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Fear Factor -6yr- Worms In Slug Snot



January 2007


Wendy in Victoria BC Canada

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Fear Factor Party

Fear Factor 6th Birthday Party  This year for my son's 6th birthday, he wanted a Fear Factor party!

Invitations: I used the Fear Factor logo (which I got from an ebay auction; just savedthe picture from the aution) & printed out invites on a card making program, adding in bugs & cockroaches. I put on the front Is Fear a Factor for You?" using a Halloween font. Inside I asked parents to send a change of clothes for the kids and let them know that there were going to be gross fun and safe challenges for the kids!

Decorations: I bought black yellow & green (green is his favorite color) balloons & streamers as well as yellow plates cups & napkins. I also got a yellow plastic tablecloth. Using my computer I printed Fear Factor stickers. I put these on all of the cups plates and table cloth.

I put them on plain paper lunch bags as well for favor bags. I printed extra stickers to put in the bags as well for favors. I also printed Fear Factor t-shirts for each of his friends using transfer paper for the printer. On each shirt I put "I survived __________'s 6th  Fear Factor Birthday Party! For my son I made one that said 'Fear Factor Champion!'  I also enlisted the help of a 13 year old friend who got a shirt that said "Fear FActor is fear a factor for you?'

Favor bags: shirt a ziploc of slime (made from borax & white glue) each bag had an instruction card & recipe for making more slime at home! There were eyeball bouncy balls plastic bugs gummy worms and I made chocolate rat suckers using a chocolate mold from ebay!

Cake: I made a slab cake put gummy worms in the middle iced it in chocolate icing then made a thin green icing to pour over top of the cake so it looked like it was oozing down the sides. Then I had made a Fear Factor logo out of candy coating wafers (from craft supply stores) which I put on top of the cake. I added plastic bugs & cockroaches some that I pushed halfway into the cake so it looked like they were crawling in & out of the cake! It looked fantastic and the boys loved it!

Challenges: Worms in slug snot: They had to eat gummy worms (which I had pulled out of a sand pail full of chocolate cookie crumbs) from pistachio green pudding with their faces only! They were timed on who finished first etc.

Spaghetti & bugs: I cooked up 4lbs of spaghetti put it in a big pot with food coloring  ketchup and olives. I added plastic bugs and the boys had to pull out as many plastic bugs as they could in 2 minutes! (make sure you add extra water to the pot to make it slimier!) This was great as we counted down once the timer reached 10 seconds and it added to the frenzy! We were also chanting 'dig!dig!dig!"  Are you afraid of the dark?

I made a long tunnel in my sons room using extra chairs. I strung a string across all of the chairs then draped blankets over top creating a tunnel underneath. I used clothes pegs to peg Fear Factor flags to the sting (which I made using transfer paper & ironed them onto light denim then cut them out.) then put a bunch of plastc bugs and stuffed animal in the way so they'd have 'obstacles'. I also put a flashlight halfway through so it was dimly lit. I turned out the lights in his room and they had to crawl through and we awarded them points for who could get all 10 flags and who could go through the fastest. This was pretty cool! They wanted to keep going through the tunnel after!

Final challenge: They had to transfer 6 dog biscuits from a table to a pail using their mouths then they ran to a bucket of gross water (I put in old leaves tissue paper & lettuce scraps) where they had to reach in & find the right container which held a key.  (I used plastic easter eggs) Once they got the key they had to run into another room & unlock my husband who was tied up!

After presents & cake we made a huge pail of slime to show them how cool it is this was also a hit! I had about 15 cups of green slime in my kitchen! (just go to & FAQ"S for 20 Mule Team Borax. There's a recipe there.)  "

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