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Fear Factor Party -6yr- Egg Toss



June 2004


Sunni in Little Rock, Arkansas  USA

Honorable Mention

Fear Factor Party

Be warned... this is long and I apologize but there is just so much to this one... For my son's 6th birthday, he wanted to have a Fear Factor Party. I ended up making the invitations on the computer in Word. I just used a heavy weight paper, about the same thickness as a greeting card and made them tent style. I went to the Fear Factor website and used their logo. I used a font called "chiller" and it definitely added to the theme. I also included a special not to parents on the inside. It read,

Attention parents, all of our games will be safe and no one will REALLY eat bugs or worms but some of our snacks will closely resemble some of the disgusting things Fear Factor Contestants have eaten. Please remember to send your children in PLAY clothes not party clothes." Of course I let them know that they could call me with questions but surprisingly, no one did. I also went to Mapquest and printed out a small color map which I cut, copied and pasted to a blank Word document so I could fit several on a page to cut them out to include in each invitation. For the mailbox, I used the same weight paper as the invitations and again used the Fear Factor logo and made signs that said Faer Factor Party Here.. Prepare to be challenged.

I never found Fear Factor plates and things so I just used Red, Black and yellow solids and mixed and matched. Before the party I pinched canned biscuits into 1 inch pieces and then boiled them. Then I put them in a bowl and added red food coloring to look like blood and told them it was cow brains! I also had a jar of Queen Olives, the really large green olives with the pimento in the middle and I offered this as Monkey eyeballs, and I also set out plain old raisins and told them it was squirrel poop. All the kids believed this to be true so it made the game more fun. I had them each try the "gross food" and whoever could stomach it would get a prize just for trying.

Most of the kids were brave enough to try it and even the ones who didn't want to had a good laugh watching everyone else eat "cow brains and monkey eyes." Before the guests arrived I had set up a small obstacle course in the backyard using only things that were already back there: our swingset, separate slide, picnic table, Fisher Price Play house, jumprope, trampoline. We had all of this set up around the perimeter of the yard and each person had to climb over the table, run and grab the jumprope to jump 5 times, run under the trampoline, climb through the swings and bars on the swingset, climb on top of the play house(not a tall climb, 2 1/2 feet, climb down the other side, run to the slide and slide down.

They ALL got stumped on the jumprope... It was hilarious to see them try to Jump it 5 times. Of course, they all got prizes for trying. Also before the party I had boiled 20 pounds of spaghetti noodles (this took some time and I was ready to give up before it was over but this was the BEST part of the party so it was well worth it)I had a 3 ring inflatable kids pool so i put the noodles, some water and a few cans of CHUNKED tomatoes in there and mixed them  up. Next, I hid rubber body parts in the noodle pool, (severed fingers, ears, tongues, eyeballs, etc., which I got at Wal-Mart.) I told the kids that the noodles were guts and they had to dig through them to find the body parts! I had bought a poncho for $1.00 so they wore this while they searched to protect their clothes from being wet. Whoever found the most in 30 seconds was the winner. They all wanted to play this game over and over and over.

We also palyed egg toss. I cut holes in the tops of 2 empty butter dishes and bouth 3 dozen eggs. We divided up into 2 teams and each team formed a line while standing about arms length BESIDE each other. Each team got a butter dish and placed it at one end of the line and I got at the other end. I crakced the eggs to get them started and then they had to hand them down the line until it got to the last person and then they put it in the hole of the butter dish. Whichever team had the most amount of yolk in their dish won. ( Due to personal experience I ask that if you use this game, please make sure none of the kids are allergic to eggs. One of our guests had an allergy and he broke out in welps, luckily his mother had stayed and she had his medicine. Great fun but be cautious)

The last game was a water balloon toss and we basically did this the same way as we did the egg toss only we didn't use any dishes, each team just set their balloons on the ground after they tossed them down the line. The team who busted the least amount of balloons won. After the game was over, (20 balloons per team) they decided to have a water ablloon fight. They had a blst and this gave me time to get everything ready for the cake and presents.

For the cake I wanted to make a "gross" cake but I didn't really want to spend all day on the cake, so I bought a sports ball cake kit, ($10.00 at Party City). This kit was basically 2 cake pans in the shape of half soheres so I baked 6 (3 cake mixes) and then I turned them flat side down and decorated them like eyballs. I used white icing all over and used red gel icing to make them bloodshot and then I cut out a bicuit sized amount of cake from the very center. In this "hole" I used SET green jello for the "iris" and then I used black gel icing for the "pupil." Everyone loved the cakes.

At first no one even knew it was cake… I also baked pretzel dough in the shape of a finger (just roll it into a snake shape like you used to do playdoh when you were little) and then you press an almond into the tip for "fingernails". When it is done baking simply use a paintbrush to brush on red food coloring and you have old lady fingers! These were a hit as well.

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