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Cinderella Party 5yr - Cinderella Relay Race



August 2003


Jennifer in Radford, VA  US

Honorable Mention

Cinderella Party

For my daughter's 5th birthday, she wanted a Cinderella party.  So we bought her a blue  church dress and long white gloves and invited 8 friends, asking them to each wear party  dresses. 

We decorated our church's basement with streamers and balloons and had the table  set with Cinderella plates and cups.   As the girls arrived, they decorated a large banner (from a roll of white paper I bought at  Target) that said "Happy Birthday, Lauren!"  I had crayons and Cinderella stickers for them to  use.  This gave them something to do as soon as they arrived.   

Then they moved on to decorating their own crowns.  They glued jewels onto gold paper  crowns and used glitter glue to make pretty designs.  These were almost dry by the end of the  party, and each girl took her crown home.    Next, each girl made her way to the Fruit Loop necklace table.  They put Fruit Loops on string  to make their own munchable necklaces, which they nibbled on throughout the rest of the  party.   

After the crafts were finished, the games began! 

We had a fun Cinderella relay race.  The girls  made two teams and each girl had a different relay task.  The first girl in each line ran to a  feather duster and dusted 10 times with it before running back to tag the second girl.  The  next girl put on an apron and stirred a pretend pot 10 times.  The third girl ran down to twirl  around, pretending to dance with the prince.  And the final girl ran down to slip on the "glass  slippers" -- really just some pretty dress-up shoes.  The girls had a wonderful time with this!   And we did it several times, letting each girl do different relay tasks each time.  The final time,  we just let them have a mad dash to grab whatever they wanted all at the same time.   

Next, all the girls sat in a circle and we played a Cinderalla variation of hot potato.  I played a  music box as the girls passed the glass slipper (again, just a silver dress-up shoe).  Whoever  was holding the slipper when the music stopped reached into a big bag and pulled out some  dress-up item to put on. 

In the bag were dress-up hats, necklaces, a feather boa, etc.  This  was fun, and we did this until each girl had something on (with a little cheat cough from my  husband to let me know when to stop the music).  We took the girls' picture with all of them  dressed up. 

Then my daughter opened her gifts.   

And finally came the cake.  I made a castle cake by stacking two 8 inch square cakes and icing  them with white icing.  Then I piped the corners and the top ledge with pink icing.  I iced a  sugar cone (ice cream cone) and sprinkled it with blue edible glitter and put it upside-down on  top in the middle, then I added a little paper triangle flag attached to a toothpick on top of the  cone.  The turrets around the top were made from gumdrops.  We served pink punch made of  Sprite and raspberry sherbet.   

In the goody bags that each girl took home, we included Cinderella stickers, a toy ring, a ring  pop sucker, and a bracelet my daughters and I had made.  Of course, each girl  also took home  her crown and any leftover Fruit Loop necklace she had.     We had fun!

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