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Double Dare - Snowflake Showdown



February 2005


Melinda in DeWitt,IA USA


Fear Factor Party

Double Dare 2005 I signed us up to host a houseparty for Nickelodeon where the kids got to watch a cartoon before it premiered on Nick.  I wanted to keep with the Nick theme so my favorite show as a kid was Double Dare.  The reruns are on Nick GAS so when the kids saw an episode they were in.  It took a lot of planning and was very messy but I don't think anyone will forgot (My daughter still has applesauce in her ear).  We own a tavern so we had it up there. We had the room and was pretty easy to clean up. 

Invitations:  The birthday party was for my son and step-daughter.  They are six weeks apart and have their parties together.  I have a picture of them two all dressed up for church and then I put green slime coming down over their heads for the frontand put get ready to be slimed.  I copied the Double Dare logo from the Nick website and put that in the inside with the date,time etc.  Also I asked that they wear clothes that they could get dirty so we could have fun.  I had bought safety glasses at the Dollar Tree and dyed them blue and red with Ritz for each team and also got poncho's just in case but nobody wore them.  Usually I make a lot of food but this time I just made two cakes, one Spongebob and one slime cake that looked gross but was wonderful. 

We also rented a snow cone machine instead of ice cream.  The big day-while everyone arrived they got to make their own slime, I tried out many recipes I got from the internet but the most fun involved glue and borax and it was a good introduction for what will be coming.  We did presents next so we could get them out of the way and they wouldn't get anything on them.  Once we were done with that we tried to split the kids up evenly on two teams: the red and the blue.  My son lead one and my daughter the other.  All the kids showed up so we had 7 players on each team.  I had purchased the Nick triva game so we used questions from there.  Grampie and Grammie got to also lead the teams.

Our first challenge was snowflake showdown.    I found two army hats at the Dollar tree and hot glued ice cream buckets to the top.  Grammie and Grampie put them on their head and everyone got a marshmallow and tried to throw it into the bucket.  The team with the most got ten points.  The teams went back and had to get 3 correct questions before the next challenge.  Each team had a bike horn the first team to blow got to answer if they got it wrong the person who answered got a whipped cream pie in the face. 

The next challenge was quarterback.  We had a big bucket of water with two nerf footballs soaking in it.  We had two outdoor plastic chairs that already had slits in the bottom and had a bucket underneath both.  We had a player standing in front of the chair and the rest lined up by the football.  The first player throw the football to the player standing by the chair, caught it and sat on it to get the water out and then ran it back and put it in the water.  The player that threw runs down to the chair and the next player throws and so on.  After all the players went we checked the buckets to see who had more water and that team was awarded 10 points. 

Back to trivia for 3 more correct questions and then onto Clown pants.  For this each team member tried to catch a water balloon in a pair of Dad's running pants.  The birthday kids put the pants on and held it out while the rest of the team stood about 5 feet away.  They caught the balloons in the pants had to take them off and then have the next player put them on and catch.  The team who caught the most balloons and was done first got 10 points.  Back to trivia for 3 correct questions. 

Next was pudding pops.  We had the two chairs about 10 feet away with buckets underneath and the kids had to run down and smash the balloon filled with pudding and run back and then the next player would go.  We had a hard time filling the balloons but it was gross when they broke.  We ended up watering them down.  The team with the most pudding water in the buckets won 10 points. 

Back to trivia for 3 more questions and then onto Sponebob squeeze.  This one was a little crazy but each player had a sponge soaking in water and I just let everyone run down at the same time and try to fill the bucket to the line.  The first team won 10 points.  Everyone was bumping into each other and dropping their sponges but they had fun and didn't have to wait. 

Back to trivia then onto Chicken tacos.  I had bought a canvas dropcloth from a home store and cut it to look like two tortillas.  The birthday kids (the Chicken) laid down on the tortillas and their team mates poured salsa and guacamole (applesauce dyed red and green with food coloring) on the chicken then had to roll them up and all the way down to a line I made with duct tape.  The b-day kids were messy after that one!!  The first team passed the line got 10 points. 

Back for 3 more correct answers then onto Bucket Heads.  Grammie and Grampie had to put the buckets back on their head but this time the kids had wet sponges. Each team member had one chance to make it into the bucket.  The team with the most sponges got 10 points.  At this time we tallied up the points.  The team with the most points went first in the grand challenge.  Each team was timed running through the obstacle course.  Just like the show the course had flags buried in the objects and the kids had to find them and pass it on to the next team member.  To keep it fair I had each station mark with a sign in different colors.  I had the kids close their eyes and pick a marker, this would be the station they did. 

The first station was called "Bunny Hop".  I had gotten a bunny ear headband at the dollar tree and they had to put it on hop over to the easter eggs I made out of wrapping paper mache around ballons and then when they dried you pop the balloon.  Two I left a hole so I could put the flags and then glued the newspaper over it.  To help me remember which one had the flags I painted them white and the others yellow and green.  I had bought some easter grass and made a little patch and put the eggs on that and the kids had to break ope the egg to find the flag next was "Blue Plate Special"  I had some foam left over from a bed cushion in our camper so I cut it in have and used real peanut butter and then applesauce dyed purple for a pbj sandwich and buried the flag in. 

Next came "in one ear"  I took a big tall box and cut holes in the sides so the kids could run through it. I made ears out of any box and glued them on. Next we made slime out of cornstarch and water.  I wanted to keep everything saft and edible so the slime was made out of applesauce or cornstarch.  We bought huge containers of applesauce at Walmart.  I dyed the slime yellow and soaked ripped up t-shirt in the slime and splattered the rest all over the inside of the box.  Hung the shirts from the top of the box.  It really looked like ear wax.  Taped the flag on the other side of the box and the kids ran through grabbed the flag and passed it on. 

Next was always my favorite on Double Dare "Pick it".  My husband made me a nose base out of 2x4s.  Just an L shape connecting each end with another board and then I took cardboard and newspaper to make the nostrils.  The cardboard worked good to make the nostrils base and then filled in the rest with newspaper and hot glue.  Spray painted it brown and took two paper plates and made eyes and glued them on the top of the nose.  Filled it with green slime and one flag in each nostril and told the kids to pick one nostril and find the flag.  It was very realistic cause the slime was dripping out during the party!! 

Next was "Sundae Slide".  I had gotten a baby pool and filled it  with watered down pudding, bought two big things of cool whip and then drizzled chocolate syrup.  Had a little tykes slide and drizzled that with syrup.  Everyone wanted to do this one.  Buried the flag and then put another one in after the first kids went for the other team. The kids had to slide down the slide and find the flag. 

Next was "treasure Island".  We took cushion filling that came out of one of our old cushion from a couch we were going to throw away or you could use sand and filled a baby pool and buried the flag.  It wasn't that messy but the kids had so much water and slime on them that it just stuck right to them!! 

The last was "water Bomb"  Took a garbage bag filled it with water and flag and hung it up like a pinata.  The kids had a stick and tried to break it like a pinata.  That one was funny because they only got a little hole and it kept squirting and spinning around getting everyone soaked.  Nobody really cared who won and the b-day kids each got to put a pie in Grampie and Grammies face which might have been the highlight.  After that the kids that brought extra clothes changed and we had cake and snowcones while they watched the cartoon.  They got to keep their goggles if they wanted and we have googie bags with spray sour candy, oreos, air heads, m-n-ms, ring pops and bouncy balls.  It wasn't that bad to clean up because we covered the floor with dropclothes and all the water on the floor made it easy to mop!!  The mess was worth it!!

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