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Sleepover / Ever After



June 2001


Melissa in Delta, British Columbia, Canada


Party Games

For my 11th birthday party I invited 8 friends over from 4:00-10:00 for a sleepover. We spent those hours making beaded bracelets, sharing funny stories about each other, laughing, watching movies like Ever After, playing a game where one person in a team of three is blindfolded while the others shake morocco's to direct them through an obstacle course, which is a lot of fun and laughs, and just talking all night long. We had so much fun t that birthday! It also helps to always have a backup plan in case it rains and you can't do anything outside, like playing hide and go seek in the dark, it's SO much fun! For loot bags, grab hair clips, stickers, little candies (always individually wrapped), lip gloss etc. These loot bags cost about $5.00 each. I hope you'll have as much fun as I did!  Melissa

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