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102 Dalmations -6yr- 102 Puppy Signs In Front Yard



Jan 2003


Dawn in Parkersburg, WV  - USA


Dalmatian Party

102 Dalmatians:  For my daughters 6th birthday we did the dalmatian theme.

For invitaitons, we made a dog house and when the door opened there was a puppy with all of the information for the party, we colored each dog house so the invitations were all different and unique. 

I ran off, enlarged and laminated 102 dalmatians.  I then glued giant craft sticks on the back and had them all over the yard. On each craft stick we had put numbers and I had my daughter pick out 3 different numbers between 1 and 102.  The children at the end of the party were to run and pick out a puppy to take home and the ones that were the closest to what she picked won prizes. 

I had puppy dog footprints all the way up the sidewalk and into the house. The prints also lead to all of the rooms the children were allowed into.  Outside the bathroom I had a fire hydrant to indicate where the restroom was. 

We played pin the nose on oddball (the 102nd dalmatian)I previously cut out pink noses with each childs name on it and that way we weren't guessing who's nose was who's. 

We dropped dog bones in a jar. 

Along with a puppy cake, & ice cream, we had "dog chow", which is chex mix mixed with chocolate and powdered sugar. 

I had the cardboard cut out from the movie and had each child sit in front of it with my daughter.  I took there picture, got double prints and then used the extra one for thank you cards. 

I just divided the picture on the back, addressed and mailed.  The children had a wonderful time!

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