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Fear Factor -11yr- Real Chocolate Covered Bugs



February 2005


Jamie in Booneville, MS  USA

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Fear Factor Party

For my 11 yr. old son's birthday, we had a Fear Factor Party. This is his favorite show, and it was a blast!  The invitations were great.I have a friend who is real good with computer graphics. She made up a Fear Factor Logo,downloaded his picture on the invitation, with his hands on his face like he was scared, along with some bugs, rats, etc.  They said, "If FEAR is not a FACTOR for you, then come to Lee's 11th birthday bash at .".  I added a subline at the bottom ("Please wear old clothes - things could get messy").  And they did.

Be sure to have plenty of paper towels, real towels, etc. on hand. I ordered the birthday boy a FF shirt to wear from ($16). His birthday is in Feb., so everything has to be inside.  Luckily we have a great church gym that we could use.  We had 2 teams of 8 boys and 8 girls. Since it was a birthday party, we didn't want to eliminate anyone.  So, we gave points to the winning team of each event. To begin, my husband made the statement that "Joe" makes at the beginning of every Fear Factor show about, "You have come from all over (name of town) to face your fears …………………Are you ready to see your first stunt?" 

1st Stunt -  "Pig Mucus (green tinted cool whip)" and "Cow Eyeballs (meatballs)" - One meatball was covered with the cool whip in a tin pie plate (one for each player).  We provided goggles for the ones who wanted to use them.  Using only their mouths, they had to find and eat the "eyeball" - the team that finished first got the points - or in this case - the team that completed the most (only 4 of the girls, and 3 of the boys ate their "eyeball"). 

2nd Stunt - "Cricket Dig" - We had an aquarium with several various plastic frogs, snakes, etc. on the bottom.  Then we filled it with 1000 live crickets.  My husband rigged a cardboard top with a hole cut in the top just big enough for their hands/arms.  Each person had 15 seconds to see how many frogs they could pull out.  The team with the highest combined number won. 

3rd Stunt - "The Buffet" - Our buffet included:  Pig Bile (Pickle juice thickened with corn starch), Dried Cow Brain (Beef Jerky Steak Nuggets), Blended Possum Liver (cans of potted meat with the label removed, and a new label put on), Cricket Shakes (baby rice cereal with apple chips and raisins added, mixed with milk), Underdeveloped Duck Embryos (boiled eggs), and Chicken Blood with Toad Eyeballs (tomato sauce with a couple of green olives).  Each person rolled one die to see how many things they had to eat.  Then they had to spin a spinner (I rigged up a Twister spinner) to see which things they had to eat.  We fixed each "plate" for everyone on one team at a time.  Then we timed them to see how long it took them to eat it all.  Since some had 6 things, and some had 1 - we allowed them to help their teammates - they had to finish as a team.  One team went, and then the other.  (We had the official FF "puke buckets" on hand - and actually had to use them during this stunt!  Be prepared.) 

4th Stunt - "Obstacle Course" - First person handcuffed - keys were hidden in a tub of real earthworms - they had to find the key and unlock themselves - then crawl through a dark tunnel (we made this with cardboard, concrete blocks, and black plastic.  Then they had to shoot and make a basketball goal, hop 3 times on a pogo stick, and then "bob" for a plastic rat at the bottom of a tub filled with water and real goldfish.  We had two of everything set up, so both teams were racing at the same time.  When one person got through the course, the next one on the team started.  Since it was a race, there was no need to time anything.  

5th Stunt - "Gross Jelly Beans"  - Bertie Botts (Harry Potter) Jelly Beans (I ordered these off of  They have flavors like:  dirt, grass, vomit, soap, pepper, earthworm, etc.   I put all the jelly beans mixed together in an "Operation Brain Surgery" game head.  Each player rolled a die to see how many jelly beans they had to eat - then, they had to reach in to the head and pull out that many jellybeans.   We were just going to give credit to the team that ate all their beans, but, everyone did, so we should have timed this event. 

6th Stunt - "Real Chocolate Covered Insects" - This was designed to be the tie-breaker if needed.  These were the real thing - I ordered them from - a little expensive, but, I thought they were a necessity for this party.  I was going to give bonus points for every bug eaten (each player had a package with 4 chocolate covered insects) - another mistake - they all ate them!!  This should have been a timed event as well.  I told them they were real, but, I don't think they believed me! 

We had a great cake.  It was a large sheet cake done in black and yellow like the FF Logo.  Then I added a plastic rat, cockroaches, and flies for decoration.  For other decorations, we used black and yellow tablecloths and balloons, and more plastic creatures sitting around, and Caution tape.  The members of the winning team each got a $2 bill, and the losing team got left over packages of chocolate insects.  We also sent goldfish home with everyone. This party was the talk of the school.  It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

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