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Fear Factor Party -9yr- Minnow Munch



November 2006


lavonda in granbury,texas

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Fear Factor Party

fear factor birthday for 9yr boy  We did a Fear Factor Party for my son who was turning 9 years old.  He invited 6 friends and then he and our other son.  We had 6 things planned to do.  We used some of the ideas we had found on this web page and we also tweaked a few of the ideas and made them our own. 

For a party favor we had Fear Factor Tshirts made and everyone LOVED them!! They all wore them to school the next day.  We live in the country so we went to Lowe's and purchased the flags that they use to show where electrical,water etc...lines are underground.  We stuck them in our pasture in 8 lines with 6 flags in each line.  The kids sat on a boogie board that was tied to our 4 wheeler, they had to wear a helmet.  My husband then pulled them by the flags and they had to grab as many as they could.  The person with the most go to take one item off the last Shooter event. 

The second challenge we did was the Minnow Munch!   We had dead and live minnows in a huge decorative glass bowl.  We had fancy saucers that we placed a sardine with the bone and skin on.  We had the chum bucket ready  they started to eat ...One child immediately had to use the bucket it was priceless to see the others who were waiting for their turn their face expressions.  Several had no trouble eating but they had to show a clean tongue and it took longer to swallow.  My oldest son who eats sardines(boneless/skinless) every week was the best - it was mind over matter for him he really thought they were the dead minnows we had gotten at the bait shop the day before and he was on all fours sick under the table...the poor kids up top trying to eat their sardines were gagging and listening to all his sounds from under the table .  The adults could not stop belly rolling with laughter.

We then did "OH BABY!!"  we took a diaper I painted with yellow water colors in the tt area and then we did like one of the ideas suggested we put in a small tootsie roll and one piece of bubble gum then topped with Jello pudding that is pre made.  They had to use their mouth to find the bubble gum chew til they could make a bubble and show it to a judge.  The winner got a big box of bubble know how on fear factor they will give a credit card as extra bonus that is what the big box of bubble gum was.

Then we had the Eat's a Dog World  we had dog bowls full of dog food( mashed up vienna sasuage, corned beef hash, rice uncooked, and brown gravy poured over the top.  They had to grab a mouth full and spit it into a cup we timed them they had 1 1/2 minutes we had our food scale out on the table and we weighed each cup the one with the most got to take one item off the last event.  Then we took a kennel fence and covered half with black trash bags. 

They had to play as a team on this event 2 players one got locked up in the black area to a chair chained on the wrists, anckles, and waist.  The teammate who was not chained had to stick their hand in a big bucket of earthworms and grasshoppers we had three sets of keys inside they had to unlock a big lock on the door of the kennel then go under the black plastic and go thru a key chain of keys to find the one to unlock each lock on their partner.  They did not know that the keys on the key chain were all the same key and not one child figured that out they searched for keys for each lock everytime.This event took a long time and some got bored after the first two teams some teams took over 5 minutes.  The only reward was having the best time for this event. 

Our last event was the Your Shot event where we put balloons on a foam board and numbered them 1 thru 6.  They got to use a blow dart gun and shoot at a balloon the one they hit was the number of items they had to put in a shot glass and shoot it down. I had a tray with shot glasses one for each child.  I had mayonaise,mustard,ketchup,chopped garlic,lemon juice,apple cider vinegar, and bolthouse green goodness drink that looks real nasty.  Remember back if they had completed some of the other events 1st they got to take 1 item off the number they shot on the balloon. We had one kid who shot a 1 and had won the take one item off so he had 0 to shoot he was happy. 

Thanks to everyone for postin all the things you did….I read and read and read and without your ideas we would not have been such a great success.  Everyone is still talking about it.

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