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Karaoke/Dance Party -12yr- Pizza & Ice Cream



November 2006


Michaela in United States, Rhode Island, Coventry

Honorable Mention

Karaoke Party

Hi my name is Michaela and I'm turning 12 soon! I was totally stumped by what to do and I came up with a really cool idea for a karaoke/dance party! 

Invintations: I used a computer program called print perfect scrapbooks to make the invintations. The border of the invintations was a border that was meant to be used as a New Years Eve one, but could also be used as a birthday one because it had confetti, party hats, blowers,ribbon, masks, exc. At the top of the invintation I put in big black letters with a teal backgroung BIRTHDAY PARTY CELEBRATION! On the invintation I wrote Come join us to celebrate BIRTHDAY CHILD'S # birthday! There will be food, karaoke,music, dancing & lots of fun! When DATE AND TIME WHERE ADDRESS r.s.v.p by DATE PHONE #. The invintations are made to be like a flyer. I will hand these out to 12 of my closest girl friends 3 weeks before the party. 

Decorations: The party will take place in my living room, kitchen and dining room. The kitchen light is one of those ones that you can point in any direction and that has 5 bulbs. I will replace all of the bulbs with black lights so that peoples clothes will glow and it will give off a cool color. The living room is going to be the stage for the karaoke contest and dance contest so I will push the couch and chairs aside and put all of the kithchen chairs next to the stage so everyone will be able to sit. We will rent a disco ball and karaoke machine. The karaoke machine will hook up to my big screen tv!

My mom and I iwll blow up like 50-100 colorful ballons and hang some from the ceiling and tie some to the chairs and around the stage and stuff. We will hang colorful x-mas lights all around the stage like so that there on the middle of the walls. I have these cool fish lava lamps that I will put around the room with my fish in them! I also have these pink and purple lights that I will hang around the room at the top of the wall. 

Food: I will order several pizzas with all different topings and I'll have candy dishes lying around. I'm going to have make your own sundaes with different kinds of ice cream and toppings instead of cake.

For drinks my dad will be the bartender and we'lll have non-alchoholic magaritas in whine glasses, smotthies and pleanty of soda. We will enjoy our drinks in frosted glasses! And of course we'll have a punch bowl! 

Activites: When each guest arrives they will receive a neon glow stixk to put around there neck and we will listen to music while waiting for everyone to arrive. The music is going to be awesome because each week I'm going to get the top 10 songs until the party and burn them onto a cd to listen to. I will also ask the guests to bring their favorite cd. When where waiting for everyone to arrive people can choose which song they want to sing for karaoke and see which song they want to dane to. I made these really cool karaoke and dance contest sign up sheets that I printed off the computer for guests to sign up on.

As soon as everyone arrives we will begin the karaoke contest! My aunt is going to announce everybodys name and which song they are singing too. People can do duets, trios and everything! As soon as everybody he wants to sing is finished we will all vote on the winner. The winner/s will receive a gift card to blockbuster video.

Now we will make our ice cream sundaes and open presents. When where done we will play a ballon stomp game where each person has a ballon tied around there ankle and has to try to pop everybody elses ballon using only their feet and has to avoid getting theres popped. The winner will also receive a blockbuster video giftcard.

Now we will go right to the dance contest. We will vote on the dance contest winner and the winner will receive a giftcard. The winners of the karaoke contest and the dance contest will both receive a magazine cover that I made on the computer with their name, the song and the number of votes that they got! When were waiting for the parents to come we will all play limbo. 

Gift bags: This year I'm not doing actual gift bags all of the girls will get a recording of themselves singing in the karaoke contest and dancing in the dance contest. And I will make up a magazine cover on the computer with a picture of all of us with the name of the magazine being BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER and it will have all of the girls names listed on it with what sand they sang and danced to and the date. Each girl will receive a magazine card and pictures in their thank you cards.

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