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Lego Party -6yr- Lego Race



April 2004


Natalia in Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Lego Party

Lego party  My son loves to play with Legos, he can sit down and play with them for hours on end. So when we were searching for ideas for his sixth birthday party, we decided on a Lego theme to celebrate one of the world’s most loved toys! 

INVITATIONS:  They were rectangles, with a Lego brick on the front, and on the front of the brick it said Luke’s 6th birthday. Inside it said: Luke turning six, So we invite you to come, To his birthday party, And have lots of fun!  Time: Date: Place:  WE HOPE YOU CAN COME!  

DECORATIONS: We put streamers and balloons up, in the lego colours- red, blue, green and blue. We also made some Lego Factory signs for the building table, and Lego lunch break sign for the table. I made these by sticking red cardboard letters onto a white background and colouring in black circles, to look like a Lego logo. We used white tablecloths and blue, red, green and yellow cups, plates and napkins. For a centrepiece for the food table, my son made a Lego ship with all these little people on it. Some people suggest making lots of Lego models and placing them around the room, but I wouldn’t recommend this as some kids might run around and break the models or steal pieces to use on their own models that they make later on. 

FOOD: We made Lego sausage rolls, by just using normal sausage rolls and putting ketchup dots on them, to make them look like bricks! We also used square pizza pieces with pepperoni on them arranged to make them look like the square blocks with 4 raised dots. We made chips too, and we had some lollies on the table, jelly babies for the little lego people and jelly beans because my son loves them! The cake was fantastic, I think it was the best part! It was a blue Lego brick, rectangular with 8 cupcakes on top and Happy birthday Luke piped in the middle. The kids all loved how the food had something to do with Lego! 

ACTIVITIES: When the kids arrived, they all sat down at the building table, where I had made placemats for each of the kids. Each placemat had a Lego logo on it, with the child’s name, the birthday child’s name and some cool facts about Lego which I found on the Internet. They got to take these placemats home later. Even though it doesn’t sound like much work, they really had fun looking for their place at the table and reading the facts, and this managed to keep them occupied while everyone arrived.  14 boys and 4 girls came, the four girls being his 3 girl friends and one sister, and the girls enjoyed themselves just as much as the boys did, which I found amazing, as I wasn’t sure if girls would like this kind of party.  

First we played games. I have held many birthday parties and I find it best to have energetic activities before lunch, and then the quieter activities after lunch. We had an interesting Lego prize system. When someone won a game or race, they received Lego tokens- little strips of paper with Lego written on them. At the end of the party, they redeemed these tokens for a prize. I had Lego pens, caps, beanies, and mini building sets. Everyone got something, no matter how many tokens they had, but the kids that had more got a building sets and the kids who had less got pens. I thought that this might lead to fights or tears but everyone was happy with whatever they got! There was also two major prizes, a Harry Potter Dumbledore’s office set, and a Lego Bionicle. 

We played Lego race. There were three teams. Each child was given 5 Lego bricks.  Then each child had to run to the other end of the room and put his lego bricks on a Lego base. If they had time for each team member to go a second time, an adult would give them another 5 bricks. The team which had the biggest tower at the end of a few minutes, won.   We also played Pin the Lego sign on the Lego brick, and Pass the Parcel. Inside each layer was either one, two or three Lego tokens, and inside the last, a Lego building set and three tokens.

After that, we had lunch (see above) and then I led them back to the building table. Previously I had bought two Lego creator bulk tubs from Amazon, and they had a huge amount of various bricks in them, about a thousand pieces each! They were set out on the table and we told each child to build their own model and they would get judged. The kids really got stuck into it, they made ships, boats, houses, cars and lots more! Then we made cardboard signs for each one, stating the name for each model and the name of the child who made it, and set it up like it was in an art gallery! While the judges (my husband and brother) were judging, we had the Lego cake (see above). The winner got more tokens, as well as all the other contestants, but depending on what place they came, they got less or more. They all got to keep their models, since I didn’t know what my son could do with two thousand bricks!  

Finally, I had to have a creative way to get them their prizes. So I had a scavenger hunt. I had hidden Lego bricks with clues taped to them all over the garden. The last one led to our sandbox, which looks like a clamshell. When they opened it they found one last Lego brick in it. The note taped to it said, That’s it! We’re done! Luke’s glad that you’ve had so much fun! But before you go, bring this note to Luke’s mum, and out will come, YOUR PRIZES! So they took the brick to me, and in the meantime I had set up another table with prizes on it. There were prizes for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 tokens, and the mega prizes were 50 tokens. Most kids got one or two prizes, and a few even got three!   We had just enough time to open presents at the end and everyone went home happy, with their placemats, prizes, party bags and the models that they made.  

For thank-you notes, each child got a party book. It said on the front; Thank you for coming to Luke’s Lego Party, 2004! Inside I had colouring-in, puzzles, mazes, find-a-words and Lego models to make, all of which I had gotten off the Internet. Inside the booklet was also a photo of Luke with his friend that the booklet had been sent/given to. It was great for both fun and memories. 

This party was fantastic, fun and pretty cheap, just over $100. The only things I bought were the prizes, some of the food and a few decorations. My son still talks about this party, and he’s asking for his next one to be a pirate party, so I guess I’d better start planning!

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