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Fear Factor Party -7yr- Pig Snot



April 2007


Shameka in Crosby, Texas USA

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Fear Factor Party

For my son's 7th birthday we wanted to have a huge FEAR FACTOR PARTY. He was ADDICTED to Fear Factor on TV so I knew this would be the perfect party.

For the invitations I used black & yellow construction paper - I went online and found the fear factor font. On the front of the invite it said IS FEAR A FACTOR FOR YOU? I found small bug stickers at our local dollar store and placed them all over each invite. On the back was yellow construction paper with all of the details and instructions for kids to wear play clothes". We have a really large family and close knit neighborhood so we invited about 60 kids! We definitely had our work cut out for us! But we were excited.  

We had the party at my parent's house - they have a HUGE YARD and that was just what we needed. I found the birthday boy a fear factor t-shirt on eBay. All of the staff's (family members) shirts were found on eBay and other online stores.   When guest arrived there was a registration table at the edge of the driveway decorated in black and yellow as they entered. The parent and child were given REGISTRATION PACKETS along with Parent Consent Forms. The packets asked the children questions like: HAVE YOU EVER EATEN A LIVE BUG? ANY ALLERGIES? DO YOU EAT MUD? The parents were given a consent form to sign - this really intrigued the kids - they began to wonder just what we had in store for them. Each child was also given a pre-printed name tag with the fear factor logo and their name to wear just in case there was someone that didn't know each other.  

While my "staff" (family members in Fear Factor T-shirts) prepared the challenges the children were allowed to jump in the moonwalk or admire the d├ęcor. The tables were wrapped with black table cloths - we used red and yellow caution tape to wrap the tables. I also printed the fear factor logo on small labels and stuck them everywhere on tables jars fear factor flags etc. On each table I filled a specimen jar with water and placed GROSS things in them. I went to the local Fiesta Grocery store and bought small octopuses and other things like cow tongue liver etc - we put green food coloring in the water and it really made them look eerie - the kids were really into it. I had hundreds of red black and yellow balloons everywhere. I bought huge fury spiders and rats and roaches and placed them everywhere. I made a sign that said Happy Birthday Dylan and hung it over the gift table. I bought a Halloween scary music cd and played it during each challenge. Once it was time to begin - I asked each kid to go to a table and stand at their place setting. They were really getting antsy.

At each station I placed a laminated sign with the challenge title on it.  Fly Dessert I walked in the house and came out with a tray covered so no one could see. I also invited any parents that wished to join to do so. I had a couple but most stood around with cameras waiting to see how the kids would react. I asked them to be very quiet and I began to tell them that I had flown to Mexico and walked 10 miles to the village to meet a man & he sold me 1000 Spanish flies - I told them that I removed the wings and dipped the body in chocolate and it was their challenge to eat them. (Actually I bought a box of raisins and dipped them in chocolate.) I put approx 5 "flies" in a mini cupcake liner (Wal-Mart on clearance 50 for 50cents) the look on their faces was priceless!

Once everyone had been given their flies I told them the first to finish and swallow it all was the winner they had to stick their tongue out and show that it was clean just like they do on the show- it was hilarious - some refused some gagged some chewed them so fast they didn't know if they were real flies or not! The winner was given a wooden motion snake (10 for $10 at Wal-Mart). All others were allowed to dig in the "disgusting bag" for one treat - I went to our local dollar store and they had gummy eyeballs spiders and roaches etc.)  

Steel Toes The next challenge we asked the children to remove their shoes and socks. My neighbor had two #5 steel tubs. I filled each tub with water and placed plastic rats roaches snakes and worms in the water - in each tub I put approx 50 clear marbles (clear is harder to see in water) - I had a huge plastic table cloth over them so the kids didn't know what the challenge was - I asked for volunteers - there were 2 chairs on either side of the buckets so that I could have 4 participants at a time. Right before the challenge I placed one 10-pound bag of ice in each tub to make the water super cold. Each child was given 60 seconds to pick up as many marbles as they could with their toes and place them in the bowl next to it. They really enjoyed this one! 

Rotten Hands I split the kids up into 2 teams of 30 - I made them line up into 2 straight lines. The last child at the end was given a clear drinking cup. They were asked to sit it on the ground right next to them. They were told the story that I traveled to a foreign land and stumbled upon a deserted nest full of dino eggs. I explained to them that the trip home was so long that the eggs spoiled and were rotten - myself and one of my helpers each had a bucket of raw eggs with dirt poured in the bucket to give them the rotten look - we cracked the egg in the first persons hand and they had to hand it off to each other till it got to the last person - the last person had to put as much of the egg in the cup as possible - once all eggs were cracked we compared cups and the team with the most egg won. They loved getting gooey in this game - we had a water hose and hand wipes to clean up afterwards.  

PIG SNOT This game was by far the funniest - I had the children return to the challenge tables and stand at their place setting.  I went in the house again and came out with another tray - this time is was full of PIG SNOT! I told the story that my uncle had a pig farm and one of his pigs had the flu and a runny nose. I told them that I collected it all and used it to make this challenge. I used the mini cupcake liners and placed one piece of bubble gum in the middle then covered it with cool whip (I used green food coloring to give it the nasty snot color) - they were instructed to eat the "snot" then chew the bubble gum and the first one to blow a visible bubble was the winner. The reason this one was so funny is because most of the kids didn't just dive right into this one - they smelled it and touching it first - just too funny!  BUG HUNT The last challenge was the down and dirty challenge. I boiled 5 bags of spaghetti noodles in green food-colored water.

The noodles came out a light green - perfect! - Then I divided the content into 2 pans. I used a cup of vegetable oil and stirred to make it slippery. I hid 20 plastic bugs in the noodles. Children were given shower caps and swimming goggles. They were given 30 seconds to find as many bugs as possible with their mouths only. I had a small bowl of water to keep rinsing the plastic bugs off after each use. They loved this game - and every child that participated was given the chance to dig in the disgusting bag again.   While the children did their challenges a couple of my staff walked around with "finger food trays for the parents" - I bought gummy worms and rolled them in syrup. Then I used the food processor to finely grind up Oreo cookies - we placed the sticky worms in a large zip loc bag then put the cookies in it  then shake till covered - they looked JUST LIKE earthworms from out of the ground. Most of the parents laughed and declined until their kids begged them to try them. 

After all of the challenges the children were allowed to play - we had a moonwalk trampoline and a jungle gym for them. While they played the staff walked around and offered the kids the worms. They ate them up!  The cake was done by a local cake shop - she did wonderfully - she found huge cockroaches and bugs that looked so real but they were candy. She wrote on the top that FEAR WAS NOT A FACTOR FOR DYLAN! We served nachos and/or hot dogs to the kids. We put a small plastic spider on top of each child's food to look like a bug had crawled onto it - we apologized to every child as we handed them their plate "oops im sorry that bug must have flown into your food as I was bringing it to you" they just smiled!

Soon after Dylan opened his gifts - and the kids were given a laminated certificate that said YOU DID IT and FEAR DEFINITELY WAS NOT A FACTOR FOR YOU! We handed out candy goody bags with bug candy and snacks and also homemade popcorn balls in clear good bags with bugs on them. The children played all evening and the parents were scattered out in the yard enjoying the day. This was by far Dylan's biggest and most memorable party! "

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