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Karaoke Dance Party -12yr- Christmas Tree Lights



December 2006


Bob in Coventry, Rhode Island, USA

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Karaoke Party

For my daughters 12th party we're planning on having a lot of fun! We will be having a karaoke/dance party. Here's what we did for the invintations: 

Invintations: My wife's sister works at a printing company so we took my daughter there and she explained to her aunt what she wanted on here invintations. The invintations were printed on special black paper with special ink that glowed in the dark. The border was done in neon glow in the dark pink and blue with people dancing and singing. In the middle we had all of the party information printed in neon glow on the dark green. You didn't have to be in the dark to see the glow in the dark ink so it worked out perfectly and was very easy to read. We sent the invintations out to 12 of my daughter's friends (all girls) 3 weeks before the party and told the girls to R.S.V.P a week before the party. We put the invintations in neon colored envenlopes with the girl that was invited name on the back of the envenlope in a bright color. 

Food: For food we won't be having a big meal because the party's at 7:00 to 10:00 at night. We will have a large variety of food though. All of the food is going to be served on neon glow in the dark trays or in neon glow in the dark bowls. We bought neon colored glasses for the girls to drink from and neon plastic bowls,forks,spoons,knifes,plates exc.

We will be having a lot of different kinds of candy and we took into consideration that a lot of my daughter's friends have braces so we will buy candy that everybody can eat. We will have party pizza, a lot of different vegetables with dip, chips and dip, a fruit salad and a nacho bar. We will not be having cake, but instead we will allow the girls to make there own ice cream sundaes and we will dye the cool whip for the ice cream sundaes a neon pink.

For drinks we will be letting the kids make there own shirley temples, roy rogers and we will have a lot of different kinds of soda,juice and lemonade because some kids don't like soda. We will also have a punch bowl. The kids will enjoy there drinks in neon frosted glasses with the little umbrellas. We will make sure that we have a lot ofcherries,lemons,limes and oranges for the drinks. 

Decorations: The party will take place in the kitchen and our living room (dance room). We will have tons of neon baloons all around both rooms. We bought these wacky ballon shapes too that blow up into microphones, guitars and some other things too. In the middle of the dance room we will have a large disco ball. We have 5 strobe lights (all different colors) that we will point at the disco ball. ANd we will hang different colored Christmas tree lights all around the room.

In our 2 chandelers (1 in the kitchen and one above the stairway, right next to the dance room) we will replace all of the lights with black lights. We bought a light bulb that shines orange all around the room that we will put in the dance room. We will buy a birthday banner that all of the kids can sign. The table cloth will be a neon pink. 

Activities: As a girl arrives she will get to pick a neon colored glo stick. We will make sure to have extra glo sticks in case some don't work. While the girls are waiting for everyone to arrive they will be able to sign the birthday banner and look through the pages of songs that they can sing for karaoke. We will have a signup sheet for the kids to sign up with. Once everybody arrives we will start the karaoke contest. We will rent 2 karaoke machines in case one has a problem. We will have 3 judges, me, my wife and my daughter's aunt.

Once everybody signs we will narrow it down to the 3 best people, then the 2 best and then the best. The best person/people at karaoke will get a prize (we will make sure to have extra prizes incase the winners are a duet) and my daughter made magazine covers on the computer that they will get. Once we finish the karaoke contest we will eat.

Once we finish eating we will have a dance contest using the dance mat that my daughter has. The dance allows my daughter to dance to here cd's so they will be able to listen to musice that the girls like. The game keeps eliminating the person with the lowest score until we get a winner. The winner will get a prize.

We will then make ice cream sundaes and open presents. After where done with that we will play limbo and the winner will get a prize. Then the girls will go downstairs where we have pool, fooseball, air hockey and a basketball shootout until there parents pick them up.

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