Idea No.


Picture Party 12yr



June 2001


Lauren in Falls Church, VA USA


Party Games

I was moving away ON my 12th birthday, and I wanted to do something memorable with my friends.  I talked to my mom and we came up with an idea.  I asked all my friends to bring a camera.  When they got there we all dressed up in clothes that were pretty fancy and took each others pictures (One roll each to keep the cost down).  Then while we ate cake my mom went to develop the pictures.  Then we each made our own page of pictures of us, and our nicknames.  Then we all made a cover page for our scrapbook while my dad went to get color copies of each page.  They turned out great and they were great for memories of all my friends.  We all had a lot of fun making them and you don't have to worry about party favors because the scrapbooks are the party favors.

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