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Totally Gross Party -8yr- Slimy Eyes



October 2007


Mary in Bethlehem, PA, USA

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Fear Factor Party

For my son's 8th birthday, we decided to go along with the theme Totally Gross" from the Celebrate Express Catalog.  We tweaked some ideas from this website to fit our party theme.  The invitations were simple - in orange and blue print it read "Do you have the GUTS to Survive Joey's Totally Gross Birthday Party?" and listed the When Where Time and RSVP. I asked the parents to let me know if their child had any food/candy allergies since many of the activities involed them.  I also told them "Dress is play clothes because you might get messy!"  We had 16 children here most of which were 6 to 8 years old.  (We had three 4 year olds who were hesitant to try some of the eating contests.)  I asked five parents to stay to help with the activites. I had paper towel rolls Wet-ones wipes small tubs of water and trash cans out for the kids to use. I made up four stations (using borrowed card tables - one for each station) and had two other long tables for the various eating contests.  I had the stations and the obstacle course set up around the backyard before the guests arrived. 

Once everone arrived I handed out name tags for them to wear and had them take the following Totally Gross Oath:  "I promise to be a good sport.  I will try my best.  I will cheer on the other kids.  I will try my hardest to get TOTALLY GROSSED OUT!"  The first eating contest involved using only their mouths to dig for gummies worms in a whipped cream pies!  Have your video camera ready! Once they cleaned themselves up I introduced the 4 stations telling them what to do at each one and giving them free time (about half hour) to explore them all.  I had two sets of each activity at each table. 

Table 1 had MISSING BODY PARTS.  They had to find plastic body parts (ordered from Oriental Trading website) in cooked spaghetti. The night before the party I had cooked up 3 boxes of spaghetti mixed in some vegetable oil and put it in the frig.  I divided the spaghetti and body parts between two dish tubs.  The kids loved this and did it more than once. The parent at the table re-hid the parts for the next child. 

Table 2 had OOBLECK.  It is a mixture of corn starch (1 1/2 cups) to about 1 cup of water.  I tripled the amount that was in the two plastic shoe box containers.  I dumped about a dozen marbles in each box and told the kids to dig them out.  Oobleck is mixture that changes from a solid to a liquid consistency. The kids loved this too!!  Have a extra container there to put the found marbles in and ask the parent there to divy back out the marbles for the next child.  Have a tub of water nearby to clean off hands.  Table 3 had SLIMY EYES.  I ordered a box that included a dozen rubber eye balls in red slime from Oriental Trading.  I divided 6 eyes and slime into two plastic bowls.  The kids had to pry the eyes out of the sticky slime.  The parent re-mixed the eyes back into the slime for the next child. 

The final table had DIRTY DIAPERS.  I had 2 sets of 6 preemie diapers (numbered 1 thru 6) for a total of 12 diapers.  I had six small jars of baby food (applesauce bananas squash carrots green beans peas).  I put 2 spoonfuls of each food into the diapers.  Two children could do this activity at a time.  They had to guess by looking into and smelling each diaper to figure which baby food was in each.  (I had washed out the exta food in the jars and set them on the table for them as a reference.)  I had printed up sheets numbered 1 thru 6 for the children to write their answers on.  We have some funny video also from this station! After the parent checked the childrens' answers they got a small bag of tootsie rolls.

We then moved on the the TOTALLY GROSS EATING CONTEST which involved candy ordered from Oriental Trading.  Each child was given a plate covered with aluminum foil.  (I had made these up ahead of time.) I told them on the count of three to go ahead and eat some "brains" and "barf".  The brains were marshmellow shaped brains and the barf was a gooey candy mix!  The kids were hesitant til they figured out it was candy!!  We then moved on to the last activity which was a GROUP OBSTACLE COURSE.  We had filled about 60 small water balloons before the party and put them in a plastic tub.  Other suppies we needed for the course were a large piece of plywood to throw the balloons at (we had spray painted a face on it) 6 whoopie cushions bought at the dollar store 6 folding chairs (preferably metal) two big cans of generic apple sauce dumped in a plastic tub filled with old golf balls 2 to 4 big brown paper leaf bags.

 We made two courses to run at the same time and split the kids into two teams.  We stressed that it wasn't a race.  They had to:  first- sit on the whoopie cushions on the chairs (three to each course) (have an adult ready to blow up whoopie cushions for next kids); second - throw 2 balloons at the face; third - step into the leaf bag and jump down to the next part; fourth - dig out two golf balls with their hands from the applesauce and run down and put them in a bucket.  (Have a bucket of water for hand washing.)  They did the course a few times each - loved the water balloon throwing part the best ( fill as many as you can!!)My son then opened his presents.  We had a great cake made by a local woman who re-created the barfing face pictured on the plates we had ordered from the theme package.  The "barf bag" goodie bags included:  plastic noses filled with slime eyeball lollipops sticky eye balls and gummy body parts (all ordered from Oreintal Trading).  All the kids had a blast and told their parents it was an awesome party!  "

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