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Fear Factor -11yr- Stinky Cheese Challenge



January 2005


Amanda in cambridge ontario canada

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Fear Factor Party

For my eleventh birthday I held a fear factor party. This is a good party for 5-10 people. For inventations, get black contruction paper and write in large shining letters FEAR and below write you are invited… and on the inside put "to the ultimate fear factor party!!"

For decarations Go to a large room with along table and put a black table cloth on the table with candles or low lights. When the guests arrive have everyone go to the specially prepared room. Then they (including the birthday child) get to play FEARFACTOR. There are 10 challenges.

Challenge #one is the sour challenge. Everybody has to drink one teaspoon of extemly sour lemon juice.

Challenge #two is the sugar challenge. Ask everyone to choose a number between 1-5. That is how many teaspoons of icing(icing sugar with water.) they must drink. This may not seem gross but trust me it is.

Challenge #three is the Disgusting challenge. Pick an assortment of disgusting foods and prepare small slices. For example, prickly pear, turnip,spinich, mushrooms and oyesters are espcially efficient.. Each person must try one of each.

Then go to challenge #four the smelly cheese challenge. Take some stinky cheese( does not have to be too bad) and have every person smell it. Then cut it up and everyperson gets to have some.

Challenge #five is the egg challenge. With this one it helps to have a helper but it is not mandatory. If you do have a helper have them place a bathing cap on their head and give them an uncooked egg. Then the helper will crack the egg over their head modeling what the girls will do. Then eack girl will pick a egg and crack it on their head.(this does ont hurt) What they do not know is they are all hardboiled so nothing will get in their hair.

Next is challenge #six, the trust challenge. This one is a little different but it is probbably the scariest. On this one everyone writes a secret about themselves on a slip of paper. WRITE YOUR NAME!! Then the host will read each one. Then the group decides if the secret is good and trusting or just some secret that no one really cares about. And if they say it is bad then the person who wrote that secret has to put their hand in to a bucket of maggots( bought at the fishing store)and pull out an piece of cardboard with either one or two on it. If the number is one, they are off the hook, but if the number is two then they must eat an extra disgusting food left over from the third challenge before they are done.

Then it is on to challenge #seven. The climbing challenge. For this challenge you need a tall, sturdy tree with lots of branches and if you don't have this you can skip this challenge. Have the some one place old socks (same amount as guests) in the tree. Each contestant must climb the try and carry the sock back down while someone times them. The person with the shortest time gets to skip the next challenge.

Challenge #eight is the toilet challenge. This is probbably the hosts favourite because you get a free cleaning. That's right each person must clean one toilet in the house. It must be a good job and you can have the adult host judge.

Challenge #nine is the repeat challenge. In this challenge each competeter must repeat one of the previous challenges of their choice. You can have them do this in order of the challenges.

Challenge #Ten is the ultimate challenge. This challlenge is almost like a series of challenges strung together. First each girl must bake her own sugar cookie but must add something of the adult hosts choice. When she is done baking she must find a picture of the birthday girl and bring it back. Then she must switch it with another picture. Then she must eat her cookie and when she is done she must write a paragraph on the birthday child and hand it in. When everyone is done then you can read the paragraphs. Then you can have supper or lunch (optional)

Food ideas are spider web cookies, coke with blood red straws and pizza.

For a cake you should have a black chocolate cake with the word "Fear (Birthday child's name)" When everyone is done, gather everyone in to another room and sit them down. Then have everyone close their eyes and vote who was the bravest person. That person wins crazy string. (You can find cheap at Zehrs) Then sadly it is time for everyone to go. Here are some ideas for party favours: trashcan candy( find at any store) halloween spider rings, plastic bugs and a picture of everyone that says " always remember to fear!" This will be the party of the year and you'll have everyone talking!

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