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Fear Factor Party -11yr- Crickets & Crickets!



February 2007


Melissa in Scottsdale, AZ  USA

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Fear Factor Party

the ULTIMATE FEAR FACTOR B-DAY PARTY/ MEETS Nickelodean's Double Dare. Im no Mark Summers, but this party turned out great! Wow What a day we had. Thank goodness it ended up being a 3 day weekend.We all needed the extra day to recover!! First I'd like to thank those that had posted ideas on this site. They helped A LOT. I took things to another level for my son's 11th bday. The invitations were made out:  If FEAR is not a Factor for you then join us for ***** bday. RSVP if you dare. Please give me any food of insect allergies on ma have in advance. When RSVPing.**PLAN TO GET DIRTY** This actually helped out a lot with the planning side. My son and his crew of boys/ needed a little more of a challenge. I couldn’t just make jello balls and spider krispies. I had to have LIVE CRITTERS there!!!!! I pre-ordered 500 large crickets 1000 mealworms. And picked up at the pet shop 20 goldfish.

This is the break down Game 1: OBSTACLE COURSE.  Start by carrying a raw egg with partner hands interlocked facing one another palms down. If the egg broke before they got to the first stop they had to start All over. Stop 1: Large disposable tray (deep) mixeed in this was EVERTYTHING I CULD FIND MUSHY  STICKY SMELLY spaghetti shampoo conditioner veg. oil mayo mustard ketchup relish. Etc. At the paty store I bought about 20 sticky play body parts mixed this in. Once they got to this stop they had to find 5 bady parts each and hand them to there partner. I also put other play bugs in there to throw them off. But they had to search for the body parts. With each partner taking there turn.Once there body parts were picked they had to put them back in and mix it for the next set.

After stop 1 they each got a water balloon to smoosh in there hands to help wash off the goo. Them to stop 2. Mealworms beans lentils marbles. Of course mixed in again.Each partner had to pick 5 marbles out hand them to their other partner then switch. Once done another water balloon to smoosh to help rinse. Then to the gold fish. I had 2 5 gal buckets filled with water. Each had 10 fish in it.  They each had to catch a fish with there hands then toss them to the other partner. Once they were done they had run back wards about 20 around a tree and back to the back of their teams line. I had 2 teams a they each were partnered. We ha done a test run before hand and I had decided to only put these three stops into play. I had come up with several other ideas for the course but with as many kids we had 16. It wouldve taken FOREVER. THIS WORKED OUT PERFECT. They ALL cheered eachother on and made it into QUITE THE RACE.  

Next we did a water balloon dodge ball to cool everyone off. Sef explanitory. The party had boys and girls at it. We just turned it into every man for themselves and the girls got a few extra balloons for themselves.  We had egg toss. Partners facing one another with progressive steps back one at a time. Then at the end to just get rid of the eggs we had WE all tossed the extras in the air and ran for cover as it rained eggs.  Of course it was time to cool off again so Out cam the balloons one more time. That just turned into a chase.l But it was refreshing. CRICKET PICK: I had ordered the crickets through www.EBUG.COM 500ct.They can be ordered by the 1000's. (Next time I'l order more). Once I had received them I had waited to open the box til the morning of the party. I QUICKLY transferred half into 2 boxes. Each deep enough to be able to reach in and have the tip of the box up to the armpit. The freaky feeling of 100's of crickets jumping onto their arms and there ear piercing screams was definitely priceless. The crickets were harmless.

I had also bought at the party store sticky gooey bugs: caterpillars spiders frogs worms and eyeballs. I Put these in each box as well. Ech kid that wanted to participate had to reach in and grad one of each kind of sticky bugs that I had put into the box. Once we were done again we threw the boxes of crickets up in the air. The kids scattered like ants and had a blast catching them and throwing them at each other. The kids decided to invent there own games which helped alittle bit because I felt like activity coordinator most of the time. I had also planned a cereal bowl straws and kix cereal. Suck the cereal at the end of the straw then try to spit it out like a spit wad as far as possible. This was difficuly but entertaining.  WE had a dirty diaper contest. The kids had to guess what was in the diaper. Melted marshmellows melted choc. Bar banana baby foodpickle relish.  

Another game I had gone to the dollar store to get pad locks. I got 4 sets. I marked each key to that lock with a different color of nail polish. Put the keys into a tray with unscented cat litter. And threw in a few other keys to throw them off. They had 3 teams. Each kid took a turn grabbing a key and going over to the kid that had been tied and tried to find the key that matched. Then unlocked them.   We only lost three fish. The girls and a few boys took them home for party favors. In addition to there goodie bags I had t-shirts printed. On the front it said " Property of FEAR THIS DEPT. 2007. and on the back up by the collar it said I survived ******'s FF party 2007. These were a hit and they all wore them to school the next school day. I had several colors and sizes made so there was enough of a variety so they would actually wear them again. This was a great day Thanks again to those with other ideas and good luck to those who need to plan next.  We had this party at the park. SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!"

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