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Cinderella Party 4yr - Kiss the Frog



August 2004


Kimberly in Chino, Ca USA

Honorable Mention

Cinderella Party

Cinderella Party 4 yr old.  My Daughter loves Cinderella, so when she asked for a Cinderelly party I wanted it to be special. 

Invitations - I found some princess paper at the local party store it was pink & purple with a tierra on the top.  I personalized each invitation to read "Princess (guests name) is cordially invited to attend a royal ball at Castle (our name) on August 19, 2004 in honor of Princess Katelynn's 4th Birthday.  Please arrive promptly at 2 o'clock pm. Dressed as your favorite princess/prince or in your most royal attire.  Your carriage may return for your departure when the clock strikes 6 o'clock.  Reservations may be acquired by notifying the Queen at (our phone #).  Sincerely King and Queen (our last name.)"  We then rolled up the invitations like scrolls, tied them with a ribbon, and placed a sticker on them with the girls intials (like a royal seal).  We hand delivered all the invitations. 

Decorations - I covered the gate to our backyard with cardboard that I cut to look like a castle, (we just stapled it right to the wood) I painted it purple and sprayed it with glitter to make it shine.  I bought a roll of red table cloth approx 50 ft. and secured it to the ground from the driveway all the way up the side of the house through the castle enterance. 

As the princesses arrived they walked down the "red carpet" to the gate.  My son annouced their royal arrival.  As they entered the ball, they were greeted with hundreds of bubbles from our bubble machine.  In the backyard the tables where covered with pink & purple table cloths and balloons. 

I painted all the characters from the movie on pieces of cardboard, (using my projector to outline images from one of my daughter's Cinderella coloring books.) My husband secured the paintings to sticks so they appeared to be standing around the yard. The girls loved Gus and Jack, all the birds, and even Lucifer the cat.   

Games - In the corner of the yard I painted the Fairy Godmother, she was in our pumkin patch. (orange ballons with green pipe cleaners wrapped around the top)  The girls each picked a balloon, and then had a contest to see who could pop their balloon the fastest, in each balloon was a ring for the girls to keep. (our first game)

Our second game was "kiss the frog to make him a prince"  I painted a huge frog, with a crown on his head, all puckered up waiting for his magical kiss.  Then each girl put lipstick on and was blidfolded, they each had to kiss the frog.  Who ever kissed him the closest won, (a interactive pin the tail on th donkey)  All the girls won necklaces, and the winner won a septor. 

Then the guest of honor arrived, I hired a Cinderella to come to the party.  She played more games with the princesses, and they all made necklaces, anklets, and braclets with an array of beads.  She took pictures with each princess (great for thank you cards).  The girls all loved it.  She put music on and everyone waltzed, she even did a King and Princess dance, between my husband and my daughter.  It was very touching and special.  We served finger foods, little sandwiches, vegi's, fruit, etc. 

The cake was a white square cake decorated with blue flowers and a Cinderella toy set.  The carriage, Cinderella and her prince.  I bought plastic champagne glasses with the girls names on them, and sparkling cider to toast the birthday girl. We played musical slipper to decide what gift my daughter would open, so the girls would stay interested.

The goodie bags, had princess fruit snacks, lip gloss, a princess paddle ball and some candy.  All the princesses had a great time.

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