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Karaoke Party -9yr- Driveway Stage at Night



August 2002


Dawn in Beaumont , Texas, USA

Honorable Mention

Karaoke Party

I recently gave my 9yr old daughter a karaoke Party.

The invitations were done like a  Karaoke TV Screen with party information. My son and I built a stage for the kids to sing on.  We framed a piece of plywood with 2x6's to mimic a stage.  We splatter painted two large 8ft paper cores, cut holes (diameter of the core)in the back corners of the stage and stood them up. Drilled holes facing each other in the top of the cores and ran a piece of PVC pipe through(this made the curtain rod). 

I purchased a fringed metallic party curtain and attached it to the rod. We cut out of wood 2 groovy flowers (approx. 2ft in width, from petal to petal), painted them and attached in the center of the core to decorate the stage pillars.  Tin foil was glued to the stage flooring and around the edges.  I used the rope lights to trim out the bottom of the stage.

The party was at night (outside) so when the lights were turned on the stage lit up. We also had a strobe light going, the kids laughed to see their friends move in slow motion. The Stage was awesome!!! 

We put plastic round tables and chairs on the driveway and decorated them as if you were at a club. The stage was located in front of the garage.  We had a TV with a karaoke machine so that the girls and boys could read the words of their favorite songs.  I have a friend that collects Karaoke CD's, and has them in books by numbers.  I had my oldest daughter be the DJ. 

The kids would select the songs they wanted to sing while watching their friends karaoke.  NoteCards were furnished for them to write there name and song on.  When their turn came, my oldest daughter would announce them (as if they were famous) and we actually recorded each child with cassettes that we gave as party favors. 

Each time the child would do a song, their cassette was placed in the recorder.  Most of the kids had 5 or more songs with them being announced and singing.  There were other activities such as sand art, hair beads, hula hoop contest and face painting going on for those who wouldn't sing! 

For her cake...I took butter cookies (shaped like flower power flowers) and dipped them in melted chocolate, sprinkled with colored candy sprinkles and stacked them for a large cake like look!  It was a grap and go snack.  Squirt Juicey's were a hit. 

Goodie Bags consisted of all kinds of groovy items purchased from Oriental Trade.  Boys loved the "Dog Tags" with the peace signs. 

All of the neighbors were in AWE over the stage.  They knew we were up to something, just had no idea that what it was would have 35 kids intertained the entire nite.

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