cheese, and fresh fruit.  Lemonade to drink. Then the girls played pin the star on the Fairy Godmother.  I downloaded a picture, blew it up with an overhead (only took 15 mins to trace...I'm  sure your child's teacher would let you do it on her's) and colored it.  Then I made a star with each Princess child's name... Each child got a rhinestone star wand.  The winner got a fancier wand (the wands were less than a dollar at the discount party store) 

The last game we played was similar to a cake walk but we played it with the cinderella pictures colored earlier.  I would stop the music and call out if you are on the prince charming you win, etc.  Each child won a necklace (25 cents and the party store) 

Then we had cake a gifts.  I like to give one nice favor that the kids will actually use.  The girls received princess umbrellas from the disney store (on sale for $4 regularly $11) All of the girls and parents loved them. 

I made the invitations with cinderella paper stickers and ribon from the scrapbook store both cards are posted on  Of course we sent lots of pictures from the party with each thank you.

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