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Fear Factor Sleepover -9yr- Flavored Shakes



November 2007


LaKisha in Houston, TX USA

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Fear Factor Party

First, thanks to the people who created this website and all the people who submit their ideas.  My 9 year old son decided he wanted to have a sleep over for his ninth birthday.  We decided it would be fun to make it Fear Factor" themed. 

I printed invitations using MS Publisher and copied and pasted the Fear Factor logo onto them.  The wording wasn't anything fancy.  He decided at the last minute so I didn't have much time to be very creative with that part.  I created a color scheme in publisher using the same yellow and black they use for the logo.  I explained to the parents that it was a sleep over and that we would do cake and ice cream the next day at 2:00 and they could pick the kids up after that.  We ended up 11 kids that night and only 6 actually slept over (including my son).  I explained to each parent exactly what the them of the party was and the type of stuff we would be doing.  I also warned them that the kids would probably have some really nasty stories to tell the next day but none of it would be as bad as it sounded.  Most of the kids arrived between 7 and 7:30 pm.  I had nine activites planned since my son was turning nine.  Here are the activites:  Stanley's Fear Factor Birthday Party  Welcome to Stanley's Fear Factor Birthday party. 

Over the next 18 hours you will compete in 9 different challenges in honor of Stanley's ninth birthday.  Each the winner of the first eight challenges will receive one point which can be used for the final challenge.  The first person to complete the final challenge will be rewarded and prove that fear is not a factor for them. Remember you just won't have the chance to score a point for the last challenge. Keep in mind that we are professional stunt organizers so do not try any of these stunts at home. 

Number One - Southern Sushi I bought minnows from a local bait shop and put them in a fish bowl on the kitchen counter where all the kids could see them.  We have a two level counter between the kitchen and breakfast area so the kids could not see what was happening on the other side of the counter.  Each child rolled a die and what ever number they rolled was the number of minnows they had to eat.  My husband (behind the counter) removed the rolled number of minnows from the bowl and procided to "dehead gut and fillet" the fish.  We then gave the child a small cup with what they thought were minnows to eat and show a clean tongue.  A point was awarded to each who completed the task.  The kids were actually given sardines instead of minnows to eat.  (Tip:  Cover the fish bowl or lower the water level.  They kept jumping out of the bowl.)  One kid threw up.  Funny!! 

Number Two - Dirty Diaper Bubbles Each child was given a diaper ($3 for 22 at BigLots).  We sprayed each with water colored yellow chocolate pudding ($.88 for 4 at Walmart) several Rolo's and a piece of unwrapped bubble gum.  Each had to dive face first into the diaper.  The first one to find the piece of bubble gum chew it and blow a bubble won a point.  We had wet towels on had to clean dirty faces afterwards.  We got some really nice pictures during this one. 

Number Three - Kidnapped My husband played a kidnapped victim who was handcuffed to a chair.  Each child took turns reaching into a pillowcase to find the handcuff key and free him before time was called.  If they could do it they would recieive a point.  We gave the younger kids a minute and a half and the older ones one minute.  In addition to a couple of hundred crickets (around $4 at the bait shop) we threw in a couple of old house keys and car keys.  The kids didn't know what was in the bag until they stuck their arms in.  Again some REALLY good pictures during this one.  One child was able to find the key and free my husband.  I had them give me the key if they grabbed the wrong one instead of putting it back in the bag.  We did this one outside because I didn't want the crickets to get loose in the house.  That was a good idea because a few did escape.   

Number Four - Mexican Treats I gave the kids a back story about chocolate being a delicacy in rural Mexico and how the people would come up with interesting ways to prepare it such as dipping fruit flies in it.  I gave each child a small cup with three Raisinettes.  The first to finish their chocolate covered fruit flies and show their tongue got a point.  My son showed his intelligence on this one.  He swallowed them without chewing any and won the point. 

Number Five - Pig Parts Relay Race Some of the kids found this one to be REALLY nasty.  I bought a jar of pickled pig lips and pickled pigs feet (Pretty easy to find at grocery stores in the south).  I cup the feet in half and the lips into thirds.  We all went outside.  I live on a dead end street so we were able to set up in the street.  I drew a start and finish line and placed tables at both ends.  On my mark the kids had to run to the finish line touch the table and run back to start. When they got to start there was a plate with a pig lip on it.  They had to pick up the pig lip with their mouth and run to the finish line.  On that table was a plate with each child's name on it.  They had to drop the pig lip on their plate and return to the start line to pick up the pig lip again with their mouth and take it to the plate at the finish line.  They then had to pick up the plate and bring it with the pig feet and pig lip back to the start line.  The first child back with both pig parts wins the point.   

Number Six - Dirty Worms I took a large pan (aluminum steam table pan) and filled it with mushed hot dogs (cheap ones) and a couple of cans of brown gravy.  I told the kids I put the dog food outside and some worms got into it and I couldn't afford to throw it away.  I need them to dig out as many worms as possible and put them on the plate in front of them in one minute.  I blind folded them for this one (used headbands from the $.99 store - 3 for $.99) and threw in about fifty gummy worms.  I put them in about 30 minutes before so they were good and slimy by the time the kids got to them.  To make it more interesting I cut some of the hot dogs lenghtwise so they were similar in shape to the 'worms'.  I wanted to do this one with real worms (because I knew they would crawl off the plate and you only get credit for the ones on the plate) but couldn't get the amount I needed at the last minute. 

Number Seven - Siberian Apples I gave the kids a back story about how cold it is in Siberia and the kids there don't get to eat fruits.  I told them the kids had to substitute other things for fruits.  Blindfolded I gave each child a onion had them touch and smell it and put it down.  We switched the onion with half an apple and told them the first to finish theirs gets a point. 

Number Eight - Party Balloons   each child was given a water balloon and a spoon.  The first person to make it to the finish line with an intact balloon would receive a point.  If they dropped the balloon they had to go back to start and get a new one.  I ran with them to make sure that they weren't holding the balloon (they tried). 

Number Nine (The Final Challenge) - Fear Factor Flavored Milk Shakes Each child had to pop a balloon.  Inside was a piece of paper with a number.  The number on the paper was the number of things they had to mix in their milk shakes.  They had to choose from mayo regular mustard honey mustard ketchup pickles salsa jalapenos and soy sauce.  Fortunately for them they got to deduct the number of points they earned in the other games from the number in their balloon.  To make it interesting we had one balloon with the number '1' in it and the rest was 3 to 6.  For the milk shakes we used vanilla pudding with food coloring to make the condiments and ran the smoothie maker to make them think we were really mixing up all that stuff.  The person to finish their shake the fastest got the point and all points were tallied to determine the "fear factor" champion. 

Decorations:  I purchased some yellow table cloths and plates from BigLots ($.80 each).  That was really all I needed.  Food: I bought 3 large pizzas for the first night (@ $21.00 at WalMart).  We had pancakes eggs and sausage for breakfast and hot dogs and chips for lunch.  I made the birthday cake using devil food cake mix.  I bought chocolate cookies with fudge fulling (WalMart brand $1.00 each) and crumbled them to make dirt.  I covered the cake lightly with chocolate frosting and them covered that with the "dirt".  I added some plastic bugs and gummy worms. 

Gifts: The Fear Factor winner received $10.00.  Each child also left with a "I survived ------'s Fear Factor Birthday Party" t-shirt.  I made the t-shirts my self.  I bought plain white t-shirts from Walmart (5 for $5.98) and t-shirt transfer paper from BigLots (6 sheets for $4.50).  All the boys go to the same school and they all wore their shirts the following Monday.     Everyone had fun.  I had to pursuade my son to participate in some activties but I didn't make any one do anything they didn't want to do.  I explained it was all optional.  We had cake and ice cream at 2:00 on the next afternoon so everyone who couldn't make it to the sleep over could at least come for that part."

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